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Could Brady Quinn win Broncos' No. 2 QB job?

Posted on: August 19, 2011 4:30 pm
Edited on: August 19, 2011 4:31 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

We joked about it on Friday's NFL podcast and at this point it's almost a cliche: you can't go more than a few hours without mentioning Tim Tebow. Sure, we sometimes bring it on ourselves (take this, for example), but most of the time Tebow news is thrust upon us.

Here's the latest in the unending melodrama that has become Tebow's life, courtesy of the Denver Post's Jeff Legwold: 

"The feeling is that if [Kyle] Orton got injured in a regular-season game, it would be [Brady] Quinn who would go in for him because of his experience," Legwold wrote Friday. "Quinn has shown big-time improvement over last season when previous coach Josh McDaniels rarely worked him in practices — Quinn called 2010 a 'very, very tough year' — and may have the most raw arm strength of any Broncos quarterback."

Tebow must reminisce about those halcyon McDaniels days, back when he was still considered the Broncos future quarterback. The problem: almost every personnel move McDaniels made was the wrong one, and that, along with all the losing, cost him his job.

It also cost Tebow his place in the QB pecking order. And now, weeks after it appeared Orton would be shipped out of town and Tebow would move to the top of the depth chart, there's a chance he could find himself at the bottom looking up.

In fact, Quinn's performance -- not only in camp but in the Broncos' first preseason game against the Cowboys where he outplayed Orton and Tebow -- hasn't gone unnoticed.

"I don't know why it is, or exactly how to explain it, but Brady is much better this year than he was last year," Broncos star cornerback Champ Bailey said, according to the Post. "He just seems much more confident."

Can Tebow make it as an NFL QB?

Obviously, the coaching change has had something to do with that. It also helps that he's out of Cleveland where, let's be honest, quarterback are buried not born (although Colt McCoy could be the guy to buck that trend).

To help right what has been a disappointing career, during the offseason Quinn consulted longtime NFL and college offensive coordinator Paul Hackett.

"Paul went through process of where I was, what had happened, and why it happened," Quinn said. … "[He] believes in developing a quarterback first as a human being. How you live off the field is as important as what you do on the field. He was really good as far as helping me with the psychology of playing quarterback."

If living right is a critical ingredient to making a successful NFL quarterback then Tebow's halfway there. But Quinn sounds like he's up for that fight. And he's not the only one. David Lee, a noted quarterbacks coach who has worked previously with Tony Romo, and Peyton and Eli Manning, is wholly impressed. "I'm telling you what, I don't care what's going on up there, but Brady Quinn is ready," he said. "He's ready to play. Brady Quinn is not going to go away. He is hungry."

Depending on how the rest of the preseason plays out, the Broncos could elevate Brady to the No. 2 job. Stranger things have happened. Like, say, Denver drafting Tebow in the first round.

The saga continues Saturday when the Broncos host the Bills.

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Could Brady Quinn win Broncos' No. 2 QB job?

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Could Brady Quinn win Broncos' No. 2 QB job?


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Could Brady Quinn win Broncos' No. 2 QB job?

Yes, Quinn performed better-- against even weaker section of Dallas' roster.  I am no fan of Tebow, but Quinn needs to show something against tougher competition.

Given Quinn's game experience, it would seem logical to give him a legitimate opportunity to claim the number two slot.  I wouldn't be surprised if last year he had some lingering injuries leftover from being the tackling dummy in Cleveland, as well as having to endure the idiocy of McDaniels.

Also, with so many holes, it seems that pumping up Quinn's reputation would make him attractive trade bait.  (I would trade Tebow while there is still some intrigue, but hey.)  Since Elway wants to build a better tomorrow tomorrow, I see one of these QB's buying a draft choice or two because there seems to be a lot of money locked up at QB for a team going nowhere fast. 

And how about some love for the #4 QB Adam Weber!  Hope he at least gets a mop-up snap or two this time; he got hosed in the Dallas game.  Getting a chance to clear out the bench and give the other guys a brief look at the big time: that is what makes the 4th quarter worth watching in exhibition games.

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