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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

Posted on: August 29, 2011 11:36 am
Edited on: August 29, 2011 6:58 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Peyton Manning -- or, if you prefer, Peyton Manning's neck -- has been the talk of the Colts offseason. Manning's injury concerns were big enough that it warranted owner Jim Irsay tweeting about a visit to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Indy eventually signing un-retired veteran Kerry Collins.

Here's some good news, then, for concerned Colts fans: Manning was activated on from the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list on Monday, the team announced.

"The move is a continuation of the rehab process from offseason neck surgery that Manning underwent," a release from the team reads. "He will participate in practice on a limited basis. All of his practice work will be scripted and on a controlled basis. The participation in limited football activity is a standard procedure in the club's rehab protocol."

OK, so it's not that good of news really. It just guarantees that Peyton isn't guaranteed to miss the first six games of the season, which would be required if he were on the PUP list to begin the season.

It also guarantees that Collins isn't guaranteed a roster spot; if Peyton's able to return by Week 1, it seems somewhat unlikely that the Colts would keep the veteran on the roster, or that Collins would even want to hang around.

The Indianapolis Colts have signed veteran Kerry Collins as an insurance policy to Peyton Manning. Colts RapidReporter Tom James joins Scott Braun to discuss the move.

After all, he retired from the NFL in order to avoid playing "nursemaid" for Titans rookie Jake Locker, and unless he's just straight-up chasing a ring, it seems relatively unlikely that Collins would want to sit around and wait for Manning to miss the first start of his career.

Manning, though, won't start just for the sake of starting if he doesn't feel he's healthy enough to play. The consecutive games streak of 227 is too important to him.

"I have to be able to competitively play," Manning said, via the AP. "I have too much respect for football. I've got to be able to compete and to help my team win, and that's what's fair to the team, fair to myself."

Manning has been throwing in scripted scenarios, but Manning -- who seemed in a pretty good mood all things considered -- wouldn't elaborate much on anything (though he did allow that one of his goals all along was to return for the last week of the preseason so he'd get two weeks of practice time to figure out how he was feeling).

"I don't know what HIPAA stands for, but I believe in it and I practice it," Manning joked, referring to the federal law protecting medical privacy. "So, uh, I'll leave it at that."

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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

 His pathetic playoff record speaks for itself

His stats are his own, yes, but his won/loss record belongs to the team.  Perhaps your t.v. is capable of zooming in on only one player during a game, but mine shows the whole team.

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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

Manning is a regular season player and stat padder. Nothing more. His pathetic playoff record speaks for itself. He's done, and it's about time the Colts go back to where they belong.....Last place.

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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

This dude won't be OLD news 20 years after he retires.  By then, you may be mature enough to avoid stupid remarks.  If yoy don't like him, say so.  Don't let that feeling override you sense.

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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

Oh Snap! Championship!!!

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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

The hurry up offense was invented in the 80s.  It was used by the Bills throughout their reign as AFC champs in the early 90s.  K-Gun WHAT?!
Actually lonemoocow  ..............
The , defeated in the AFC Championship game by the "no-huddle" Bengals, soon adopted this approach

The first team to employ a version of the no-huddle approach as the normal offensive play strategy was the under with as the quarterback;
"Wicky Wacky" Wyche called a version of this, the "Sugar Huddle". The NFL changed the rules a number of times because of this.

Marv Levy was the first to complain about this style of play saying it was unfair an illegal and the Bengals were skirting the rules ...
but then adopted it for later seasons.

However, you are right in that ...

the "K-Gun" offense earned a reputation as the most famous and complete hurry-up offense in football.
Manning and the other quarterbacks are just the beneficiaries.

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Peyton Manning activated from PUP list

The fault of this is not to be laid at the feet of peyton manning, he's just looking out for himself.  Its to be laid at hte feet of management and ownership who allowed a Spoiled QB to take over the team.  

His "enormous contract" competes annually with that of Tom Brady's, and yet the Patriots seem to field good defensive teams on a consistent basis.  Is Tom Brady also selfish, or are you willing to let that slide given his team has won several rings in the past decade?

There's more to it than that.  Peyton wants to be recognized as an elite QB with his salary, yes, but anyone who believes he'd sacrifice SB championships at the alter of control and money doesn't know Peyton.  His motives at this point are all about winning, whether you agree with his actions or not.

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