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Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

Posted on: September 14, 2011 2:27 pm
Edited on: September 14, 2011 2:31 pm
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Posted by Ryan Wilson

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was dominating in his Week 1 performance against the Falcons. He recorded an interception and returned a fumble for a touchdown as Chicago rolled Atlanta, 30-12.

On Wednesday, Urlacher was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week, but the linebacker won't be with the team for several days and may not be available when the Bears face the Saints Sunday.

According to a statement from the team, Urlacher's mother passed away unexpectedly.

"My first priority right now is to be with my family as we mourn her loss and make the arrangements to lay her to rest," Urlacher said. "This is a very difficult and emotional time for us and I sincerely ask that you respect our privacy. Thank you."

Thoughts and prayers go out to Urlacher and his family.

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Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

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Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

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Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

RepublicanMan:  This is a highly inappropriate forum for the purposes of your preaching.  Those are your personal opinions on salvation.  What you have essentially stated is that unless this person you never met has lived life and conducted their spiritual affairs according to your standards, they are going to Hell.  You are welcome to that opinion, but this is neither the time nor the place to explain to everyone concerned about Brian Urlacher's loss what you think about God.  Your condolences and prayers would be far more appropriate.

 But the second a Christian writes in...OFFENSIVE!!!!  Christians are being stifled all over this nation as if they're the reason for it's troubles. No pledge of allegiance, no in God we trust, no praying in publics places, no manger scenes during Christmas, oh excuse me "X-mas".
As a Christian myself, I can pass on the sympathy party you seem to want for us.  Especially when you consider that 1) we still say the pledge and "under God" is still in it, 2) who cares what our money says? 3) you can pray wherever the Hell you want, your public school teacher and city council can't just decide to lead everyone else in the room in a prayer while serving in official capacities and 4) when is that last time someone actually said "Merry X-Mas" to you, because I live in CA (I imagine you believe this to be the epicenter of this godlessness you fear) and I am not sure anyone has ever said that to me, despite it appearing sometimes in writing.    

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 4:53 pm

Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

Who made Republican man the authority on who goes to heaven?

Shouldn't you guys be using your soap boxes at some other forum, like Church or Alchoholics Anonymous?

Again, it all comes down to whether you view the Bible as a precise portrayal of actual events or a collection of stories, possibly part true and part fiction. I am pretty sure it's the latter since it was written by men, who knew a whole lot less about the universe back then, then we do today.

Regardless, it's common for you guys who can't get control of your own lives to tell everyone else how to live theirs. Just because you needed to turn to God to give up alcohol or drugs or whatever self destructing stuff you were doing, does not mean the rest of us can't use common sense and moderation in our actions.

Essentially, if you f-ck up in life, don't blame God, blame yourself! If someone needs your help, don't just pray for them or make a donation to your wealthy reverand, how about actually lending a hand! There's a novel idea. And there's few things in sports I can't stand more than these athletes who praise God for athletic achievement. I'm sure God has more important things to do than help Aaron Rodgers win a football game.

God may have given us life, but YOU decide what to do with it. Stop preaching and start practicing.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 1:32 pm

Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

My deepest prayers go out to the Urlacher Family. God Bless You.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 12:25 pm

Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

To Shaqdawg,

It is amazing you find Republicman's reply so offensive.He's praying that a mans mother goes to heaven and explaining to anyone who willing to read him,  what it takes. Wow, real offensive. Christians are asked to try and lead others to Christ, thats all he did.  Yeah thats real offensive. There are others who believe flying jetliners into buildings are what gets you into heaven. Now THATS "OFFENSIVE"!!! There are a lot more offensive writings that take place here yet people seldom complain about them. But the second a Christian writes in...OFFENSIVE!!!!  Christians are being stifled all over this nation as if they're the reason for it's troubles. No pledge of allegiance, no in God we trust, no praying in publics places, no manger scenes during Christmas, oh excuse me "X-mas".

We supposedly live in a free country and the liberals speak out against the Christians constantly. But Christians do not have the same right to express their opinions and thoughts because they're so offensive? Please!!!  Rant against the muslims, oh boy, look out. Rant against homosexuality, oh boy, look out, etc., etc., etc. The very ones screaming for their rights to free speech, beliefs and lifestyle think the Christians do not have the same rights. (See Gemany in the 30's and 40's). A bit contradictory, no? If you don't want to be offended, don't read Republicmans writing, he's not holdig a gun to your head. But in your final day on this earth, what if Republicman is right and you're wrong, what will you think then?  

If you can open your mind, look up the book "When Nations Die" by James Nelson Black. Better yet, if you can, read it. See what the non-Christian, liberal, socialist thinking did for the previous great empires down in history. The once great empire of the USA is falling, and falling hard or haven't you noiced. Aren't you offended by how life in the USA in going down the toilet? The liberal mentality is hugely responsible for contributing to it. Look around you, read about it in history. Nietzsche once said "Those who do not learn from history are condemened to repeat it." We're repeating it in the USA as God gets pushed further and further away.

You ight be surprised how many "offensive" Christians are in the NFL...Aaron Rodges, Matt Forte, Drew Brees, Jason Avant, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Jason Campbell, Heath Evans, Matt Hasselbeck, James Laurinitis, Chrisian Ponder, Jeff Saturday, Drew Stafford, Jonathan Stewart, Ladainian Tomlinson, Jason Witten to name a "few". And guess what, everyone of them "offends" someone daily by speaking about Christ. Real men, real warriors. They choose to be offensive by going against the liberal flow that leads to destruction by trying to save others. Maybe some day they'll be waving to you from heaven. Hope not for your sake.

RepublicMan - I am totally with you brother. Praise God!

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 12:16 pm

Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

By the way, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Urlacher family. It's tough to lose a parent, especially losing someone so close to you, without having any idea it was coming. It just goes to show you how fleeting life is, and that you should enjoy life for what it is, and not fear it like that Republican extremist.


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Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

The Bible are a bunch of stories written by men, at a time when they still thought the world was flat.

The Old Testament... Moses parting the red sea. Never could have happened. First off, if the slaves were trying to cross the red sea while parted, there is no way they could have out run the horse and chariots. And do you realize how long it would have taken all of those people to cross the red sea? It never happened.

The Bible are stories (part real, part fiction) CREATED BY MAN (not God) with the intention of building morales for society. They are biased towards the feelings of people living at that time, and are at least partially fabricated. I view the Bible as I would Grimms Fables. There's truth in the lesson, but not necessarily in the story.

The New Testament, is at least a little more realistic, though I seriously doubt that Lazarus was brought back from the dead. Lazarus may have been thought to be dead or near death and maybe it's possible Jesus was able to heal him. I am a Christian, but I don't take it to the extremist level like this guy.

All I know is that the Bible was written by man, and if mankind has taught us anything in our lives, it's that he cannot be fully trusted.

The reason anyone lusts after someone, is because our genetics dicatate it. It's not a coincidence that men prefer multiple women. It's about the human race's survival instinct. If men weren't attracted to women, the human race would eventually cease to exist. Lust is nothing to be ashamed of.... we're only human.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 11:59 am

Brian Urlacher's mother dies unexpectedly

WOW, I can come on here and read an article about a player's mom that has died, and the post go all over board from religion to politics, to your favorite hair band.  I always read the article and as I am reading I hear the jack in the box music playing. Then when I read some of the comments below the Jack pops out, and scares the fluid out of me.  I'm just amazed at how we criticize each other over the smallest of things. We all believe deifferent things and have different opinions, if we did not this would be a very boring place. 

I feel sympathy fir the Urlacher's and hope they can get through this difficult time.

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