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Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

Posted on: September 17, 2011 6:16 pm
Edited on: September 17, 2011 6:28 pm
Reeves on the Falcons: “When Mike really needed them they turned their back." (Getty Images)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Dan Reeves was the coach when the Falcons selected Michael Vick with the first-overall pick of the 2001 NFL Draft. Atlanta was 7-9 and 9-6-1 in Vick's first two seasons before Reeves was fired midway through the 2003 campaign. At lot has happened in the subsequent eight years; Vick led the Falcons to the NFC Championship Game in 2004 before dogfighting charges and legal issues landed him in prison in 2007. He returned to football in 2009 with the Eagles, as Donovan McNabb's backup, and after a Comeback Player of the Year effort in 2010, he's now Philly's franchise quarterback.

On Sunday night, he returns to Atlanta, this time as the Eagles starter, in a matchup between two teams many people expect to be in the playoffs come January.

Reeves, who still keeps in touch with Vick, understands that this isn't a typical week for either the Falcons or the Eagles. “There is a big buzz down here,” Reeves told's Tim McManus. “There is tremendous excitement waiting for this game. There are mixed emotions.”

McManus writes that Reeves "was one of many that had invested something valuable in Vick and got burned." Despite it all, Reeves remained loyal, something he thinks the organization should have done, too.

“When Mike really needed them they turned their back on him in my opinion,” said Reeves. “They could have been a big supporter and they let him go. I think it could have been handled differently. I wasn’t there so I don’t know the organization’s standpoint, but I thought they could have been more supportive and instead they severed ties with him.”

That's a slippery slope. As's Mike Florio notes, Vick had exhibited a pattern of lying to his employers, the NFL and authorities about his involvement in dogfighting. At some point, the Falcons needed to move on, and that's what they did. And it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows for them; the team was dreadful in 2007, going 4-12 and watching new head coach Bobby Petrino quit midway through the year.

“[Vick] has let down his fans and his team. He has damaged the reputation of our club and the entire National Football League, and betrayed the trust of many people,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in the summer of 2007

The Eagles-Falcons get-together won't be the first time Vick has faced his former team, just the first time he'll do so as Philly's starting quarterback. The two sides played in December 2009. On that day, Vick replaced McNabb in the fourth quarter with the Eagles leading 27-0.'s Michael Silver writes that it was "to the delight of thousands of [Atlanta] fans – many of them wearing replicas of Vick’s old Falcons jersey – who’d been chanting his name."

Silver continues:

"In what Blank would come to view as a gratuitous gesture of disrespect by Philly coach Andy Reid, Vick wowed the crowd with a 43-yard pass to wideout Reggie Brown, followed by a 5-yard scoring toss to tight end Brent Celek, his first touchdown pass since 2006 in an eventual 34-7 victory. With tens of thousands of frustrated customers already having bolted, the Dome was dominated by jubilant Vick supporters, and Blank could only sit and seethe."

So, yes, this won't be your typical non-divisional, Week 2 matchup between two NFC teams. Far from it, in fact.

The Atlanta Falcons will square off against Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at the Georgia Dome. Who will come out on top? Join Jason Horowitz and's Pat Kirwan for a preview of this game.

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Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

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Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

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Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

one moron defending another. right dan, you weren't there, making you ineligible for asinine commentary. what planet are you on to think the falcons should do a bleeping thing for a subhuman who screwed them.

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 11:14 am

Noone was a bigger supporter than Arthur Blank

- financing an illegal interstate gambling ring
- running an illegal interstate gambling ring for six years
- fighting dogs
- killing dogs
- killing dogs in especially fun ways, like electricution and drowning
- knowingly giving a woman herpes
- sneaking marijuana on a plane
- owning a waterbottle that has a marijuana smuggling compartment
- providing a vehicle for drug dealing
- giving the double bird to kids after a game
- blew off off-season workouts
- stealing money from a pension fund
- having someone shot at his birthday party
- lied about leaving "hours" before someone was shot at his party
- being a coach killer
- being a big jerk
- hiring an agent while still in college
- Marcus Vick
- not paying back his creditors because he needs two houses (one of which was built while he was in prison)
- lying about dog fighting
- screwing over that sweet old man Arthur Blank
- missing 14 games with a 4-6 week injury - the same injury that forced him to miss only one game at Virginia Tech
- Ron Mexico
- providing a house for drug dealing (the original reason Bad Newz Kennels was raided)
- failing a drug test
- being accused of using steroids
- can't read the blitz
- can't hold onto the ball
- can't throw accuratly
- can't put touch on the ball
- can't complete the short pass
- can't audible 
- children out of wedlock
- last one in the building for practice
- first one to leave the building after practice
- cheated on his girlfriend (re: Ron Mexico incident)

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Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

With all respect to Dan Reeves, he has no validity to make this dumb claim. The Falcons are like a company. The company was in disarray and trying to bring the team back together. They also had an obligation to their fans, sponsors and public opinion. Let's not forget that Arthur Blank "personally" stood by Mike Vick and treated him like a son (having him in his own home playing games with his kids etc). This hurt Arthur Blank as an individual, not just as the team’s owner.

Weren't there for Vick....hmmmm how do you stand by someone who constantly lies to you. He lied over and over again when questioned about what he did. Let's not forget the time he was stopped in Miami airport with a plastic bottle with hidden bottom that had marijuana residue. How about the time he missed a flight to NY to an AirTran public relations program and lied about the reason he missed the flight.

I am ok with Mike Vick getting a second chance, but to say the Falcons did not support him is "idiotic". The Eagles had nothing to lose, at that point in Mike’s life and the Eagles life. C'mon Dan Reeves; I had a lot of respect for you before this dumb statement. You have NO idea what the Falcons went through, and I don't think they needed your permission.

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 10:34 am

Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

A lot of people were very offended by what Vick did.  Of course people are going to turn their backs on him.  

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Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

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Reeves says Falcons weren't there for Vick

Falcons weren't there for Vick? Vick lied right to the face of the owner when asked about the charges. You think Arthur Blank would have been stupid enough to let Vick risk the next several years of his life because VICK thought none of his HOMIES would roll on him? Blank was trying to lawyer him up. Vick was as dumb as dumb could be and didn't allow the owner to do damage control. After that....VICK got what he got. A real piece of sh#$%T.

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