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Dolphins give Chad Henne 'full reign' to audible

Posted on: August 29, 2011 4:50 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Remember how fans of the Miami Dolphins were chanting for Kyle Orton earlier in the 2011 preseason? Yes, that actually happened. And it happened because the Dolphin unfaithful don't believe that Chad Henne is the answer at quarterback and that

So this should be exciting news: Miami is going to give Chad Henne "full reign" to call audibles at the line of scrimmage of this season! (!) Henne describes the following situation against Tampa Bay on the Dolphins second play from scrimmage, after Henne spotted a single safety deep.

"So I audible to a post-safety [passing] play, right?" Henne explained to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald. "Then, the defense audibled into two-deep [coverage]. So now I’m back into the same situation. But you try to pick a play that can beat any coverage."

According to the much-maligned Dolphins quarterback, it's improved his on-field life significantly.

"Oh, it’s great," Henne said. "It’s full reign."

He probably means free reign, but whatever. The important thing is that Henne's showing marked improvement in 2011, which he has, though right now games are only of the exhibition nature.

Henne's thrown for 446 yards in the preseason (second in the NFL, right behind Chase Daniel!) and gone 29-for-45 in passing attempts, while also throwing two touchdowns and two interceptions for a quarterback rating of 93.4.

Just a few weeks ago he looked doomed to simply cough up the starting job to Matt Moore and become the latest object of scorn for Miami football fans -- now he suddenly appears on the verge of proving Dan Marino correct in his assessment that Henne has the talent to be be a legitimate quarterback in the NFL.

Oh right: and me. Don't think I won't remind Wilson of it on every single podcast if Henne ends up helping the Dolphins rebound this year.

Most importantly, though, is that Henne could end up inspiring many more people in South Florida to yelling "We want Henne!"

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Dolphins give Chad Henne 'full reign' to audible

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Dolphins give Chad Henne 'full reign' to audible

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Dolphins give Chad Henne 'full reign' to audible

I have to agree. Show me a quarterback that doesn't have the coaches approval to to call an audible after reading the defense and I'll show you a quarterback doomed to failure. Chad Henne is a good quarterback and he is also very intelligent. All that he needed was some solid coaching and time to develop. OH, some wide receiver help would be nice too! Brandon Marshall is going to have a big year as well. <br />Quarterback not being able to call an audible! Who is coaching that team? Matt Millen?

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Posted on: August 29, 2011 8:23 pm

Dolphins give Chad Henne 'full reign' to audible

I would hope all QB's have Free reign. At least until they screw it up.

Not being able to change the play at the line after reading the D ? That would be alot harder I think.

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Posted on: August 29, 2011 6:20 pm

Dolphins give Chad Henne 'full reign' to audible

Great news for Chad Henne!  I'm not sure that he is ready for that responsibility, but if you have faith in making him your starting QB, then I say "why not".  I'm looking forward to seeing how he and Brandon Marshall do this upcoming season.  I believe that Marshall was very underutilized last season!  Maybe Henne can fix that this season.  

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