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Suh will appeal $20,000 fine for hit on Dalton

Posted on: August 18, 2011 9:02 am
Edited on: August 18, 2011 9:08 am
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh tweeted Wednesday that he had been fined $20,000 for manhandling Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton in the Week 1 preseason game between the two teams.

(One of the setbacks to communicating through social media, texting or email is that it's difficult for the reader to divine the true emotions being conveyed by the sender. Emoticons, ironically, only confused things. That said, Suh's tweet left little room for misinterpretation. The all-caps, rhetorical question marks, 108 exclamations points (!), and the "BIGFAIL" hashtag sorts gave him away.)

It should come as no surprise then that Suh will appeal the fine.

“Am I going to appeal it? Who wouldn’t?” Suh said Wednesday, according to the Detroit Free Press's Dave Birkett. “I mean, that’s my motto. Who wouldn’t? If you would, why wouldn’t I?”

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) tosses an interception against Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, right, on his first play of the game in the first quarter of a NFL football game on Friday, Aug. 12, 2011, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)'s Mike Freeman was at Bengals training camp this week and he asked Dalton if Suh was a dirty player.

"I can't answer that. I don't know," said Dalton. "I thought what he did with me was a little over the top. I can tell you some of my teammates weren't happy about it. ...It was good to see those guys get my back. Suh is a big guy."

This makes the third time Suh, the Lions' 2010 first-round pick, has been fined for hits (or, as you'll soon see, pushes) to the quarterback. During the 2010 preseason, Suh appeared intent on removing Jake Delhomme's head from his body during a game against the Browns. That cost him $7,500. During the regular season Suh was docked another $15,000 for shoving Jay Cutler. (Yep, you read that right -- it was a hard shove. We know what you're thinking: the savagery tackle football has become.)

Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham said there's "no malicious intent" in Suh's game.

“I think what’s happened to him is I've never seen this player in my life, meaning there’s no one that’s ever played like this at defensive tackle," Cunningham said. "And if you watch the tape and you have any sense for athletes, that’s what you’re going to see. What happens to him, there were two guys blocking him in the game, he beat them both, clean as a whistle, and he felt like he had the tackle. The quarterback had the ball in his hand, and that was it, he took him down. And that’s what he's supposed to do."

To Suh's credit, he understands that his freakish combination of strength, speed and athleticism can sometimes make the mundane spectacular. And occasionally, spectacularly expensive.

“Honestly, I really feel that I put the refs in a tough situation because of my strength," he said. "A lot of us players growing up and coming in, we’re getting faster, stronger, and some guys just have incredible strength on that football field. So I feel like we put them in tough situations … I’m not going to fault them for making a call that they’re erring on the safer side, because safety is important. It’s important for myself, it’s important for a quarterback, it’s important for every last 22 players on the football field."

Despite concerns from some teams (most notably the Steelers), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell retained the ability to punish players for both on and off-field behavior as part of the new collective bargaining agreement. Using history as a guide, Suh can go ahead and make that check out to his favorite NFL charity.

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Suh will appeal $20,000 fine for hit on Dalton

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Suh will appeal $20,000 fine for hit on Dalton

Harrison body slams Vince Young people want him suspended. 
Suh Body slams Dalton he's just playing hard nosed football.
Keep on keepin it real good buddy's!

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Suh will appeal $20,000 fine for hit on Dalton

Steeler fans are just like Yankees fans, they think they actually know football until you actually hear them explain how great the steelers just executed a 2 deep zone and you have to explain to them that the steelers are on OFFENSE at the time.  Just because your team win does not mean you know sports.  

I have no problem with the hit by Suh, whether it be Suh or anyone else.  QB is in an ackward position and actually had more chance to injure him if he doesn't take him down sideways, also he has no idea he threw the ball as Dalton hangs on to it way to long.  Hell I would be more inclined to call grounding as he is just trying to get rid of the ball, does not land past the line of scrimmage with no chance of catching it.  But since it is the NFL and the QB loses his lid, which actually probably should have been a personal foul on #92 Cliff Avril who looks to have knocked off the helmet with a blow to the head, it calls on Suh because it looks like he rips his lid off and threw him down.  Don't blame the refs as it is a quick play with bodies being thrown around, but quit whining about Suh so you can get your thread count up and think you are uber.

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Suh will appeal $20,000 fine for hit on Dalton

have any of you guys even played football before. when you are pushing past a double team and you see the quarterback with the ball in his hands when you put your arms around him. you are gonna throw him down no matter what! and its not his fault that it mid tackle his helmet comes off because Dalton's too cool to buckle his chin strap on each side. ya face masking call but $20,000 are u joking me. you can't sit there and tell me you don't watch football to see guys like Suh lay HUGE hits like he does.

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Mental Giant

Listen to Suh speak.  He sounds like someone who never read a book.  Ever. 

Look at his face.  Into those eyes.  What you see is the vacant expression of some wild animal only nominally human.  IQ is maximum 80.

He could tear apart a quarterback, limb from limb, if given 5 full seconds to do so.  This guy is all that is still wrong with professional football.

Good, strong tackles are an excellent part of this game. 

Late hits by pea-brained mutants need to become part of its foolish past.

Suh should be sitting half the season.

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Posted on: August 28, 2011 6:35 pm

Suh will appeal $20,000 fine for hit on Dalton

Suh pushes Cutler.  Both his arms are extended.  Suh slams Dalton.  15 yard penalty.

The pussification of the NFL continues.

Where's that rugby channel.  Oh, yeah- got it.


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Suh will appeal $20,000 fine for hit on Dalton

I think they should file assault charges against Suh. That would stop his aggressive behavior. There is no room for aggressive play in the NFL. These guys need to read more and learn to be nicer to each other.

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