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Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

Posted on: September 4, 2011 11:50 pm
Bo Jackson on Cam Newton: “There isn’t another quarterback in the NFL that has all of those tangibles.” (Getty Images)  

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Cam Newton, the first-overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, and the latest franchise quarterback for the Panthers, has been named the starter as Carolina heads into the regular season. Newton wasn't particularly impressive during the preseason, completing just 42 percent of his passes (24 for 57, 300 yards) and throwing just one touchdown, but he showed glimpses of the future and, well, potential can be a powerful aphrodisiac. 

Of course, the NFL QB scrap heap is littered with players who had gobs of inherent talent but couldn't ever do anything with it. The reasons for their professional demises are as varied as the names on the list. Clark Judge, our colleague, wrote last week that "If Newton demonstrated anything in three quarters of a 24-13 loss to Cincinnati, it's that he's not ready for prime time. He should sit, and he should sit until he understands what he's doing and what he sees -- because that's not happening now."

Judge reiterated those thoughts again Friday, a day after head coach Ron Rivera made it official.

"Normally, [Newton] would have minicamps, OTAs and quarterback camps to pick up the pro game, but all that got flushed during the lockout. So [he] reported in late July and will start in early September, and good luck. He looks no more ready to play the position than Jimmy Clausen did a year ago.

"But the Panthers have little choice. They can't sell their fans on Clausen or Derek Anderson, so give them Newton -- ready or not -- and that might not be good for him or the franchise. Reason: In a lot of respects it reminds me of the Ryan Leaf situation in San Diego years ago, one that Carolina GM Marty Hurney knows all too well."


It's not all gloom and doom, however. Bo Jackson, one of the greatest professional athletes of the last half-century, recently told Jim Rome (via that Newton possesses rare physical gifts that are the exact right fit for the Panthers' offense. (Seriously, we're not making that up.)

“There isn’t another quarterback in the NFL that has all of those tangibles,” Jackson said. “And when you put all of those tangibles together with the quality of receivers and linemen that he’s got blocking for him, and the running backs that he can get the pill to, this guy is scary. The Panthers are scary.”

There's more.

“When you speak of Cam Newton, I’ll put it to you just like this: He has the arm strength and power of Dan Marino and John Elway combined,” Jackson said. “He is quicker than Michael Vick, faster than Michael Vick. And he will run over you with the power of a Jerome Bettis, Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell. That’s the kind of guy he is.”

Okay, perhaps Jackson's laying it on a bit thick, but he's clearly enamored with Newton's raw skills, something no one could say about Clausen a year ago.

But before we all start making Super Bowl plans, something worth considering: the Panthers' schedule. It's brutal.

A quick recap for those of you who don't have it committed to memory: @Arizona, Green Bay, Jacksonville, @Chicago, New Orleans, @Atlanta, Washington, Minnesota, BYE, @Tennessee, @Detroit, @Indianapolis, @Tampa Bay, Atlanta, @Houston, Tampa Bay, @New Orleans.

After perusing that list, there's a chance the Panthers, without much effort, could again stumble to two wins despite fielding a much better team. We suspect Jackson doesn't share our skepticism.

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Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

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Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

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Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

Yeah he crashed back to earth this week. Last week was a fluke. No way he could get 400+ against a good defense.

OK, I lied. He didn't. It wasn't. He could, and did.

He and his team have a lot of work to do, but coming off a 2-14 season, and with a new coach and offense, the Panthers ARE scary.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 9:30 am

Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

One game, versus the worst defense in the league, in a short offseason.  He's lucky to have Steve Smith on his team. Crashing back to earth this week.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 11:43 am

Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

Haters doubt Cam, doubt Bo, doubt Bo's knowledge of Cam, and doubt the Bo believers only to eat their words after week one. Bo wins round one!

I got good laughs reading the pre-weekend comments and how wrong they were, but they still make me sad to hear.  What was even worse for me than the Cam Newton doubters, was all of the Bo-bashing I read. Seems everyone wanted to doubt Cam Newton and/or Bo Jackson's knowledge of Cam Newton. Looks like old who over twenty people were hating on with their comments may get the last laugh. Rookie Record, check. Davethepanther1 was just about the only person to stick up for Bo Jackson. He pointed out that Bo has not made a habit of endorsing every player out of Auburn. Bo rarely even speaks in public anymore. When Bo talks, maybe its not a good time to run your mouth, maybe Bo did not just smoke some crack and decide to phone in his thoughts for the first time we can remember?  Maybe Bo chooses his words carefully.  Maybe we should listen to Bo?

Bo is a legend, born of raw athleticism.  He electrified a whole generation.  It was exciting to hear Bo's voice on TV.  Yes, it did sound like Bo was exaggerating a bit.  No one wants to believe that Marino and Elways' combined arm strength is lessor than a single rookie QB.  And the Jerome Bettis comparison, well, I'd like to see that, but I can see where the haters found there way to the words "stupid" and "smoking crack".  Even being a huge fan of Bo, I had to consider he embellished a little?  Bottom line:  Bo talked, so I listened!  I still want to believe that "Bo knows!"  Bo is a monster athlete.  It broke my little kid heart when he got injured. He never became an analyst, and we rarely hear a peep out of him.  So when Bo talked last week I told my friends, I told my mother, I told my brother.  It was so fun to hear him boast about this Cam kid, I didn't care if he exaggerated a bit, I had fun telling everyone what my Football Hero Bo Jackson said about the rookie!

It doesn't matter if he exaggerated, the point is Bo believes in Cam and that he believes the Panthers team can be a force as soon as this season. If the Elway plus Marino arm strength boast means 400+ yards and a rookie record, then I am truly looking forward to seeing the Jerome Bettis comparision come to light on the field. (Cam does weigh in at over 250, right?)  Let's not be so sure that Bo don't know Didly!  Bo's prediction is going so well we could call him Bo-stradomas.

To hear the way most of you bagged on Bo makes me sad. You doubted his knowledge of the game, and some of you even went as far as to make racist remarks about Bo favoring the rise of the Black QBs. Maybe you just watched Any Given Sunday and got all fired up at the Willie Beaman/Jamie Foxx speech at coach/Pacino's house, but there was no mention of race from Bo, only talk of a QB's strengths and how well they fit in Carolina. I hope that the next time Bo speaks that more of us have confidence that Bo did his homework and is not just running his mouth for publicity or for race favoritism, but as a student of the game. Master of the game perhaps a more appropriate phrase, I mean how more right could Bo have been?  Was he supposed to predict specific stats? Bo listed 3 important strengths. Smart way to go. Before week one the Panthers looked like kittens to most of us. Maybe some still think so, but I think Bo is right.  The Panthers are scary! For all teams with Carolina on the schedule, after week one's performance, no one should be chalking in a W just yet.  No more easy wins against the Panthers. You better study in 2011.

I had fun repeating what Bo said before week one, but I'm having even more fun repeating it now.  "Scary!"  And look out for "The Bus, part II" this season. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Bo. I've missed you.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 6:30 pm

Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

Bo know's Football.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 4:29 pm

Bo Jackson says Cam Newton, Panthers 'are scary'

Bo Jackson smoking crack.

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