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Caldwell on Irsay tweet: 'Obviously accurate'

Posted on: September 8, 2011 2:05 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2011 2:46 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

It continues to remain very odd that NFL-related conversation is about Peyton Manning missing time (and Jim Irsay tweeting) but that's today's world. And Peyton is going to miss time -- at least the first week of the season and, according to Irsay, he could be out 'awhile.'

Coach Jim Caldwell was asked about Irsay's slippery thumbs on Thursday and he confirmed the accuracy of said tweets.

"It’s obviously accurate or he wouldn’t have tweeted it," Caldwell said, per Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star. "But nevertheless, just in terms of what kind of time frame we’re talking about, I think [Irsay] also stated he’s not quite certain of the time frame. None of us really know at this point in time. It’s a little bit in flux this week. But I do think we’re going to have maybe a little bit more clarity here shortly."

Shortly? Awhile? Ah, the NFL must be back if personnel men are speaking in the vaguest of terms about injuries. But, seriously coach, when are we going to find out? Like, perhaps by the end of the week?

"Hopefully yeah, I would anticipate that yes sir," Caldwell said. "As soon as we get [the news about Peyton], if that's this afternoon or if that's this evening or if it's tomorrow, we'll get it out immediately."

All of that -- ahem -- excitement over the possibility of getting news perhaps maybe some time in the near future doesn't really help. In fact, it only lends more credence to's Mike Freeman's earlier report today that he's heard the Colts are preparing to deal with Manning missing either a half a season and that Manning didn't undergo a recent surgery as was rumored.

The Colts don't know he'll miss the year, one has to assume, because he's not on injured reserve. And maybe they really don't know anything -- Jay Glazer of FOXSports reported earlier that Manning could have additional surgery later this week.

"While I'm hearing Manning hasn't had surgery yet, I wouldn't be surprised if he has it before the weekend!" Glazer tweeted on Thursday. In a follow-up question from one of his followers about whether said hypothetical surgery would put Manning out for the season, Glazer wrote that he is "not hearing it will."

Let's take all of these factors and put them together: the owner of the Colts is preparing his fans for a long(ish) amount of time without Manning. The team's president ruled Manning out by midweek in a major rivalry game. The coach of the team does not have a clue about when he'll find out if Manning can play. And Manning could have more surgery soon but probably won't miss the entire season.

So, the lesson, as always: no one knows anything. Oh, and also: Peyton will be back in Week 9, win six games down the stretch and take the Colts to the playoffs.

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Caldwell on Irsay tweet: 'Obviously accurate'

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Caldwell on Irsay tweet: 'Obviously accurate'

Bigger picture for Colts fans is that apparently Kerry Collins is the best option at QB ... better than guys who have been on the team, in the meeting rooms, on the radar, etc.
Nothing against Kerry Collins, but doesn't practice mean anything anymore?  What kind of quality can we be getting?

Case in point ... Redskins SS LaRon Landry might play in season opener, and he has yet to practice.  And similar situations are playing out across the league.

Just saying.

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