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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

Posted on: August 24, 2011 12:37 am
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Depending on who you’re talking to at the time, Terrelle Pryor is either going to appeal his five-game suspension handed down by Roger Goodell or … he’s not going to appeal his five-game suspension handed down by Roger Goodell.

Pryor's Journey to Oakland
During his Pro Day, Pryor’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said he wouldn’t appeal the decision, but during an interview on the Monday Night Football telecast, Pryor said he would proceed however Raiders owner Al Davis wanted him to proceed (meaning if Davis said to appeal it, he would).

But now Rosenhaus wants to set the record straight, telling ESPN that Pryor will NOT appeal the suspension. Of course, that’s easy for Rosenhaus to say considering Pryor hasn’t signed a contract yet -- or even been out to Oakland to meet with his new bosses.

Yet, you could envision this leading to a sticky situation.

If Davis -- or CEO Amy Trask -- wants Pryor to appeal, what does he do? Blow off his boss or upset his mega-agent? And where does the NFLPA stand on the issue? What happens if Davis wants him to appeal and Pryor refuses, based on what Rosenhaus has said? Could Pryor go to the NFLPA for help in not appealing a suspension, and could the union protect him from Davis in that way?

I don’t know, but it’d one hell of a (hypothetical and, yes, far-fetched) conundrum that could get mighty interesting to watch.

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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

I think the suspension is fine, considering the NFL could have told him to wait until the 2012 draft for entry into the NFL.  And they probably should have.  So it's a good comprimise if you ask me. 

Now, the NFLPA should still appeal...that's their job.  They don't always have a case but they should try anyway.  That's a union's job, even if it's slimy. 

If the early reports were true, that Pryor will not only miss the first 5 games but also miss all the practices....that would be where I'd fight it if I were the NFLPA.  At least let the guy practice.

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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

If you gave Rosenhause a 9 dollar bill, he would have three 3 dollar bills for change.

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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

exacting some form of punishment that would teach these whiney little snot-nosed punks that they are NOT above the law.
Epozz, what world do you live in? Man, there are so many things wrong with your "expose'" it's hard to find a place to begin. Let's try. First of all no laws were broken. Let me say that again, NO LAWS WERE BROKEN! NCAA rules were not adhered to and thus the investigation and findings. The Ohio State University was cupable because their head coach / coaching staff failed to notify the NCAA of possible infractions and subsequently lied to the NCAA. They (OSU) were their own worst enemy.

Where has Terrell Pryor been allowed to skirt the rules of every school and team he has played for? Inquiring minds would like to know. Also, how is it legal for the NCAA to go after the monies of agents and former players paychecks - that's just absurd. How is Bud Selig involved? Bad point of reference.

One thing you said made some sense, ".. I don't think Goodell should have let him in the league until next season .." in which I must agree. However, the NFL is all about money, much more so than the NCAA (but that gap is closing), and Pryor means dollars to Oakland and the NFL. Whether he performs to expectations (either good or bad) we shall all have to wait and see.

I think you should submit your comments to Hollywood / TV Studios. I'm sure they could design some sitcom around it. Call it "Fantasy Football or how I learned to love the Punishments".

Now, let's examine the "dirty deed". He sold memorabilia for cash. He allegedly sold autographs for cash / tattoo's. The car thing - maybe? All things wrong in the rules of the NCAA. So is accepting gifts which many student athletes do in the form of free beer at the local pub amongst other things. Do you know that he could sell his I-Pod or laptop but if it is construed as a "Terrell Pryor property" he could also be in violation of the NCAA rules. That is gaining on his status as a student athlete. A ridiculous rule and somehow needs to be changed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending him. What he did was wrong in the eyes of the NCAA and until rules are changed he should be regarded as guilty. But let's not go overboard with the punishment. Use a little common sense. Name calling and trying to get into the pockets of all involved is not the answer.

In reference to this article, I believe what Goodell did was not legal but then again he gets away with many decisions because it happens to be within the league. This decison though was strangely from an occurence outside the league. Unitl Pryor signs it is all speculation as to what is right or wrong. If the courts and the NFLPA get incolved it will leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I hope he accepts the suspension and we all can put this matter to bed.

It will be much more fun debating on what postion he will be playing and subsequent failures and successes.

Go Blue! Go Bucs! Go Irish! Go Miami! etc.  Thank God the games are only a little over a week away.

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Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

Well  I think he is assumed as a member of the Raiders. If he was truly not a member of any team in the NFL, then he would be a free agent. Soooo while it seems a little fuzzy, i don't think its a simple "yes or no" as to whether he should be able to be represented by the NFLPA. If the team has no connection to Pryor before a contract is signed, why have a draft? Technically any team could still sign another's pick if that was the case.

Firstly, no one should be taking advice from Al Davis. Secondly, The NFL can punish whomever they please. Since Pryor took part in the draft, I have to believe that he is somehow under the NFL's jurisdiction. The NFL could punish me and suspend me 5 games if they wanted to. I just don't work for them and it wouldn't matter as I have nothing to do with them anyway. Kind of like when you go back to your high school or old job place and a teacher/old boss tries to tell you what to do...they can tell you, but they personally have no power over you anymore. Same as if Miami suspends Shapiro. He was never an employee of the school, that doesn't mean they can't ban him from the campus. Lastly, I would go with what the agent says for the sole reason that he is making money off of you and is most likely doing what is in your best financial interest. I think Rosenhaul may know a bit more about the the situation than Pryor does, and since you hire an agent to deal with issues like this, I'd follow his lead.

All that said the NFLPA may be required to appeal based on what the duties of a union now consist of.  

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:36 am

Rosenhaus says Pryor won't appeal suspension

This statement is what is wrong with this whole thing  (Since Pryor has not signed a contract, not has he been paid any money by any NFL entity, his appeal should not be allowed to take place with any representation from the NFLPA anyway, as he is still in that transitional stage. IF he appeals it, it should have to be done at his expense, before he signs, and at his own cost, again with no assisstance from the NFLPA) - So he can't be represented by the NFLPA because he is not part of the league yet, but he can be punish by a league that he is not part of for something he did, in college which is not govern by the NFL - So is college now the NFL farmer system, if so then pay the players. I know what he did was wrong but you can't have it both way.

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