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DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

Posted on: September 9, 2011 8:42 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

DeSean Jackson held out from Eagles training camp for a reasonably long time, wanting a new contract from Philly before beginning to play. The Eagles have said they could, technically, give Jackson the money. But why haven't they?

But perhaps it's because the Eagles simply don't value DeSean the way, well, DeSean values DeSean. According to Tim McManus of Philadelphia Sports Daily, the talks between Philly and DeSean are at a "standstill" and that there will be no "surprise" contract for Jackson before kickoff on Sunday, as some folks believe.

That's primarily because Jackson and his agent Drew Rosenhaus are apparently seeking a five-year deal that falls somewhere between the contract the Jets gave Santonio Holmes (five years, $50 million) and the deal that Larry Fitzgerald recently signed with the Cardinals (eight years, $120 million).

The provides a pretty big range, given that Holmes is making $10 million a year and Fitzgerald is making $15 million a year -- McManus says that Rosenhaus wants a deal that is "much closer to Holmes money."

Still, that's a lot of cash for a guy who has some concerns about his size and ability to withstand punishment in the NFL. Which is probably why the Eagles want to hold off a bit longer on handing him a new paycheck.

With Vick's long-term future secured, the Eagles have the franchise tag available for Jackson in 2012, so they don't necessarily even need to worry about giving Jackson a new deal for another two years at minimum if they so choose.

That probably won't sit well with the wideout, but it's hard to imagine he's real happy with Joe Banner telling everyone that the Eagles could give Jackson an extension right now as it is right now anyway.

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DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

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DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

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DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

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DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

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DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

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Posted on: September 11, 2011 3:29 am

DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

Jackson is in no way worth the 10 million plus a year that he and rosenhaus have assigned to him.... This is a guy one headshot away from forced retirement.  And given the way he show-boats and tries to show up other teams, someone is gonna lay him out sooner than later.... 

Now, i regards to the people thinking I'm here to keep down the brother..... I could care less.  Another "brother" most likely will get the money, so the argument is silly, uneducated and quite honestly insulting to the people who think this is the case more so than the rest of the population.

Jackson is a good receiver, but not anything like his ego... just to put in perspective, his avg. in my fantasy league of all things, rated him 65th player in the league and 22nd amongst receivers and te....  now it's not reality, it just gives points for receptions, points and yardage... wait, isn't that like reality...  and what did he have like 47 receptions last year and never more than 62.....  Devin Hester the 4th best receiver on the bears had that many.

There are many receivers of this quality and no reason to pay him more until necessary.  I might think him worth 5-6 million a year with bonuses, but would be heavy in incentives and not base salary...

Wise up DeSean and quit drinking that koolaid from your agent. 

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Posted on: September 10, 2011 11:08 pm

DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

Just clarifying my statements guys, I'm not suggesting any involvement of race here and i don't even know what a tea partier is supposed to be in this day and age. I'm just saying that everyone outside Philly hates Desean Jackson because he's a smug showboating punk

Since: Oct 17, 2006
Posted on: September 10, 2011 8:16 pm

DeSean Jackson wants $10M+ per year in new deal?

You guys wanna know why there seems to be a faction of racist tea partiers or w.e who are hating on Desean Jackson?
No trying to get political, but being that I'm not white or black I personally wouldn't be worried if I was at a tea party rally but I can't say the same if I was to be at a Nation of Islam rally.

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