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It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

Posted on: September 17, 2011 12:45 pm
Edited on: September 17, 2011 3:33 pm
It's only a matter of time for Tim Tebow(US PRESSWIRE/Getty Images)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

The Denver Post's Mike Kiszla nails it when he calls Tim Tebow "America's favorite third-string quarterback." He's also onto something when he suggests it's only a matter of time before public pressure thrusts Tebow into the Broncos' starting lineup, for better or worse.

Following Monday's home loss to the Raiders, a game that included plenty of awful football and "TEBOW! TEBOW!" chants from the crowd, head coach John Fox ignored questions about if he had thoughts of pulling Kyle Orton for America's favorite third-stringer. The media can wait Fox out, of course, because this isn't going away until, well, Tebow plays.

"I'm responsible to put the best football product on the field, in my estimation," Fox told Kiszla Thursday, after making it clear Kyle Orton, not Tebow, is his starting quarterback. "Am I perfect? No. But I don't think there are too many perfect people running around this planet. So you do what you think is best.

"You're not going to please everybody. I don't care if you're in politics, I don't care if you're in business or I don't care if you're in coaching. I heard (former Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice say once, 'Don't let tomorrow's headlines influence today's decisions.' I've tried to live by that the best I can."

In Fox's case, he's in politics, business and coaching, and when you're losing, like it or not, tomorrow's headlines end up influencing today's decisions. Which means that if the Broncos don't get better, Tebow will be the starting quarterback.

There's still the little issue of Tebow not showing much promise as an NFL signal caller (see Hoge, Merril for details). And if he were a fifth-round afterthought instead of a first-round pick there probably wouldn't be quite the zealotry to get him on the field. So, yes, this is Josh McDaniels' fault.

Can Tebow make it as an NFL QB?

Whoever's to blame, fans are serious about the cause. At least one of them is, anyway. Earlier in the week we told you about Jesse Oaks, who's saving pennies to buy a pro-Tebow billboard.

"We believe in Coach Fox, we’re just tired of Kyle Orton," Oaks told the Denver Post. "We were sitting around after Fox said he didn’t hear the chants for Tebow, and we figured if he’s deaf, we hope he’s not blind. …

"I've always been so proud when somebody asked: 'Hey, what's your favorite football team?' " Oaks said. "But lately people seem so happy for the Broncos to be average. What do you mean you hope we get to 8-8 this year? I was hoping for the Super Bowl. I feel like if we keep believing in an average quarterback, we're going to be average."

(The Super Bowl, huh? Hey, set your sights high, even if unreasonably so.) 

Fox, as always, was measured in his response."In this job, you're going to be criticized, and that's why we're compensated like we are."

Well, that and, you know, winning football games.

And the Tebow countdown clock continues to tick…

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Posted on: January 16, 2012 10:56 am

It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

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Posted on: December 25, 2011 1:43 pm

It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

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It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

Every game the Broncos lose is one more they could have spent seeing if Tim Tebow could learn the NFL.  They lost last week, so in the end did it matter who palyed QB?  No.  If the Broncos start 1-3 or 0-4 the season will be over and they'll play Tebow the rest of the way.

Since: Aug 23, 2006
Posted on: September 17, 2011 5:38 pm

It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

Yeah lets all listen to the great merril Hoge, a guy who had a horrible nfl career, that amounted to nothing.  Not to mention isnt he the guy that predicted that Aaron Rodgers wouldnt make it as an NFL qb? yep im sure that was hoge, in fact Hoge thought brian Brohms upside was better than rodgers.  so why would anyone quote the completely inept Merril Hoge? 

Since: Jan 10, 2011
Posted on: September 17, 2011 3:20 pm

It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

This whole article is another Tebow hate article. Coach Fox hasn't said it but it is very clear that even he doesn't like Tebow and will never play because he isn't his pick( McDaniels fault) so the media will just run with that and keep this Tebow hatred going. Just let Tebow alone and let the team sink or swim because after this season either Tebow will be traded or cut because of all of the hate mail and articles that Coach Fox will not put up with so he will just get rid of Tebow and no other team will pick him up because the media has and will keep destroying Tebow's character to where no other team will want him. Got to love the Media for destroying people and teams.

Since: Jul 10, 2010
Posted on: September 17, 2011 3:07 pm

It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

Its a new article to give football fans something to chime in about on a Saturday. I for one am sick of hearing that Tebow sucks. Hearing how all the "experts" agree. Look at Cam Newton, everyone said he sucked, that his skills could never translate to the NFL, and he was out there throwing for over 400 yards the first week of the year. Just one week, yeah, but he's proved a lot of people wrong so far.

Tebow is similar, and gets all the ire of haters and writers who can't think of a better thing to write about than how Tim Tebow will never make it. But like Newton, Tebow makes plays, or has been known to make plays. Who knows if he can do it in the NFL, but if Newton can, why can't Tebow? Kyle Orton is a stat QB at best. He puts up decent numbers and looses games with key bad decisions. He almost always disappoints when it counts. As a Packer fan, I was really sorry to see Orton leaving Chicago. At best, Orton will deliver another mediocre season in Denver. He's started enough games to show that this is all he's capable of. He's maybe the best mediocre QB in the league. Maybe on an elite team he could pull a Trent Dilfer and win a Super Bowl, but the Broncos are not that team this year. It should be in Denver's interest to rebuild, and build up high draft picks for next year. They need to see what they have in Quinn and Tebow or they will just be throwing another season away, getting some mid-round picks and alienating their fans, while never even trying to see what either of their backups are capable of when it counts. At best, they'll get to start when the season is already over, when Denver has a loosing record and no hope for the playoffs, when the team no longer cares if it wins or looses. Orton should have been cut straight up if no teams wanted him in a trade. This is how teams in the NFl become perennial loosers. They cling to a garbage QB like Orton who puts up decent numbers, wins against the bad teams, and then they loose in the draft.

Since: Dec 2, 2007
Posted on: September 17, 2011 1:57 pm

It's not if but when for Tebow, NFL starting QB

Hey, somebody help me out...  I've read through this article 3 times now and can't find anything new that this story/opinion piece adds to what's already known on this topic...  I couldn't even figure out the actual point...  Maybe the original author can highlight it for me?  If not, maybe you can go waste 5 minutes of your OWN time, staring at a wall or something...  So we're even...  Thanks much.

(re: Tebow-- the whole thing reminds me of my favorite quote-- "The fact that millions of people take part in the same delusion does NOT somehow make it sane..."  No matter how many Denver fans want their fanboy, Tebow, to start, it would still be a dumb decision at this point.)

Since: Sep 28, 2007
Posted on: September 17, 2011 1:21 pm

It's "IF", not "WHEN"...

Sorry, but IF Orton starts playing as well as he has in the past and validating the knowledgeable Coach Fox's decision to start him, then WHEN Tebow plays will be a good question.  Coaches and analysts throughout the NFL agree that Tebow has not shown he is ready to be a starter in the NFL, and his poor offseason/preseason merely reinforced those opinions.  IF the first and second string QB's dont perform for Denver or are injured, that is WHEN Tebow will play.  Billboards and fan chants will not change that.  Because Fox is beholden to Elway and Pat Bowlen before the fans--as the former pay his salary.

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