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Eye on Football NFL experts chat: LIVE!

Posted on: September 21, 2011 11:45 am
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Posted by Will Brinson

It's Wednesday, which means we're in the, ahem, neutral zone when it comes to the NFL week. We're far enough removed from Monday night and too far away from Sunday to really feel comfortable without our football, so we're firing up a live chat at 1 p.m. ET Wednesday with experts Pete Prisco, Clark Judge, Mike Freeman, Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson.

Want to know if Michael Vick will play? Can Tony Romo get on the field with a punctured lung? Why are the Giants such fakers? What's the deal with the Chiefs? Are the Bills for real?

All those questions, plus whatever else you want to ask, answered live below, starting at 1.

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Eye on Football NFL experts chat: LIVE!

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Eye on Football NFL experts chat: LIVE!

Uhh, Matt Cassel IS the problem in KC.  His completion % has always been terrible.  His arm is weak, he can't go through his reads quick enough, which leads to him holding the ball too long and then gets sacked....or if thrown, it's a horribly inaccurate throw that either causes the WR to stop and come back for the ball (either under thrown or thrown behind the WR), or it's just picked off by the other team.

Pioli brought Cassel to KC, thinking he pulled another Tom Brady out of his @$$.  That was a 100% Scott Pioli move (So I guess the blame should be on him - however blame the QB play on Cassel).  You can't say that Haley coming in wanted to trade a 2nd rd pick to NE for Cassel, when there were other options.  Pioli told Haley that he was going to be your QB, deal with it.  Haley, not having any head coaching credintials in the NFL, saw this as an opportunity to get a head coaching job, and was seen as nothing more than a "yes sir" type coach to the GM.

When Charlie Weis came in, the VERY first thing he said he had to do was "fix" the QB situation, which it seemed like he did a good job of least he made Cassel look like a legitmate starter.  There was a reason why we ran the ball so much.  KC has a QB that can't drive the offense down the field and rely on his arm.  He's nothing more than a game managing backup in this league, and for a reason.  Losing Weis was a HUGE loss, and I am not sure whether it was Haley that ran him out or if he really wanted to take the Florida OC Cassel has come back down to earth, back to his old self.

I've always said that the Chiefs will go as far as Cassel will take them.  Injuries will hurt the Chiefs this season and into next no doubt, but this is Cassel's third season under Haley's system, and he's degressed.  It was stupid to give him a long term deal right from the get go without really doing anything.  Yeah he lead NE to a 10-5 (maybe 11-5 I can't remember) record with a very good Oline, and quite possibly the best WR duo in the NFL at the time in Moss and Welker....and he STILL topped the league in QB sacks.  The guy's pocket awareness is just terrible.....Pioli will not admit he was wrong, the best college QB to come out in years is sitting at the top of the draft boards, it's time KC cuts it's ties (I'm sure someone would trade for MC - early 2nd day pick, maybe better) and drafts a true legit franchise starting QB.  It's time to "Suck for Luck".

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