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Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

Posted on: September 7, 2011 6:11 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2011 2:48 pm
Posted by Eye on Football Staff

Prediction Will Brinson
Ryan Wilson
Josh Katzowitz
AFC East
Patriots, Jets*
Dolphins, Bills
Patriots, Jets*
Dolphins, Bills
Patriots, Jets*
Dolphins, Bills
AFC North
Steelers, Ravens*
Browns, Bengals
Steelers, Ravens*
Browns, Bengals
Steelers, Ravens*
Browns, Bengals
AFC South
Texans, Titans
Colts, Jaguars
Texans, Titans
Colts, Jaguars
Texans, Colts
Titans, Jaguars
AFC West
Chargers, Chiefs
Raiders, Broncos
Chargers, Raiders
Chiefs, Broncos
Chargers, Broncos
Chiefs, Raiders
NFC East
Cowboys, Eagles
Giants, Redskins
Cowboys, Eagles*
Redskins, Giants
Eagles, Cowboys
Giants, Redskins
NFC North
Packers, Lions*
Vikings, Bears
Packers, Bears
Lions, Vikings
Packers, Lions*
Bears, Vikings
NFC South
Falcons, Saints*
Panthers, Bucs
Saints, Falcons*
Bucs, Panthers
Saints, Falcons*
Bucs, Panthers
NFC West
Rams, Cardinals
49ers, Seahawks
 Cardinals, Rams
49ers, Seahawks
 Rams, Cardinals
Seahawks, 49ers
AFC Champions
Chargers  Steelers  Patriots
NFC Champions
Cowboys  Saints  Saints
SB Champions
Chargers  Steelers  Saints
Philip Rivers  Philip Rivers  Philip Rivers
Coach of the Year
Jason Garrett  Steve Spagnuolo  Sean Payton
Offensive POY
Aaron Rodgers Larry Fitzgerald  Michael Vick
Defensive POY
DeMarcus Ware Patrick Willis Ndamukong Suh
Offensive ROY
Cam Newton  Julio Jones  Julio Jones
Defensive ROY
Von Miller  J.J. Watt  Patrick Peterson
Step-Back Player
Michael Vick Arian Foster  Chris Johnson
Team on the Rise
Texans  Rams  Lions
Team on the Fall
Chiefs  Ravens  Giants
Best FA Addition
Johnathan Joseph Johnathan Joseph Nnamdi Asomugha
Worst FA Addition
Rex Grossman  Braylon Edwards Plaxico Burress

Brinson's Breakdown: Sheesh, nice to see everyone on the Rivers-for-MVP bandwagon. Been there, done that, still driving that train. I'm hopping off the Falcons wagon (some anyway) however. At least to the extent that I can pick the Cowboys to make the Super Bowl the year after it's hosted in Dallas anyway. Irony!

Yes, I love the Lions and yes, I think Matthew Stafford stays healthy. Notsomuch for Vick who will take a step back from his otherworldly 2010 because of expectations -- if he doesn't play more than 12 games, it'll be a disappointment and that line is secretly dangerous.

Speaking of stepbacks, I could have put Cassel there but the Chiefs -- except for Jamaal Charles -- will all come back to Earth now that their schedule looks like that of a division champ and Charlie Weis isn't calling plays. Johnathan Joseph gets the Texans to the playoffs for the first time ever, while Rex Grossman will just keep us all from seeing the enthusiasm of John Beck. For a few weeks.

Wilson's Breakdown: The last two times the Steelers won the Super Bowl (XL, XLIII) they missed the playoffs the following year. Luckily, they lost to the Packers in February, so they're all set in 2011.

It also helps that they'll field their best offense during Big Ben's eight years in pPittsburgh. And while the Steelers are better on paper than they were a year ago, the same can't be said of the Ravens, who have depth issues along the o-line, at wide receiver, and behind Joe Flacco. Oh, and i'm a huge Steelers homer. Did I mention that? No? Moving on...

Katzowitz's breakdown: Nobody can accuse me of being homer. Hell, every time I have to call DirecTV for my Sunday Ticket account, I have to explain to them how I don't have a favorite team and why I don't. They kept insisting that I must have a favorite team, and I keep telling them I don't. I wish they would stop asking and LEAVE ME ALONE! Anyway, I had a tough time not putting the Colts in the playoffs, but if Peyton Manning's neck is a big problem and he misses a large part of the season, there's no way they can beat out the Texans in the AFC South or the Ravens and the Jets for the wild card.

