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Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

Posted on: August 18, 2011 1:44 pm
Edited on: August 18, 2011 1:55 pm

Posted by Ryan Wilson

On Wednesday, GQ previewed their feature on Michael Vick, which included a quote from the Eagles quarterback that suggested NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell steered him towards Philadelphia.

"I think I can say this now, because it's not going to hurt anybody's feelings, and it's the truth," Vick told GQ author Will Leitch. "I didn't want to come to Philadelphia. Being the third-team quarterback is nothing to smile about. Cincinnati and Buffalo were better options." Leith wrote that those two teams wanted him and would've allowed him to start, but after meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell and other reps from the NFL, Vick was convinced — and granted league approval — to sign with Philly. "And I commend and thank them, because they put me in the right situation."

By Thursday afternoon, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello had sent a series of tweets refuting Vick's recounting of events.

"On the Michael Vick story: His decision on where to play to put himself in the best position to succeed was entirely his own... Commissioner Goodell obviously met & spoke to Michael and his reps as part of his decision on whether to reinstate him & on what terms... But the commissioner would never steer players to or away from particular teams and did not do so in this case."

Eagles Offseason

The full GQ interview went live Thursday morning, and by midday, Vick was backtracking from his comments. He released the following statement through the Eagles website:

"I felt it was necessary to put out a statement today clarifying the article in GQ Magazine. I did speak with many people, but the decision to sign in Philadelphia was based on my discussions with my agent, my family and with Coach Reid. And after those discussions, it became clear to me that this was the place I wanted to play and resume my NFL career. The Commissioner never told me to sign or not sign with particular teams. Again, I want to make it perfectly clear that this was a decision I made and, as I have said numerous times before, I’m very happy with the way it has worked out for me and my family."

Make of this what you will.

As ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted Thursday after Vick's statement, "Does anyone really believe if Buffalo or Cincinnati offered Mike Vick more money than Philly, he wouldn't have gone there?" Good question, especially if one or both of those teams were willing to make Vick the starter.'s Mike Freeman doesn't buy Vick's revised story, either.

Just remember: Goodell is the same guy NFL players decided to keep as judge, jury and executioner on all matters of punishment in the new collective bargaining agreement. Truthfully, is anyone shocked that a billion-dollar corporation would go into damage-control mode after such a revelation? Especially when the man in charge is as powerful as he's ever been?

In related news, we're expecting Vick to stick to his original story that the struggles at the end of his Falcons career rest solely with the coaching staff's inability to correctly assess his talents.

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Since: Jun 25, 2009
Posted on: August 19, 2011 10:06 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

I don't beleive Vick for this reason. He said he would have started in Cincinnati that Cincy said he would be a #1. Carson Palmer was still there, He would have been a backup and signed for league minimum.

Wrong. Goodell wants 30 healthy franchises.  The NFL as a league is more about parity then almost any other league out there.  Teams constantly come out of nowhere and play fantastic football, get to the superbowl or win it all, etc.    Unfortunately for you Buffalo wasn't a great choice for Vick, Phili was.

Since: Jun 25, 2009
Posted on: August 19, 2011 10:04 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

Cinn and Buffalo were not better options.

Obviously not, everything couldn't have turned out better for Vick then it has.   His bankruptcy terms require he pays back 20 million dollars and really only 11 million since he gave up 9 million dollars in assets back then. By the end of this season Michael Vick between salaries and incentives for last year will have already grossed 25 million dollars.  Do the math, Michael Vick is doing fantastic.  Throw in that Nike just signed him again and the Eagles are negotiating a long term deal with him and life couldn't be better for Vick.  

Whether or not people like Goodell steering him that way or not, Phili was a fantastic choice for Vick.  It allowed him to slowly integrate himself back into society and into the NFL without the crazy pressure a starting qb recieves or any other pressures he would have faced... 

Since: Mar 13, 2008
Posted on: August 19, 2011 9:59 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

I don't beleive Vick for this reason. He said he would have started in Cincinnati that Cincy said he would be a #1. Carson Palmer was still there, He would have been a backup and signed for league minimum.

Since: Jun 27, 2008
Posted on: August 19, 2011 9:53 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

Makes me sick that Goodell did this. It seems like all he wants is a 10 team league of the biggest cities in the U.S. Buff and Cincy fans are some of the most loyal fans in the NFL, say what you want about how theyre performing, but The Ralph is consistantly packed with a less than mediocre team.

Thanks Roger, keep up the good work

Since: Jun 25, 2009
Posted on: August 19, 2011 9:47 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

The point is that Goodell should NOT be even mentioning what teams are good or bad for Vick to sign with.

Not only is it speculation how good or bad it is on Goodell's part but it is also boarderline collusion.

Goodell in no way should be "pimping" one team over another. Goodell should always do what is best for the league however there is a line and if indeed he did "steer" Vick to Philly he has crossed that line. He has eccentially stated to a player that one franchise is better than another no matter what situation the player would have been in that city. Ie. Starter in Buffalo, 3rd string in Philly.

