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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

Posted on: August 25, 2011 8:05 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

The Titans and Chris Johnson had a little pow-wow in Nashville recently, and things -- to quote CJ2K himself -- got "worst." Johnson departed the meeting without any deal and it sure seems now like his holdout could last into the season.

This has many people wondering if the Titans would trade one of the top running backs in the game. In fact, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported Thursday that Johnson's camp could seek a trade as its next step. But according to Titans coach Mike Munchak, it'll probably be fruitless of them to do so.

"I would think we wouldn’t do anything. We would think he is under contact for two more years; he is going to be a Titan, hopefully longer than that,”"Munchak Thursday, per Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. "I don't think that is anything we’d give any consideration to.

"He is with us, one way or the other, and hopefully it is on the field."

Chris Johnson's Holdout

Munchak also added that the Titans front office "hadn't talked about" a potential trade involving Johnson.

And that's probably true, and there are a number of reasons. For starters, who the hell is going to be able to meet a) whatever bounty the Titans want in exchange and b) whatever salary demands Johnson has once he arrives in his new camp.

The answer is "almost no one." After all, if you thought the Kevin Kolb trade the Cardinals made was a doozy, imagine what it would take to move Johnson.

Plus, Bud Adams isn't the type of owner, as noted by his recent quotes, to just cave to Johnson, particularly after a lengthy lockout that eventually yielded a CBA which was specifically designed to punish players that held out.

There's still probably a good chance that we end up seeing Johnson squeeze a little more cash out the Titans as Labor Day approaches, but expecting them to give him "Manning money" just to get him on the field is an unrealistic proposition.

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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

balrog thanks for making my point. Contract is a loose the NFL. The meaning of the word contract: "n. an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons or entities in which there is a promise to do something in return for a valuable benefit known as consideration." e.g. Run like crazy in return for $. What I mean by loose is that they are often hardly what the typical person would envision as a contract. With all of the out clauses, performance clauses, franchise and free agency stipulations, it's more like a screwy roadmap. Kinda like the baseball trade deadline. If you don't understand the mechanics behind it, you can't understand why players still get routinely traded after the trade deadline.  

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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

....although the difference being Carson made his money already and CJ hasn't....maybe Palmer will "spring" for pizza & beers as they watch the games together this season....

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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

I'm not sure what to make of this. He definately needs paid, but it appears the "required" price per CJ and/or his agent is ludicrous. And in regards to trading him, the Titans could get a pile of talent for him, as some team out there (I would say the Raiders...hahaha.... but they have a good RB) would pay nicely for his services. In my opinion, 20-25 million guaranteed + performance incentives (for a few years) would make sense but it appears once again he is looking for much more. Personally, as an owner, I would not be able to go much further than that....especially with the risk that comes with any RB...especially one his size. He is definately a great talent, but for him to demand "premier playmaker money" is just stupid. Perhaps someone should remind him of his current paycheck versus what he is probably being offered and the fact that if he continues to play this game that he is with the front office & owners, he might find himself sitting at home pissing his prime away... (Helloooooo, Carson Palmer) Just my take on it.

Have a good one folks.

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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

I agree he should be paid as one of the top NFL players, and the highest paid RB. He doesn't deserve Brady or Manning money though. I think the Titans might actually try and trade him now even though this report says it will not happen because the relationship between the two sides is estranged. Think of what they could get in return for him? Not saying it's going to happen but I believe it is a good possibility as the season goes on without CJ signing a new contract.

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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

If the Titans keep playing games with him, they'll have him a few more years and he'll leave as a free agent, the man deserves a "Manning contract, one of the best players in the game today and in the top 3 as a running back. Give the man his money or your going to lose your franchise player!

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Munchak: Titans not trading Chris Johnson

I believe he deserves to be paid  as a top 10 of all players in the NFL. Fitz money no way!!

Make Him offer as Titans brass stated " to be top paid RB".  IF he refuses the initial offer,  give him 48 hrs to decide.Then tell him after the 48 hrs. expires & no deal, $1million per day will be withdrawn from the offer for every day he continues being a brat & holdsout.

 Just another  NFL player feeling entitled to play a game they are suppose to love,.
Personally I refuse to go to games anymore and support these no good, low life scumbag, worthless peeons.  I am a Titans fan but totally disgusted with all directions game is headed. GO PREDS!

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First I want to point out, that the Titans should NOT trade CJ, but pay the man.  Having said that, there are several teams who could meet the "bounty" demands for Chris Johnson who would be interested in him.  There are teams starving for a running back let alone a back of Johnson's caliber.  Some of these teams we already know: Seattle, Arizona, Washington, Buffalo are teams who could offer high draft picks and have a need.  There are also some contending teams who are a Chris Johnson away from a superbowl.  How about the NY Jets?  They could send the Titans back Shonne Greene and draft pick.  The Patriots have a ton of draft picks.  How about Dallas?  they are not afraid to spend money and I dont think believe Felix Jones can carry that run game.  There are options out there is all I am saying.  As of right now, both Chris Johnson and the Titans are losing here.  What is CJ's holdout cost up to now anyone know?  The Titans lose by not having the face of their franchise in camp.  Really the Titans should look at the amount of money Johnson makes for them and I think they will find that number way more significant worthy of him netting a $30 mill guarantee of what he is looking for.

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