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Tracking Tebow: Preseason, Week 3 -- Seahawks

Posted on: August 31, 2011 8:01 pm

Posted by Ryan Wilson

That's right, we're tracking Tebow's performance throughout the preseason because, well, like a slow-motion train wreck we can't look away. And who knows, maybe this experiment doesn't derail and it has a happy ending. Wait, what's that? You don't care about Tebow? Then what are you doing here?

Tim Tebow's fate as an NFL quarterback changes weekly. In July, he was the Broncos' franchise QB only to see those plans scrapped when Kyle Orton wasn't traded to the Dolphins. Then Tebow went from the guy behind the guy, to the guy behind Brady Quinn, to the fourth-best quarterback on the roster. And a few days later, he returned to the No. 2 gig. More than that, the organization not only has no plans to trade or release Tebow, he appears to be in their long-term plans.

This all happened over a few weeks and we've still got another preseason game to play before we get to the regular season.

Anyway, we finally got a chance to watch Tebow's Week 3 preseason performance against the Seahawks. Head coach John Fox said going into the game that Tebow had only thrown nine preseason passes so he wanted to give the 2010 first-rounder more playing time. Which is exactly what he got versus Seattle. He completed 6 of 11 throws for 93 yards and rushed four times for 25 yards in just over a quarter of work. He was also under center for the final drive that led to a game-winning 51-yard field goal.

Yes, it's another edition of the Tebow Tracker, where we chart every one of his preseason snaps, the result, and what it all means for him and the Broncos in 2011. This installment is slightly more upbeat than the gloom and doom that followed his 1-of-2 for 10-yards effort against the Bills last week. 

If nothing else, it's a reminder that NFL fortunes can change in a flash, and when you're talking about Tebow, sometimes faster than that. Alright, let's get to it...

