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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

Posted on: September 20, 2011 5:36 pm
Edited on: September 20, 2011 6:13 pm
Jones and RomoPosted by Josh Katzowitz

It was an obvious thought, but when Jerry Jones talked to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas today, he said it was clear the Cowboys needed a win vs. the 49ers on Sunday.

Even if Dallas had to make a furious comeback and take the game to overtime before Eye on Football special teams award victor Dan Bailey won the game with a 19-yard field goal, the Cowboys needed any kind of win. 

And perhaps the biggest reason for that is Tony Romo -- the kind of man who apparently can play through a freakin’ punctured lung. Jones was quick to acknowledge that what Romo accomplished last Sunday could set the tone for the rest of the season (you’ll recall that last week Jones said Romo’s Week 1 performance was one of the best he’d seen from Romo).

“It was pretty obvious the pain he was in to everybody,” Jones said, via “It’s pretty obvious the seriousness of the injury and the limitation of the injury. But for him to take it at that moment … we all know what momentum does, we all know what mood is, and as a situation in the game we were really down and he let that inspire him. Not only his competitiveness but he just took it when we were down. It’s another thing to do it when things were not quite as dire. The fact that he was hurting, it was dire, he came in, will be one we can point to and build to. These things have a way of really being pointed to after a season, or after you’ve had the results of a season. But if we have the kind of results we all hope to have we’ll point back to this and say this was a tidewater time for the team.”

Jones also said he knew Romo’s injuries -- which we originally thought was just* a couple of fractured ribs -- were bad immediately.

*The word “just” here is relative, of course. Playing with fractured ribs, I imagine, is awfully painful and stud-worthy.

“We saw him move with discomfort right after he got hit,” Jones said. “We have a phone that we use from our vantage point in the stadium and we call down there and told our guys, not the coaches, but told our guys that were there, said check Tony out. What are they saying about Tony? He didn’t give them an indication there early on, but you could see a little bit of discomfort in the way he was moving around. It was a series or two before anybody really realized that he had had some discomfort there. If you really look back and look at it you’ll see him get up a little awkwardly.”

Still no word on when Romo will be ready to return to the field, though Jones did say, "We’ll just have to see how it goes. It has everything to do with his ability to handle pain. We know he’s got a bunch of it so we’ll see how it goes."

Romo obviously showed last week that he's got a pretty high tolerance of pain. But in the meantime, his Eye on Football offensive player of the week award -- and Jones' kind words -- should help him cope with the pain.

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

Byron Leftwich anyone?

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

Knowing what I do (?) about Romo's ability to ignore pain, is it safe to start him? I got that "it has to do with his ability to handle pain and he has a bunch of it. Pain or ability? I'm torn between his ability and his pain. Willie Davis played O-line with a broken leg, Willis Reed with the knee and the annals of sport history is full of stories that impress with the will and spirit of the human body. That was impressive but will he be smart and allow his body to heal and the back up play or get stupid and lie about his condition? Maybe I'll look for an alternate at QB.

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

He may have thought it was his Willis Reed moment, but it doesn't come close. 

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

Not quite sure if you can compare walt clydes game 7 performance in the finals, but it was amazing. were in week 2 people, if he does this in playoffs, thats a different story, but were in week 2 of the regular season. try again.

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

I clicked on this article after reading the headline on CBS's home page, ""

I wanted to see if the author was goofy enough to make the same mistake. Unless 'Clyde' had a similar moment that I am forgetting about, the CLASSIC MOMENT in the history of sports when an injured player entered a game and made a huge difference was WILLIS REED, who happens to have been Frazier's team mate on the Knicks!!!

Doesn't anyone double check facts before assigning headlines???

I am in need of a new opportunity, CBS. And I won't break the bank. Please hire me as your proof reader/blog editor!!!!! 

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

I dont get the people who say romo sucks.. i mean what is an avg or good qb if romo sucks? and if romo sucks whats bellow sucks? my guess is the people who toss around the word sucks for players also proclaims other players great when they arent.... Anyway Walt was in the playoffs so how can it really compare however walt didnt do much right? it really just sparked the knicks... while Romo won the game..... it was good for 2011 cowboys and romo will this make the cowboys a playoff team or flip a switch in romo? i dont know TBD

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Jones: Romo's performance could set tone

Romo sux and hes made of glass im surprized Jones has not delt with this yet they do better with a old never was qb and produce more time to cut your loses and get a dif qb

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