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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

Posted on: September 27, 2011 12:12 am
Edited on: September 27, 2011 9:59 am
Posted by Will Brinson

There's really no reason why the Cowboys were able to beat Washington 18-16 on Monday night. OK, there is one reason: Tony Romo, who simply refused to lose for the second-straight week, despite dealing with a serious injury and protective padding.

It was pretty obvious that Romo was still dealing with a substantial amount of pain with his ribs and lung, and he admitted as much afterwards.

"It was a little hard because you took some shots," Romo said after the game about dealing with the pain. "I thought the shot would work but it wore off a little bit. The guys battled hard, it was a hard, hard game."

What was surprising was that the Redskins didn't seem capable of figuring out Dallas pretty obvious gameplan, which featured a pile of short passes, a decent dose of Felix Jones, a bad red-zone plan that resulted in six Cowboys field goals, and an inability to get center Phil Costa on the same page as his quarterback.

The final item should have done Dallas in on Monday -- Costa posted three fumbles from the center position and probably should have been credited with more, as he hit Romo with more bad snaps than number of times Dan Bailey put the ball through the uprights. No, literally. He might have had double-digit snaps misfired Romo's way, as the Redskins apparently knew how to throw him off.

Week 3 Recap

"Costa said [the Redskins] kept calling out the [snap] cadence so we'll get it fixed," Romo said. "Can't have that happen."

No, you can't. A better-prepared team doesn't put themselves in that spot, but if Washington had brought its A-game, they would have closed out the Cowboys and wouldn't have let a third-and-21 from Romo to Dez Bryant with just over two minutes remaining result in Bailey's sixth field gaol and a final lead.

Instead, Rex Grossman pulled off the Jekyll and Hyde act we've come to know from him over the course of his career.

"You either find a way to win or you don't," Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said after the game.

The Redskins couldn't find a way to win and the Cowboys somehow managed to overcome a terrible set of circumstances -- bad wide receiver routes, Phil Costa, Phil Costa, bad wide receiver routes and Phil Costa -- to emerge victorious for the second time this season.

"This isn't about one person or two people," Romo said. "This is a team effort."

That's a nice thing to say, but it's not exactly true. The win on Monday was a result of Romo stepping up in the face of injury without any help from his teammates, managed to survive a Redskins defense that was prepared to literally assault his body with an intention of doing physical harm and made plays when he needed to give the Cowboys a win.

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo



An unbiased observer who calls it like it is.  Rare on these boards.  Nice post.     

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'Team effort'? Cowboys win all about Tony Romo

I can always side with a guy that plays through injury and shows some heart, but why is Romo getting banged up so much?  Is Dallas's O-Line that bad?  Or just the playcalling?  Or can't Romo read the defense and make quick enough decisions?  I don't know because I could care less about Dallas but seems to me protecting this guy should be priority #1.

As for the homer who believes no other team would have won that game under those circumstances....I say this.  No, the Bills wouldn't have barely won, they about steamrolled the Skins about 42-10.  You'll find that out soon enough.  Ask yourself if either one of your hometown heroes would have even made a game against the Pats.  LET'S GO BUFFALO!

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