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NFL: Colts decision on Tressel is 'appropriate'

Posted on: September 5, 2011 3:09 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Our own Mike Freeman reported earlier Monday that Jim Tressel's employment with the Colts will begin in the seventh game this season. In other words, he's being suspended for six games by the Colts and/or maybe the NFL, though it's not actually being called "a suspension."

Additionally, reports have circulated that the non-suspension suspension was actually Tressel's idea. It is, for technical purposes, not an NFL-imposed suspension. However, plenty of speculation surfaced Monday afternoon about what role the NFL played in the decision to "wait to hire" Tressel.

Fortunately, the NFL gave that some clarity before too much could be made of the decision.

"On the Jim Tressel matter, the team's statement acknowledges that our office had discussions with the Colts over the weekend," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tweeted Monday. "[The] Colts fully understood issues & committed to addressing them. We were informed last night of decision reached by the team & Mr. Tressel.

"We believe decision reached by the Colts and Jim Tressel is appropriate. He will begin working as a game-day consultant after 6 games."

As Ryan and talk about in the most recent podcast (coming soon!) this probably is appropriate. Unless you're Jim Caldwell, in which case you'd like to make the decision to wait and hire Tressel a little more permanent. 

For the NFL, this is a weird line to establish -- without establishing! -- because what happens if the Bengals try to hire Butch Davis? That's a hypothetical situation, of course, but would they be given the same freedom to make the decision as the Colts? And what would be the appropriate way to determine if and when it was OK to begin employing Davis with the team.

I firmly believe that the league and the Colts (and Tressel himself?) are doing the correct thing in making sure that he can't simply waltz out of college football and immediately get a job in the NFL, especially if Terrelle Pryor is in the middle of a five-game suspension.

But there's nothing right about meting out punishment in a seemingly random way, and as while there might not be an issue with this right away, it would probably make everyone feel better about the transition of coaches if there was a clear-cut process for regulating NCAA violators and their entrance into the NFL.

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NFL: Colts decision on Tressel is 'appropriate'

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NFL: Colts decision on Tressel is 'appropriate'

Am I the only one that questions why Coach Tressel would take this consulting position?  I guess we need to figure out the connection with OSU and Indianapolis Colts. 

Hey Jim, sorry dude, you are going to have to take one for the team and resign.  But don't worry, we have a "consulting" job already set up for you with Indy.  Yeah, I know it is not a head coaching job, but the benefits are great.  You save the university by stepping down and we will make sure you get taken care of.  It will give you a way to pay back the fine we had to hit you with to make it look like we punished you.  After a few years everyone will forget about your failure to act and then you can get back into coaching. 

Something smells funny and I don't believe that smell is coming from the Colts locker room.  Anyone else have thoughts on this?


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NFL: Colts decision on Tressel is 'appropriate'

I really enjoy watching the NFL.  

Play the game, keep the best talent there, and quit trying to manage the image of the game or the circus clowns that perform and run it.  Because there is so much scum in so many organizations at the NCAA and NFL level, as long as they're in uniform or team attire, most of us don't care what they do off the field.   Suspending Tressel doesn't make the game look any better, I'm not even sure it sets a useful precedent.    It's disgusting, but I won't care after kickoff, too many disgusting individuals in the game to worry about weeding them out, so let it go at the NFL level. 

Let the NCAA protect it's image, the NFL lost that fight a long time ago.    We know the fans don't care, heck not even the sponsors care save a handful of exceptions, I think the CBA dispute was more expensive to the league than Vick's little off the field whoopsie in terms of sponsorship cash.   Too much money involved to worry about what a coach like Tressel did at OSU, let him coach and forget about it, I'm sick of the league's illusions of standing on the moral high-ground.

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NFL: Colts decision on Tressel is 'appropriate'

Indeed. Another fine mess. The lines between the NFL and NCAA are now blurred beyond comprehension. Don't like Tressel but this is clarity from the NFL?

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Show him the money

what will tressel do for spending money during these 6 weeks?  His wife has expensive tastes.

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NFL: Colts decision on Tressel is 'appropriate'

"How did he cheat?  Do you even know why he was forced to resign?  His players traded memorabilia for free tattoos moron."

Come on swingrz213--If you really don't know what happened, don't go and call someone else a moron when it is you that has no clue.  Tressel cheated by knowingly playing five players that he knew had broken NCAA rules.  The players traded stuff and got more stuff in return.  In itself, not that big of a deal.  It became a big deal when the coach lied to the NCAA about it.  Moron!

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NFL: Colts decision on Tressel is 'appropriate'

Seriously? Someone decided this was about race or slavery? What the hell is wrong with you morons? Im more concerned with the fact that a college football coach who violated NCAA rules is allowed to waltz right out of the college ranks and into a job with a pro team. I think there should be some sort of mandatory waiting period of say atleast one season. This "suspension" is nothing more than an waiting period to start work. Big deal. Im kind of surprised the Colts would even hire this man to begin with. That being said Im sure there are plenty of employers out there who hire talented people with a questionable past. So should there be any difference here?

This hasnt got a thing to do with race. However the comment about an Asian coach was kind of funny and true.

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