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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

Posted on: August 27, 2011 12:07 pm
Edited on: August 27, 2011 12:07 pm
PryorPosted by Josh Katzowitz

Rookie quarterbacks Ryan Mallett and Terrelle Pryor are not so dissimilar. Both were third round draft picks -- Mallett last April and Pryor in the supplemental draft -- and both come to the NFL with character marks that have been branded on them by a lack of discipline.

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole compares the two and tries to explain why they will or will not succeed with the team that drafted them.

And while we’ve already discussed how these two players will affect their teams as rookies, Cole presents some interesting theories.

Yeah, it doesn’t take a soothsayer to predict that Pryor might be in trouble now that the Raiders have their paws on him, but Cole writes that Pryor’s biggest career problem is that nobody has had the audacity to tell him no. Not in high school and not former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.

While Raiders coach Hue Jackson will try to make his mark on Pryor, it’s also documented that Oakland owner Al Davis doesn’t exactly back up his coaches when it comes to disciplining his players. Writes Cole: “Davis picked [JaMarcus] Russell, seeing him as the second-coming of [Jim] Plunkett from an athletic perspective. Davis then let Russell run wild over coaches Lane Kiffin and Tom Cable. Those coaches tried to discipline Russell from time to time, but Davis either waived the fines or didn’t do anything until it was way too late.”

And we all know where Russell is these days (well, actually we don’t, which is kind of the point).

R. Mallett is adjusting to his new surroundings in New England (Getty).Patriots coach Bill Belichick doesn’t have a problem letting his players know the way he wants things done, which means Mallett will have to adjust. And Cole has another interesting tidbit about all the partying Mallett is alleged to have done before training camp began. Writes Cole: “Aside from the sordid tales of him from college, the latest story about him was the all-night partying he did at the NFL Players Association rookie symposium in Sarasota, Fla., in July, according to two sources.”

Which probably isn’t a good idea, especially if the biggest predraft concern by teams -- and probably the reason he slipped to the third round -- was because of his off-the-field behaviors.

You can’t be stupid and play quarterback in the NFL, and right now, the jury is still out on how much sense Mallett has in his brain.

So, aside from what round they were drafted and the concerns about their character, you have to wonder how we’ll be discussing Pryor and Mallett five years from now. Obviously, there’s now way to tell, but if we’re discussing which of the quarterbacks has a better chance to succeed on where he was drafted, you’d have to give the nod to Mallett at this point.

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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

The landscape of the NFL is changing and is moving more toward marketing high profile players (college atheletes) especially the quarterback position (the face of the franchise). Granted these players must be able to play the position but the businees end will always take precedent in the players abiltiy in bringing in the money and drawing people to their stadiums regardless of how well they play in the game. To keep things in perspective in evaluating or comparing rookie quarterbacks is asking yourself which one can you honestly see  leading or at least competing with their team in a Superbowl. In this case Mallet derserves the nod.

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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

The media has really screwed Mallet.  He was the best QB coming out and most NFL ready and all of a sudden the media started to talk about character issues but couldn't elaborate on a thing.  They said he had a drug problem, but they couldn't substantiate that.  He admitted to smoking marijuana before, but statistics show that 75% of college students have.  They said he had leadership issue, but was the team captain and looking at tape in Arkansas games you see his leadership skills.  Now Cam Newton, who has stolen a laptop, cheating on test and facing expulsion, family asking for money and he supposedly doesn't know about it and is basically a tailback playing QB can go #1 overall.  You tell me the system, media, and so call half brain analyst aren't all screwed up. 

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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

Mallett wanted to attend Arkansas right out of high school, but saw a solid quarterback already in place in Mitch Mustain.  The Nutt Circus ran off Mustain, than the circus left town.  It set-up for Petrino to come in and run a good football program.  Coaching styles changed at Michigan, so Mallett transferred to Arkansas.  He had always been a Razorback fan, so who could blame him for doing something he always wanted to do.
When looking at the illegal benefits, nothing had ever even been suspected that Ryan took any benefits.  Just because you play in the SEC doesn't mean you cheat.

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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

Mallett is in a system where he will be allowed to develop and mature into a good quarterback.  He is used to run a pro-style system spending three years under Petrino.  Folks might not hear much about Mallett for another 3 or 4 years.  Pryor has alot more maturity problems than Mallett.  He is going to a team where he will be able to do whatever he wants to do.  Unlike Mallett, Pryor has no quality, experienced quarterback to learn under.  Pryor is in a system where he is set-up to fail, and Mallett is in a system where he is set-up to be a solid NFL quarterback.

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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

This may come down to which team knows how to develop a young talented but not quite "finished" quarterback.

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Comparing and contrasting Pryor and Mallett

Pryor is much more athletic than Mallet, but Mallet has a much better foundation to succeed in the NFL. Not saying Pryor can't, or won't, but he has much more to learn about the pro style of game. Pryor has an adequate arm. That shouldn't be a problem, but he has further to go than Mallet. Mallet has an amazing arm. Many said before the draft that his arm strength was comparable to the 2-3 best in the league at that point. But that doesn't guarantee success. Mallet's issue is immaturity. If he conquers that, he'll be fine. 

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