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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

Posted on: September 26, 2011 5:45 pm
BensonPosted by Josh Katzowitz

Though the Bengals had lost a brutally-bad 13-8 game* to the 49ers on Sunday, the scribes found time to ask running back Cedric Benson about his appeal of his three-game suspension and about the fact he’s disgusted that that NFLPA supposedly agreed to allow the league to suspend eight players for activities that occurred during the lockout.

*Not surprisingly,’s Gregg Doyel was unimpressed with the performance of both teams.

Benson told reporters (via the Cincinnati Enquirer), “There were some things in the CBA that we were not made aware of, which is really no surprise. That kind of falls on the PA. You would think they’re here to support you and have your back, that’s what a union does. I guess, in my case, it’s different.”

It does seem odd that Roger Goodell would choose to suspend Benson and leave alone Kenny Britt and Aqib Talib -- even though all three are multiple-time league policy offenders. And it is very odd that the NFLPA would feel the need to sacrifice eight players in order to make nice with the league. The NFLPA, though, still denies there has been any kind of agreement.

Left tackle Andrew Whitworth, the Bengals player representative, spoke on the matter today, and he came down on the side of his teammate.

 "The union let those eight guys down,” Whitworth said, via Rapid Reporter Paul Dehner. “I don’t feel like that was fair. To me, if I was told that was a make or break, I would've said that’s a make or break deal that we were going to sell out eight guys to have an agreement."

Like Benson, Whitworth said he wasn’t aware of the union’s decision to allow those eight players (all of whom have at least two league policy offenses) to (possibly) be punished while the 16 first-time offenders get off without any punishment at all.

Meanwhile, we all sit here and wait for the NFLPA’s response, because you’d think at some point they will have to disclose its reasons for making this agreement (assuming, of course, that it did make an agreement).  And while the union might have a perfectly good explanation why it would allow this kind of covenant, I imagine the players the NFLPA represents will feel like DeMaurice Smith sold them out.

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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

You know, he's on my fantasy team, too, but I would gladly cut him if it would help win his argument. He may not be up for sainthood any time soon, but this pathological desire for Goodell to punish people is getting ridiculous. You want to lock out players? They are gone. Relax, tough guy, you should be relieved that you don't have 1,500 players to rule over for every bit of behavior on or off the field. And if the Union was apart of it, I hope they lose big-time as well. This is a scary story that is far more important than mere fantasy games (as almost all stories are beyond the simple games and stats themselves).

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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

The appeal hearing is today I believe. I have Benson on my FF team, but also believe that is not fair to hold someone to that policy when there was no league agreement, and also the guy was a free agent at the time. If they suspended Britt and Talib then fine, but Benson is the odd man out.

Whatever it is, I want a decision soon so I can know if I need to keep or drop Bernard Scott. Holding up valuable roster space.

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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

I realize it acceptable internet protocol to be a complete @ss concerning others issues, but this has nothing to do with the Bengals or Ced Benson.  This story has more to do with blatently unfair punishments handed down by a league that had locked out players, a player that was not under contract to any team at the time of the offense, and a union giving up players that it was their responsibility to defend.  

Whatever you opinion of the player involved, or the crappy team he plays for, it is an unconscionable decision on both parties.  

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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

Nobody cares about hte Bengals, nobody cares about 3.8yd average, and all this baggage - I'm surprised he's still in the league

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Whitworth backs Benson on NFLPA issue

After a while and repeated offenses, when is it just you Cedric!  Man, grow up dude!

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