What? You are so wrong it's sickening.  Goodell's JOB depends on the NFL's reputation because the leagues reputation is linked directly to revenues which in the end is the only thing that matters to anybody.  Goodell had a responsibility to the league that employs him to PRIVATELY help steer Michael Vick in the right direction, a direction that helps not only Vick prosper but where the league does well too. Vick even having a chance to start anywhere his first year and make very good guaranteed money in year 1 would have been terrible for the NFL. The only mistake here was made by Vick.  Although I've backed him one thread after another on these boards and believe he deserves the 2nd chance in life he's getting, I lost a lot of respect for Vick after he did this.   He had no business putting the league that gave him a second chance in life in a the tough spot he's put them in.  He had no right to do so and if I was Goodell and other head honchos in the league, I'd make sure he pays for this mistake in a huge way.  I don't know what I would do but boy oh boy behind the scenes if i was Goodell I'd make the guy pay in more ways then one. 

The point being is that if this is found to be true the commish will step down and Vick's contract maybe voided or the Eagles maybe fined a large amounts of draft picks as compensation to the other teams in the league that were in pursuit of Vick's services.

LOL   Off your knees man, that'll never happen.  First of all Goodell isn't stepping down from anything.  The owners who hired him love him, he just got a contract extension for big money and a new CBA is in place and good for a long time.  Second of all although what he may have done is against what you personally believe in it's not illegal at all.  Giving his opinion privately to Vick is not illegal in any way. If you're looking for proof that Goodell forbid Vick to sign anywhere else then you'll be looking for a long time because that proof will never be available to anybody.  The only thing that could ever arise is "proof" he gave Vick his advice.... not against the law.  What if Goodell says Vick and his people asked for his opinion and his answer was, "I can't tell you what to do but it might be best for you and the NFL if you lay low in a backup position for a year or so"?   And finally who's going to fine or take draft picks from the Eagles?  Goodell is the commissioner of the league and he's not doing that to them..... there would never be any concrete proof anyway so it's a moot point.

Only respective team officials should be talking about their teams to free agent players. Jail or no jail. What is stopping Goodell from calling Larry Fitzgerald who is a free agent next year without the possibility of a franchise tag at season's end and mentioning that the team he is best suited to sign with is "so and so?"  

Stupid comparison because Fitzgerald isn't about to get out of jail for killing and torturing dozens of dogs. Fitzgerald is "best suited" for any team in the NFL that needs a wide receiver and there is no negative publicity for the league, regardless of where he goes.

If indeed proven true then the NFL will have a new commishoner, should have a new commishoner, and penalties brought upon the Eagles organization whether they knew or not.

Once again, off your knees sir.  And two, your last line is hilarious to say the least.  So what you're saying is from now on every time an agent approaches an NFL team to negotiate on behalf of a player the team should demand a full investigation to make sure the player wasn't "steered" that way?

You are one funny dude....


Since: Aug 28, 2006
Posted on: August 19, 2011 9:35 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

I would like to know why some of the people that post on here make stupid comments and bring race into the issue.
No where in this article or the GQ article is race even mention but yet you have these low lifes that try to make it a issue.
Michael Vick broke the law... he did his time... was given a opportunity and a second chance in which he has made the most of.
He has been a leader both on and off the field since his return. So leave the man alone and let him live his life.
You may have your own opinions regarding any of these issues but dont try to bring race in a one issues because it doesn't fly.

Since: May 15, 2007
Posted on: August 19, 2011 8:57 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

Just another example of quotes being taken out of context by writers.  No where did Vick say that the NFL told him to play in Philadelphia.  It says that he met with the commish and had a discussion about his terms of acceptance back into the NFL.  If I had to guess all that the commish said was something along the lines of "Mike, you killed dogs and the public hates you.  We are going to let you back in, but you might want to think about taking a position out of the spotlight because no team is going to take a chance on you as their starter and lose their entire fan base.  You should think about going somewhere that you can learn for a season while you work on repairing your image."

Since: Nov 30, 2008
Posted on: August 19, 2011 8:48 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

Because we live in America which arguably is one of the most racist countries on earth next to Germany, Ireland and Scotland ! What the Nazis did to the Jews had been happening in America for well over 160 years to African slaves !

I think Vick learned a lesson and he's moved on it from it ! I do not wish him any ill will and hope he can get Philly into the SB ! Vick was young and probably hanging out with people that he shouldn't have been hanging out with but I think he's learned a lesson and moved on !

To my knowledge he hasn't caused any trouble in Philly so let the guy be ! 

Since: Apr 6, 2007
Posted on: August 19, 2011 8:47 am

Vick, NFL say he wasn't steered to Philly

: Vince Young saying something along the lines of "Wow, it's like a Dream Team.", and then reporters running with that quote? It's NOT the same thing as the Eagles Team or their fans saying that. You, and everyone else referring to it, including sportswiters, need to DROP IT.

As far as this non-story about Michael Vick? I don't exactly consider 'GQ' to have a top-flight investigative unit of reporters. It's somone trying to make something out of nothing in an attempt to get more negative publicity for someone they dislike. He served his time, now he's trying to get his life back. Who cares what some GQ writer thinks?

Stroke My Knob
Since: Aug 19, 2011
Posted on: August 19, 2011 7:09 am
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