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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

Posted on: September 19, 2011 10:49 pm
Tim Tebow, NFL wide receiver? (US PRESSWIRE)
Posted by Ryan Wilson

First, the dark cloud: Broncos wide receiver Eddie Royal left Sunday's game against the Bengals with a groin injury that will keep him out at least two weeks. Tight end Julius Thomas also had to call it a day after suffering a high ankle sprain (he's also expected to miss two weeks.)

Now, the silver lining: because of the lack of depth at wide receiver (Denver only dressed three WRs), third-string quarterback Tim Tebow got some snaps at the position against the Bengals.

"[Head coach John] Fox said the team will not go into another game with only three active wide receivers, as it did Sunday," the Denver Post's Lindsay Jones wrote Monday. "After Royal and Thomas were injured, the team brought in backup quarterback Tim Tebow when it ran three receiver sets. Tebow was in the game for three snaps, but was not targeted with a pass. Fox said Tebow graded at '100 percent' in his limited assignments.

But don't get too excited, hardcore Tebow supporters. Fox wants you to know extenuating circumstances forced him to use his backup quarterback as a wideout.

"Let me make this totally clear," he said. "He is a pass-catcher. He did that just as an emergency situation."

Despite weekly pleas from fans to see Tebow take over for Kyle Orton, it ain't happening, at least not anytime soon. Former Broncos tight end and CBS NFL analyst, Shannon Sharpe, spoke about Tebow's prospects before Sunday's game.

"There might come a time at some point in time during the season that (Tebow might get a chance to play quarterback). Talking to John Elway and John Fox, I don't see that happening any time soon. I think he might be able to be successful but you'd have to scrap your entire offense to make this guy successful. Then what happens, if he gets nicked and somebody else has to come in because you have nobody else on this team with his skill set.

"Everyone talks about his intangibles, his big heart, his desire to win, he won the Heisman. Arguably, one of the five or six greatest college players to ever play the game. But what about accuracy? That's an intangible you must have to be successful at any level to play quarterback, especially in the National Football League. I just don't see how this guy can be successful consistently when he can't throw the football accurately."

But in terms of route running, Tebow is as precise as they come. Look no further than him grading out at 100 percent. Which makes us think he should've been a tight end all along. (That's a joke. We think.)

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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

Th other reason is what people see as preaching, Tebow has constantly referred to God in one interview after another.  

Funny, I hear interviews with great players after they finish games and they do the same thing; no one seems to have a problem with them.  I think it has a little more to do with talent than it does "sharing beliefs."  And I think people want to hear from good players, (no matter what they have to say), and not marginal players who claim greatness is on their side.

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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

"Let me make this totally clear," he said. "He is a pass-catcher." 

Well, I guess it's totally clear that Tebow WILL be a wide-out from now on.  Or maybe it's totally clear that CBS has no editing of which to speak.

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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

Football almost more than any sport individuals have to rely on others for there success weather its Receiver&QB relationship RBQB&Offensive line Offensive&Defensive Units relationship special teams for field position even down to the Kicker. So the point is SuperBowl appearances rely on so many components not just how well a QB performs so this Eli and Vick who went to the Superbowl conversation is erelavant. Football is all based on making plays and its about who can make a play when the gameplan breaks down who can make something outta nothing and Vick seems to be that QB weather with his arm or his ability to create plays outside the pocket  which defy's logic at times. Eli is a good QB subpar at times when faced with pressure and this season is gonna be tough for him with all the injurys so this year will be his opportunity to produce with less virtually make something outta nothing.

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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

Nothing makes sense when it comes to popularity or bashing these days. People bash Eli Manning and Praise Mike vick when manning won a super bowl against the undefeated Patriots and Vick is injured now and hasn't even sniffed a SB appearance.  Tebow may or may not be any good but it doesn't really matter because he is not playing.  The same douches that bash Tebow praise Vick . Truth is it is a non issue since he is not starting so who cares.  Oh yeah what about all the people bashing Romo when he played AND WON with a punctered lung and fractured rib!!!!!Too much talk these days just play the game .

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Win The Crowd

You gotta give them what they want and it apperars that many Bronco fans want Tebow. Lets be honest this team is going to have a difficult time making the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl. So why not build up some good will with the fans and earn a little money for the franchise by playing the kid. If he plays well great and if not, then you have answered the questions and can move on without this hanging over your shoulder.

"I was the best because the crowd loved me"
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Fox says Tebow is a quarterback not a wideout

The Tebow bashing seems to continue no matter what he does or what the coaches say. I wondering why that is, I don't think he has done anything to anyone or team to be hated as much as he seem to be by the so called experts.

Just wondering.

Stop wondering.  I can tell you right now why the Tim Tebow "bashing" continues and isn't likely to stop anytime soon.  First of all, when a quarterback is drafted so much higher then almost anybody on the planet predicted, the bashing will begin and will end if and only if that quarterback starts in the NFL and proves everybody wrong.  You might not think what analysts think before a draft matters and might not believe mock drafts matter but they do.  There wasn't many if any respected analysts or scouts that had Tebow going as high as he did. I don't remember even ONE scout interviewed off the record anonymously that had good things to say about that selection.  So there is one reason people are bashing the guy.... 

The other reason is what people see as preaching, Tebow has constantly referred to God in one interview after another.  Not everybody in this world shares his beliefs so that gets a little old as well.  Do I believe in God? Yes.  Do I have a problem with anything Tebow says? Absolutely not.  People can say anything they want, I'm not influenced either way by other people's opinions or beliefs.  But a lot of people that don't share his beliefs have started tuning him out,,,, and the result that comes from that is the bashing you speak of.

Furthermore I can't remember the last time a qb with a weird throwing motion and called inaccurate in his passing by scouts north american wide was drafted that high.  Yeah, he can run but unless your name is Michael Vick it's tough to make the NFL as a running quarterback. 

You'll probably say that none of the above is Tebow's fault, and you're right, it isn't.   But don't shed too many tears for Tebow, the guy is now officially a very rich man.   Just this year alone on top of his 1.6 million dollar salary he received another 6.2 million on September 2nd as an option bonus totalling 7.8 million for this season alone.   Not to mention about a year ago about 1500 people showed up in Palm Beach to pay Tebow's asking price of 150 dollars per autograph, and anybody that wanted a picture with that gladly paid another 75 dollars per picture.  Just the autograph portion would have made Tebown 240 thousand dollars let alone whatever he made taking pictures with people.   So what I"m saying is I think Tebow will be fine.... I'm sure he can take the bashing without any trouble at all. 

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