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Wayne unimpressed by Favre-to-Colts speculation

Posted on: August 26, 2011 3:14 pm

Posted by Ryan Wilson

It's come to this. Year after year, Brett Favre would announced his retirement only to return for one more season. Now that he appears legitimately done with football, his name surfaces every few weeks as a possible option for Team X in need of immediate help at the gunslingin' position. That's right, folks, Brett Favre, even if he wants to, isn't going away.

The latest, by way of a quick recap of recent events in Indianapolis.

Earlier this week, the Colts "Favre-ed" Kerry Collins out of retirement because Peyton Manning may not be fully recovered from offseason neck surgery to play in Week 1. A day later, Colts wideout Reggie Wayne, the man who has been on the receiving end of Curtis Painter short-hops and overthrows through two preseason games inexplicably said that, "Just because we bring [Collins] in doesn't mean he's the starter. He's got to learn too, right? Unless they gave him a playbook months ago, he's got to learn too."

Wayne wasn't finished: "I don't care who you are, I mean I'm not going to let anyone just come in here and just push someone (like Painter) aside like you're that dog now, you know what I mean?"

To quote our colleague, Josh Katzowitz, No, we have no idea what Wayne means. 

Until now, that is. 

The Indianapolis Star's Phillip B. Wilson warns that we shouldn't put too much stock in Wayne's defense of Painter, he's just being a good teammate. (Related: we made that point on the latest Pick-6 podcast; remember, Wayne, despite wanting a new deal, showed up to training camp because, in his words, "I'm a Colt. What else I'm gonna be? I'm going to go to work. That's what I do.") 

The Indianapolis Colts have signed veteran Kerry Collins as an insurance policy to Peyton Manning. Colts RapidReporter Tom James joins Scott Braun to discuss the move.

As for Favre, Wilson writes that someone mentioned to Wayne the "far-fetched possibility" that the Colts would consider bringing him in.

“Brett Favre … I feel the same way about Kerry Collins walking in this door, that’s going to push Peyton even more to want to play, you know what I’m saying? That’s just what it is,” Wayne said. “I got nothing against T.O. (Terrell Owens) or whatever receiver is out there, you bring them in here, I guarantee my game is going up some more.”

Thank god.

To recap: Wayne doesn't have a problem with Collins, he's just being a good teammate by supporting Painter. More importantly: he's not impressed by the Favre speculation unless it'll motivate Manning into regenerating those nerves in his neck faster.

And no matter what Wayne says, the starting gig is Collins' until Manning returns. At least that's the word from team president Bill Polian. Now the only question is how long until Manning returns.

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Wayne unimpressed by Favre-to-Colts speculation

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Wayne unimpressed by Favre-to-Colts speculation

Your'e right.  Brett is getting old.  New season, new games.  This is all good!

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Wayne unimpressed by Favre-to-Colts speculation

Reggie has said nothing wrong this entire time. Just being a good teammate like he always has been. Not to mention, if it was your contract year, you'd probably be a bit frustruated with anyone besides Peyton throwing to you as well.

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Wayne unimpressed by Favre-to-Colts speculation

It's getting stressful to be a Colt  Reggie Wayne speaking up for his teammates is a good thing.  But he doesn't want Kerry Collins, Curtis Painter, or Brett Favre.  He wants his ol pal Peyton Manning, period!  He knows that he is a better WR and his team is better with big brother Manning on the field.  Everyone knows that, but most teams don't have a Peyton to be miss, so now they all know what other teams and WRs feel like with guys like Tavaris Jackson or Rex Grossman at the helm.  

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Wayne unimpressed by Favre-to-Colts speculation

Please, no Brett Favre speculation. Can we get through one week of the off-season without any Favre speculation.

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