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Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

Posted on: September 14, 2011 2:01 pm
Polian doesn't (yet) have plans to put Manning on IR. (US PRESSWIRE)
Posted by Ryan Wilson

After what the Texans perpetrated against the Colts on Sunday, Peyton Manning can't get back on the field fast enough. Unfortunately, doctors can't pinpoint a return date, which seems perfectly reasonable given that Manning just had neck surgery (his second since the spring).'s Jay Glazer said earlier this week that the medical people he spoke with said Manning wouldn’t be able to take a hit for four months. Doing the math, that means Peyton might be ready in January and we all know Indianapolis won't be playing at that point in the season.

So it might make sense for the Colts to put Manning on injured reserve, right? Not yet, at least to hear team vice chairman Bill Polian explain it.

“We saved the spot for Bob Sanders last year all the way up to week 12, maybe even beyond that because the prognosis, which is just that – it’s a guesstimate the doctors give you, it’s not cast in concrete – was that Bob had a chance to make it back by the end of the season," Polian said on the team's website.

“That did not occur. What I’ve said to Peyton and what we’ve said publicly is that we will leave him on the active roster as long as the doctors tell us there’s a chance for him to come back.”

Which immediately conjures memories of this:

All that's missing is Polian sporting a bowl cut and a snazzy southwestern-inspired button-up.

After watching what happened against the Texans Sunday, and Polian scouting Andrew Luck the day before, we figured the Colts would give the season another four or five weeks, and if they continue to look like the worst team in football then they'd shut Peyton down for good. Because, really, there's no reason to rush him back to play for a team that might be 2-10, only to have him risk further injury. And Polian can't reiterate that last point strongly enough.

“It Bears very, very strong emphasis that [Manning] will not be allowed back on the field until the doctors are satisfied that he’s 100 percent and ready to go, regardless of what occurs with the season or doesn’t occur with the season. His long-term health is what the most important thing is here.”

Which is probably why it makes sense to put Manning on injured reserve now.

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Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

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Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

Perhaps they are speaking of the intensity with which the Colts played.  Looked like they checked out early on that game against Houston.

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Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

I think its best to sit Manning out for this season and return next year hungry and ready to play.

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Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

The Colts had better get used to not having Manning in the line-up. This is not a non-contact sport and sooner or later, if he continues to play after the neck injury and fusion surgery, Payton will be coming off the field on a back board. That scene has surely crossed the minds of all who have been watching.

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Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

I would like for someone to explain how a team with a quarterback not long with a team (Collins) can be referred to as the worst looking team in the league when you have a team with a 2 time super bowl winner and many yrs with his team getting beat by a greater margin than the Colts.  Yes I'm talking about the Steeler's.  Yes it was only 1 more point.  But still ...  People ... we just finished week 1.  50% of the teams are 0-1.   We (the Colts) had 2 turnovers.  The Steeler's had 7.  Yes we looked bad but not the worst.  Yes we (the Colts) have a lot of work ahead of us but don't write us off just yet.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 3:11 pm

Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

Gods, I am already so sick of this "they can only muddle through the season and hope to draft Andrew Luck" crap. They had one bad game using a team that clearly wasn't prepared yet against one of the league's best offenses. And two other teams on Sunday suffered even bigger blow-outs!

Let's give them at least 2-3 more games before jumping to conclusions. If they continue to stink things up and end up 1-3 or 0-4 because of that, then we can talk about how their season is over.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 2:20 pm

Peyton Manning not yet headed for injured reserve

It would be better if the entire team could be placed on IR so as to avoid the injury of watching them play (I'M BLIND!!!!).

Seriously, though, this team is going no where.  Period, end of discussion.  There is no Matt Cassel.  There is no team.  The Indy Colts ARE Peyton Manning, and even the Colts players know it.

The Indy defense is built to protect leads, not keep the score down.  The offense is built for an extremely accurate passer with a hero arm.  This does not describe Kerry Collins, even in his heyday, no matter what Bill Polian says.  There is no chance for the Colts to do anything but lose this year.

If I were the Colts, I would use this year as the longest training camp in the history of the NFL and try to get their future together.  Peyton Manning has MAYBE 5 years left at the upper level, but it is looking more like 2-3 years at this rate.  He doesn't take many hits, but he has also been playing for 13 years.  It catches up to you eventually.

I also know that Manning is sitting in a room somewhere, trying to lift dumbells and cursing that he isn't on the field right now.  If he does make it back next year, I feel sorry for his opponents.  He's going to take it out on them... 

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