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Ochocinco still struggling to feel comfortable

Posted on: August 30, 2011 8:19 pm
OchocincoPosted by Josh Katzowitz

Chad Ochocinco hasn’t had a good preseason with the Patriots.

There have been whispers that he, along with Albert Haynesworth, might be on the chopping block, and the most significant act of his first month in a New England uniform has been to offer to pay the fine of a guy who smacked him in a helmet-to-helmet hit and caused an incompletion.

Either that or the time he offered to live with a Patriots fan as long as that fan had an Xbox.

The part of the preseason, though, that has been flummoxing is that Ochocinco has been slow to catch on to the Patriots offense. You’ll recall Ochocinco grew comfortable in his previous 10 seasons with the Bengals, mainly because he was the star receiver for much of that time and because the offensive coordinator, Bob Bratkowski, ran the offense the entire time he was there.

But with the Patriots, Ochocinco is far behind the likes of Wes Welker and Deion Branch.

Even so, Ochocinco remains positive. And while there are many reasons to rip Ochocinco at any given time, his work ethic is certainly not in question. He works hard, maybe harder than you think.

Ochocinco in New England
“The transition has been good,” Ochocinco told reporters, via the Boston Herald. "It’s been fun. I’ve heard small little rumblings I haven’t caught on yet, but I’m just fine. … You have to think of, coming from any place where you’ve been someplace for 10 years, to come here and learn the verbiage, and learn as much I’ve learned in the past few weeks, I’ve done extremely well.

“I think it’s my third week. Let’s be realistic. It’s the highest levels of football. It’s not easy.”

If Ochocinco was to rate his comfort level on a scale of 1-10, he said he’d be about a seven right now. It is interesting to watch Ochocinco in relation to his new quarterback. With Carson Palmer, Ochocinco would get into shouting matches with him or pout (not just with Palmer, but with the coaching staff as well) on the sidelines of games.

But with Tom Brady, Ochocinco lets him talk as much as he needs to talk. Ochocinco listens to Brady and thinks over what he’s saying. Even if he’s not on the chopping block -- and I’m not convinced he is -- he knows he needs to be much better than he’s been so far.

I’m just nowhere near where I want to be,” Ochocinco said. “I’m my biggest critic anyway. Regardless of what you write, what you guys see, I’m the first to judge myself. I’m always aiming for perfection. One of the things about being here, one of the things about being in an organization like this that prides itself on perfection and excellence, I’m sort of putting the pressure on myself to be right and be perfect now. Not later. I’m trying to squeeze everything within a short time frame, and it’s somewhat impossible. But if I can aim to be as perfect as possible, I think I can get up to speed.”

Of course, if Ochocinco gets too sad, all he has to do is look at the fish that surround his head when he sleeps. That should make him feel better.

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Ochocinco still struggling to feel comfortable

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Ochocinco still struggling to feel comfortable

Ochocinco is finding out what it is like to be on a team with the idea of team being first. This has not been the case in the past with Cincy.

The Pats have a team that is loaded with vets that know how to win and will not put up with the crap Ochocinco has been known to have done in the past.

I think that might be one of the reason Randy Moss is no longer there. I think it will be a year or two before Ochocinco will also become himself once again, and would want to be the center of attention. At that point he too would be done away with through a trade or being cut.

It is beyond me why these players such as Moss, T.O. and Ochocinco have so much football talent, yet would engage their traps as oppose to letting their talent speak for them.

Do they not think that if they catch 150 passes for 1000 yards or more per season would get less of a salary?  

These player’s act as if no one was there to assist in them making the touchdown. Then they dance in the end zone for 3-5 minutes as if that is the last one they would ever make

About him having a difficult time getting familiar with


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Ochocinco still struggling to feel comfortable

Ochocinco will be fine.  Belicheck will bring him along slowly becuase he's only had a few weeks to learn the system -not an entire preseason.  He also mows that he's not THE Star on this team.  He needs to be and will be a team player.  In Bill we trust!

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Ochocinco still struggling to feel comfortable

Hey Brad,
Brady only had 4 Ints last year...the lowest of his ENTIRE career. It's not much of a stretch to say he'll have more this year. So don't think you can predict the future by saying that. I'd wager he'll have more no matter who he's throwing's just stats.

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Ochocinco still struggling to feel comfortable

It's funny but I thought the Pat's would have picked up T.O. instead. T.O. still has more abilities than Chad. T.O. went to Cincy(Chad's Old House) and out played Chad. Chad has not been productive in 2yrs going on 3. I don't think he will help the Pats not even being a Decoy. I hope the Pats drop Chad and get Smart and pick up T.O. instead. By the way the Pats O-Line is still Stinking it up/Brady is staying in the pocket too long but when you can't run all you can do is get Sacked.

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Ochocinco still struggling to feel comfortable

i'll still draft chad johnson this year.....he will be just fine.........or can defect to my bills :)

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