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Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

Posted on: September 21, 2011 8:05 pm
FortePosted by Josh Katzowitz

As’s Ryan Wilson pointed out in this week’s version of Coach Killers, Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s play-calling was slightly off-balance last week. In that of the Bears' 63 plays run on offense, Chicago compiled 52 pass plays.

But that percentage, which coach Lovie Smith has dissected and has claimed will move closer to 50-50 this Sunday, might not only get Smith fired (or, more likely, Martz). Apparently, it’s also indirectly inflamed Matt Forte, who has 324 total yards through the first two games (that ranks him second in the league behind Carolina’s Steve Smith).

Forte told reporters, via CSN Chicago, that he believes that the Bears think he is not an elite player, and that’s why he hasn’t received the long-term contract he feels he deserves. And while we assume Forte is talking about Bears general manager Jerry Angelo, he could also be mentioning Martz and his desire not to run the ball.

"I'd like to get paid off of the production," Forte said. "When you look at the production and what level that's on and you look at some of the guys who are producing and what they get paid, it's not that hard."

Detractors, I suppose, could point to Forte’s 117 total rushing yards, which ranks him 17th in the league, and claim that Forte isn’t running the ball effectively. But his total offensive production would make that claim dubious.

Forte -- who will make $600,000 in the last year of his current deal -- has made it known for quite some time that he wants more money, and in the offseason, it seemed like the two sides were closing in on a new deal. In fact, Forte even said, “I think we're going about it the right way.”

Forte obviously doesn’t feel that way anymore.

I’m not saying Martz is the one to blame here, but perhaps Forte is correct: maybe the Bears don’t believe he’s the player that he believes that he is. Either that, or he’s saying that to put pressure on Chicago to come to a deal.

Either way, Forte is not a happy man, but for now, there doesn’t appear to be much he can do about it.

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Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

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Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

I agree Forte needs paid but as a Vikings fan i hope the bears muck this up and he ends up elsewhere.  His rushing yards are low because of the lack of attempts but he makes up for it with receiving ability.

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 3:57 pm

Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

See if you find a better all-purpose back in this league right now, Bears fans. 

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Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

He's not elite.  There is only one elite NFL RB and that is Adrian Peterson.  Better hope Forte doesn't get paid and roll over like Chris Johnson has so far for my Titans.

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 12:46 pm

Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

Matt Forte needs to get paid.  He did the right thing, came to camp, played in preseason games, and supported his teammates and has not been rewarded with a new contract.  Chris Johnson did everything wrong, he held out, did not play in preseason games, and was a non team player.  Look how things are playing out now.  Matt Forte is playing some good football, and Chris Johnson is looking like an overpaid bum right now.  The Bears need to pay the man who did right by his team.  

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 12:41 pm

Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

I hate to say this, but Forte is such the focal point of this offense,that I actually feel Forte due to the overload will be injured by week 6.

The Bears organization have no excuse for the constant lack of No.1 WRs in the past 2 decades, and a horrid "Offensive" line. The orginization is very cheap and hypecritical.

As a long time Bears fan I have witnessed Angelo, pick after pick, decision after decision, obviously fail. It absolutely surprises me that he hasnt been canned by now. Hes cost the TEAM money and has relied on the defense to bail him out for quite a few years.

Not hiring Kreutz over 400,000 difference for a 1 year deal???? No loyalty payout? You can see how that panned out for us on the line. Spencer is a bust. Really?

Its painfully obvious Martz is going to get Cutler killed if Lovie doesnt reel him in....11 run plays last game...Sweetness is rollin over in his grave. The McCaskeys should be ashamed.

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 12:36 pm

Forte thinks Bears believe he's not elite

We grabbed Chester Taylor from those folks up north (not that it worked out well).  Now I worry that those same folks will come in a scoop up Forte.  As potent as they are on offense, just how good would they be with Forte in the backfield.

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