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Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

Posted on: August 26, 2011 4:25 pm

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Chad Henne has started 27 games in two seasons for the Dolphins. He completed more than 60 percent of his throws during that time, but had more interceptions (33) than touchdowns (27), a passer rating of 75.3, and Miami twice went 7-9 and didn't sniff the playoffs.

Henne's inconsistency led the Dolphins to look outside the organization for a starting quarterback, and shortly after the lockout ended, they appeared to have Denver's Kyle Orton in their sites although a deal never materialized. (According to the Denver Post, the Broncos failing to convince Orton to redo his current deal was one of the reasons a trade with Miami fell through.) Instead, Miami traded for Reggie Bush and decided to stick with Henne.

In the weeks since, he has faced the wrath of fans and heard rumors of Brett Favre (they're everywhere, it seems), all while trying remain focused on the task at hand. We asked Dolphins great, Hall of Famer and CBS NFL analyst Dan Marino about the Orton rumors, the Bush trade and if Henne can win in Miami.

"As a team, your responsibility is to look and see if you can improve your team in all areas," Marino told "I guess [the Dolphins] felt at the time that Kyle Orton -- if they could trade for him at the right number -- might be an improvement [over Henne]. …

"Chad Henne did not have a good year last year but I still think he has the talent to be a good NFL quarterback. It's just a matter of time as far as continuing to put people around him. I think Reggie Bush is going to be a great addition because he's got that big-play ability. One thing it looked like the Dolphins didn't have last year was that quick-strike where they're getting 20 or 30-yard chunks. That's one of the things they've been missing and so far, [Bush] has looked pretty good. And if he stays healthy he can add a lot."

This came up on a recent Pick-6 podcast, although we though Orton would improve the Dolphins' offense more than both Henne and Bush (but as we found out above, the Broncos weren't moving Orton given his current contract).

Henne, Bush and the '11 Fins's Pete Prisco writes that it's not all on Henne, though. Miami's offense should be more dynamic because offensive coordinator Dan Henning retired. "I think we will take a lot more chances down the field," quarterback Henne told Prisco earlier this week. "The opportunities for big plays will be there."

They're going to have to be for head coach Tony Sparano to keep his job. The team strung him along early this offseason before eventually signing him to a new contract, but that doesn't mean he's escaped hot seat. As far back as January, team owner Stephen Ross made it clear that the offense the Dolphins put on the field in 2010 wouldn't fly in 2011.

"I've told Tony that to me, I want an aggressive, creative [offense] not playing just to keep it close, where people really are a little more unpredictable," Ross said at the time.

Sparano got the message. Earlier this week, he admitted to's Jason Cole that conservative play-calling is a thing of the past.

“The people that I worked for before, [low-risk play-calling is] how they approached it,” Sparano said, in a clear reference to Sparano’s former boss in Miami and Dallas, Bill Parcells. “Nevertheless, this game has really changed and it has really changed in our division. If you don’t score points in our division, you’re going to have a hard time winning football games. So we have to do a better job of generating big plays, generating more scores and even though we feel like we have one of the best defenses in the league, we’d like them to play a little less.”

And that's where Bush comes in. "If he gets a little space, he's dangerous," Sparano told Prisco. "As far as doubles, you have to pick your poison with us right now."

Now it's up to Henne to take advantage of his new weapon.

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Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

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Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

Best at his position though, it's a team game, Dolt!!!

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 7:36 am

Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

Best at his position though, it's a team game, Dolt!!!

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Posted on: August 27, 2011 7:27 pm

Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

Just look at that low-luster offense they've been forcing Henne to run. Nobody does well with that crap. The only problem I've ever seen from Henne is mental toughness. If he can become more of a psychologically dominate leader, he will be a solid QB. He needs to be more of a jerk on the field.

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Posted on: August 27, 2011 1:49 pm

Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

This is really nothing that we as Dolfans didnt already know. The fact that Henne has split his time with the wildcat and Chad Pennington has limited his growth as a QB. Pennington was and ideal mentor for Henne's mental growth, but his physical tools and CP's are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Henne needs to make smarter plays towards the end of close games. He has the ability and with a new less conservative offense I think all the pieces are in place for him to succeed. Maybe a TE with a better set of hand would help complete the offense. Overall, I think the moves The Phins have made during this off season seem to lack a "BAM" feeling, but they never have been big one to over spend.

Honestly, Sparano being in the hotseat is a little more overblown then it seems. He's not going to be canned if they finsh over or at the .500 mark, maybe even one more 7-9 season might be ok. The Dolphins shopping around was in fact a message to Sparano, they want him to know that he needs to polish up and he has the next 3 years to make a playoff run or they are gunna find someone who will. He needs to change his own ideas about progressing the offense. He has solidified the Defense once again in Miami, but thats one piece of the picture, he has 3 years unless we see another year of dink and dunk then hes out like a fart in the wind.

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Posted on: August 27, 2011 11:57 am

Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

Yeah....and into the start of the '11 season Manning WON'T be winning ANYTHING either!  AND it just MIGHT end up the beginning to the END of his career....

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Posted on: August 27, 2011 12:06 am

Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

We all know that quarterbacks don't just come in and play like seasoned vets. It normally take a few years to get it going and get a feel for how the NFL plays. This is, in my opinion the year that Chad Henne makes it or breaks it. Obviously Sparano gets it, and Henne has alot of the players that he needs to get the offense moving and he got rid of a offensive coordinator that flat out had zero idea how to make it happen anymore. I don't see Miami making the playoffs, but with luck they could. They will be fun to watch though with nothing to lose and I would not feel bad if Henne was my back up QB this year in fantasy.

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Posted on: August 26, 2011 11:35 pm

Marino: Henne has talent to be a good NFL QB

Anyway, Henne's numbers aren't terrible...his big issue has been throwing those INTs with the Dolphins in a tie or up by 3 or down by 3 late in games in the 2nd half of the year against bad-mediocre teams. They lost to the Bills, Lions and Browns at home last year because of that. Yet they beat the Packers, Jets, and got robbed by the refs against Steelers. They need to explode on offense against weaker opponents to try and put them away early. That's what their old conservative offense couldn't do. It worked against tougher teams, but bit them against weaker ones because they hung around. Tough team to pinpoint. Could be a 9-11 win team, could be a 6-8 win team.

If they're the same team, then they'll beat the Patriots and Texans then lose to the Browns and Broncos. If they continue to win those close games against top teams and find a way to come out on fire against the weaker ones, then they'll have changed. We'll see. 

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