As for worst free agent pickup, you've got to go with Plaxico Burress, who either will be a) ineffective after a year and a half in jail or b) will keep suffering injury after injury or c) both. As far as the Jets, who I picked to win the Super Bowl last year? Well, I'm pretty sure they won't win it this year. In fact, I think they'll take a step back. Meanwhile, the Patriots will continue to roll along with the people they've collected off other team's scrap heaps.

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Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

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Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

They all pick the damn Steelers. Don't worry, come Sunday we're going to change that. Sh!ttsubrgh is going 8-8 this year in my opinion. I think they'll be swept by my Ravens, lose to New England, Houston, Kansas City, one game to Cleveland, Arizona, and Jacksonville.

Ravens, I believe will go 12-4.. Losses will be to San Diego, Seattle (the trap game), Indianapolis, and St Louis.

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Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions


How can you have Rex Grossman as the worst FA addition?  He was on the team last year, he came in for McNabb and caused a ton of controversy!  I am not a even a Redskins fan and I know that! 

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Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

Are you guys kidding me?  Brinson you pick the Cowboys and the Chargers!!  Just shoot yourself in the head right now.  Are the Cowboys a goo team, yes, but in the toughest division in the league with the Eagles and the Giants and even the Redskins.  THose three teams hate the Cowboys and will do anything to beat them.  Also in the NFC you have the Packers, Bears, Falcons, Saints and even dark horse Detroit, all better teams then the Cowboys.  The Chargers will make the playoffs but they will not beat the JEts, Pats, Steelers or Ravens, they will choke like always before

Why is everybody discounting the Falcons, I am not there biggest fan but that is a scary team over there, Why does everyone think the Ravens won't even make the playoffs!  And especially, what is with the hatred of the Eagles because they sign the players they did this year.  I am a BEars fan, but I know we will be in tough company this year, but there defense always gives them a shot.  My prediction Falcons vs Ravens, really piss off the Colts fans seeing there old team in Indy.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 10:10 am

Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

It amazes me how every year the so-called "Market Experts" essentially INK in, not pencil, INK in the San Diego Chargers as AFC West Champs and punch them a ticket to the Super Bowl. Then, without fail, those same "experts"are bewildered when the Chargers come up short. Last year they blamed the Special Teams. The year previous to that, their short comings were blamed on a slow start & a lucky win by an upstart Jets team. The year previous to that, they needed a collossal CHOKE by the Denver Broncos to slip into the playoffs as a 4th seed. When are you "experts" going to realize that the San Diego Chargers look great on paper.....and that's where it ends.

What have the Chragers done to improve? They lost Darren Sproles. Bob Sanders isn't the safety he used to be. The running game is suspect at best, with Ryan Matthews showing NOTHING thus far. The defensive front couldn't pressure the Notre Dame offense, much less a top flight NFL caliber squad. The line backer corps had to be completely redone! I don't need to mention their CRIMINALLY WEAK  special teams play. Come on experts!!!!!

The only reason the Chargers are chosen EACH AND EVERY year is because there is a lack of respect for the AFC West. No one gives the Oakland Raiders credit for what they accomplished last year and the nucleus they are creating. No one respects the progress  the Chiefs made or the changes Danver (Tim Tebow notwithstanding) have made. Guys, do yourselves a favor and put some legitmate time in studying the AFC West and stop embarassing yourselves by choosing the Chargers each and every year.

I cannot wait to see what you write Week 16 when the Chargers underachieve once again......

Oakland Raiders, Baby!!!!

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 7:55 am

Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

Well cool guy he may have played before he went tro prison, but he never matured back then. He got it done with his legs, but rarely ever his arm and especially not his ability to break down opposing defenses. Last year he started to prove that he can do that now and that is part of the maturation process. Get a clue. Most football fans knew exactly what I meant, sorry it went over your head. I would have explained, but I didn't think I would need to on this website. Thanks for pointing out that there is always someone who can't figure it out for himself.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 7:16 am

Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

Vick is maturing?  Last year wasn't his first in the league cool guy!

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 9:44 pm

Eye on Football's 2011 NFL season predictions

Cowboys to the SB? Please. I doubt they make the playoffs. The Chargers look decent, but they just don't win in the playoffs. I don't think the Patriots will be hoisting any hardware either. I can't believe noone picked the Packers, but I guess that would not be going out on a limb. As a Steelers fan of course I think they will be there again, but I will go with the Jets against the Packers with the Packers picking up #5. The Saints, Steelers, and Eagles all look viable. The Eagles will be late bloomers and will look scary going into the playoffs, Vick is maturing but isn't quite there yet. I'd like to see the Texans make the playoffs this year, if not this year then probably never.

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