                                                   Play by Play

Preseason, Week 3: Seattle Seahawks
Situation Down/Distance Result
1st series, 5:40 left in 3rd qtr. 1st & 10, DEN 24 Tebow handoff to L. Ball to DEN 30 for 6 yards. (Note: you can see the entire play-by-play log here.)
  2nd & 4, DEN 30 Tebow pass short left to J.Thomas to 50 for 20 yards. Play-action pass where Tebow avoids a pass-rusher, rolls left and hits Thomas in the numbers with a strike. Solid throw.
  1st & 10, 50 Tebow handoff to Ball around the right end pushed OB at SEA 43 for 7 yards. There's something to be said for a good running game to help out a young QB.
  2nd & 3, SEA 43 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass incomplete short right to B.Davis. Another play-action, Tebow held the ball too long in the pocket and was leveled as he let the ball go. Possible PI, but the ball needs to get out quicker either way.
  3rd & 3, SEA 43 (From the shotgun) Tebow sacked at SEA 47 for -4 yards (M.Smith). FUMBLES (M.Smith), touched at SEA 47, recovered by DEN-D.Anderson at DEN 48. D.Anderson to DEN 48 for no gain. Jail-break blitz forced Tebow to tuck and run immediately. Not a problem except for the part where he fumbled trying to get yards that weren't there.
  4th & 12, DEN 48 PUNT  
 2nd series, 14:16 left in 4th qtr. 1st & 10, DEN 20 Tebow handoff to Ball left tackle to DEN 29 for 9 yards  
  2nd & 1, DEN 29 Tebow handoff to Ball up the middle to DEN 41 for 12 yards   
  1st & 10, DEN 41 Tebow handoff to J.Johnson left guard to DEN 45 for 4 yards. We'll say it again: running games are a young QB's best friend.
  2nd & 6, DEN 45 Tebow pass deep right to J.Johnson pushed OB at SEA 32 for 23 yards. Another play-action pass where Tebow shakes off a rusher, rolls left and shows nice touch on a pass to a wide open Johnson.
  1st & 10, SEA 32 Tebow scrambles left end ran OB at SEA 30 for 2 yards. Guh. Busted play in the backfield. Upside: he got 2 yards.
  2nd & 8, SEA 30 J.Johnson right end to SEA 25 for 5 yards (B.Maxwell). PENALTY on SEA-R.Sherman, Illegal Use of Hands, 5 yards, enforced at SEA 25.  
  1st & 10, SEA 20 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass incomplete short right to L.Ball. Unlucky. Three-step drop, unblocked rusher coming from the left and Tebow throws a strike to his right ... that is promptly dropped.
  2nd & 10, SEA 20 (From the shotgun) PENALTY on DEN-T.Tebow, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at SEA 20 - No Play. Yeah, that can't happen.
  2nd & 15, SEA 25 Tebow sacked at SEA 28 for -3 yards. And neither can that. Not sure who's at fault but Tebow took a half-step drop, looked confused and then got dropped.
  3rd & 18, SEA 28 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass short left to M.Willis to SEA 22 for 6 yards. Tebow has a pocket but tucks and runs anyway (which is common with young QBs) and completes a pass well short of the sticks near the sidelines.
  4th & 12, SEA 22 FIELD GOAL GOOD   
 3rd series, 8:59 left in 4th qtr. 1st & 10, DEN 20 Tebow handoff to Ball around right end pushed OB at DEN 21 for 1 yard.   
  2nd & 9, DEN 21 Tebow pass incomplete short left to D.Rosario. The RB misses a block and Tebow is flushed left. He makes a poor throw to an open Rosario. These are the passes he has to complete.
  3rd & 9, DEN 21 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass short right to M.Willis pushed ob at DEN 31 for 10 yards. Great protection, he stands tall in the pocket and delivers a strike to the sidelines.
  1st & 10, DEN 31 Tebow handoff to Johnson left end to DEN 32 for 1 yard.   
  2nd & 9, DEN 32 Tebow pass incomplete deep right to B.Davis. Another play-action, pass slightly underthrown and a step out of bounds. If you're going to miss that's the place to do it.
  3rd & 9, DEN 32 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass short left to M.Willis to DEN 40 for 8 yards. Denver challenged the runner was down by contact ruling, and the play was Upheld. Three-step drop, ball is tipped at the line of scrimmage but still has enough on it to get to Willis who's just short of the sticks.
  4th & 1, DEN 40 PUNT   
 4th series, 5:15 left in 4th qtr. 1st & 10, DEN 22 Tebow handoff to Ball up the middle to DEN 24 for 2 yards.   
  2nd & 8, DEN 24 Tebow sacked at DEN 19 for -5 yards  Oh my. Good pocket, Tebow holds the ball too long, avoids the first wave of rushers before eventually going down. Has to get the ball out quicker.
  3rd & 13, DEN 19 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass incomplete short left to E.Riley. Tebow hit as he throws (off his back foot). A good throw would've been good for a first down.
  4th & 13, DEN 19 PUNT   
5th series, 1:12 left in 4th qtr.  1st & 10, DEN 23 (From the shotgun) Tebow scrambles left tackle ran OB at DEN 42 for 19 yards. Good protection but Tebow sees a running lane and takes off. 
  1st & 10, DEN 42 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass short left to L.Ball to SEA 32 for 26 yards. Nice play call: a screen pass that any QB should be able to complete every time its called.
  1st & 10, SEA 32 (From the shotgun) Tebow FUMBLES (Aborted) at SEA 37, and recovers at SEA 37. T.Tebow to SEA 37 for no gain. Absolutely can't happen given the circumstances. The snap hit Tebow right in the hands.
  2nd & 15, SEA 37 (From the shotgun) Tebow right end to SEA 33 for 4 yards. Designed draw play Tebow made popular at Florida.

                                   Unintentionally Awkward Headlines

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 27: Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos runs with the ball during the pre season game against the Seattle Seahawks at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on August 27, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)

                                                   Action Shots

After Tebow spent much of the Bills game standing around wondering what had become of his NFL career, we have some actual action shots this week.. Against the Seahawks it was another inconsistent performance, but that's what you expect from a second-year quarterback. We're not sure if he's showing progress or still trying to find his way in the NFL. Given that he'd only completed nine passes this preseason, we tend to think it's the latter. That said, the organization appears to have faith in Tebow, something that wasn't clear a week ago. 

Please join us next week for another installment of "Tracking Tebow." You know you want to.

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Tracking Tebow: Preseason, Week 3 -- Seahawks

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Tracking Tebow: Preseason, Week 3 -- Seahawks

Now I lay me down to sleep, this Tracking of Tebow makes me weep.
Is he the first shitty QB to win some games? Or have we forgotten about Vince Young?
Learn to throw and I call you a quarterback. Until then all this hype makes me yack.

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Tracking Tebow: Preseason, Week 3 -- Seahawks

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