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Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

Posted on: September 27, 2011 4:22 pm
GleasonPosted by Josh Katzowitz

The other day we told you about the story, written by the New Orleans Times Picayune that revealed that former Saints standout special teams player Steve Gleason had been diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, at the age of 34.

While the nasty disease has no known cure and Gleason eventually will lose all control of his body movement, he’s remained optimistic while raising funds and awareness for the malady. The TP story -- and Gleason’s admission -- was cited by the Saints in their comeback victory against the Texans, and evidently, the story touched the city of New Orleans.

That was evident Monday night when the Saints presented Gleason with a Super Bowl XLIV ring and city mayor Mitch Landrieu also gave Gleason a key to the city during a private party, according to the Times Picayune.

"At the beginning of the game, I never knew if we were going to win or lose, but I was always for certain that I was going to walk out of there with my head held high because I got ready, I had the right people around me, and I was going to give it everything I had," Gleason said during a six-minute speech. "It's the same now. We're going to give it everything we've got. I have a calming sense of certainty that we're going to win this thing."

Said Scott Fujita, who attended the event: “This isn't about Steve having ALS. This is about Steve and his contribution to the 2009 team and the championship. He deserved it."

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Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

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Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

vikings fan here.

vikings should have won that game, yes. But they didnt, the saints did. it's our own fault our line didnt block for favre, we had 12 men in the huddle, and we have only favre to blame for the game ending interception. the saints played a hell of a game. NO MORE EXCUSES.

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Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

Gleason -- a Coug -- deserved a ring. End of story. He has a long battle ahead of him, Saints fans and Steve's Cougar family will be there to support him along the way. He is a beloved athlete among both crowds.

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Posted on: September 28, 2011 2:50 pm

Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

but a superbowl ring ?

I can name that tune in five notes........Sniffle...Whaaaa whaa whaaaaa..sniffle........mmm Jim, that would be the Vikings 2009 NFCCG theme song.  You are correct!

<------Donkey****, I have a AV just for you and your crybaby brethren.

Is it that the Vikings will never, ever have one..yes?
The Vikings have been going straight downhill ever since.  Time to turn the page of your calendar..its Fall of 2011.  Welcome back to reality.

Why in the hell does it matter to you what they gave him..honestly, why do you care? 

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Posted on: September 28, 2011 2:12 pm

Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

Great story about Gleason, and great act by the Saints.  Being a Minnesotan, I'm ashamed of some of the things some of the 'fans' have posted in this thread.  The game was between 2 fairly matched "on top of their games" teams, but the Vikes fell apart (again) and gave the game away when they had a chance to close it out, and couldn't recover, plain and simple.  I will say the Saints were willing to trade penalties/yardage to try and physically destroy Favre and get him out of the game, and while not very approving of this tactic, it worked effectively.  Kent Hrbek's (of the Minnesota Twins) father passed away from ALS and he has been very active in the community (he was born and raised in the Twin Cities) in fighting this horrific disease as well.  So, kudos to Steve for being open and upfront about this disease in hopes of raising awareness/funds, as I'm sure it would be much easier to walk away and keep your private life private.

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Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

brett favre threw the game away with that int, end of story. QB led them to nfc champ game, and he lost the game for them as well. last decent game of his career.

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Posted on: September 28, 2011 11:39 am

Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city

Refs don't hand games to teams. Regardless of how much the refs could've helped, if the Saints didn't make plays to put themselves in the position to capitalize on the penalties, they would've lost regardless. Minnesota was never beating Indy in the championship. Haters gon hate, grow up and enjoy the crappy Vikings this year.

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Posted on: September 28, 2011 11:13 am

Gleason given Super bowl ring, key to city


The NFL DID NOT APOLOGIZE for bad calls in the 2010 NFC Championship.  There were articles about NFL SHOULD apologize for how many hits brett favre took.  There was never an official apology so DO NOT claim that there was.

Here is one of those articles.



This article does not mention anything about how the "vikings should have won" either.  Where you get that from presumably is from your own reasoning, but who cares?  

Like i posted a moment ago, the penalties on their face did not favor the Saints.  The Saints did in fact get penalized twice for roughing the passer.  Your issue is with this penalty, yet it did actually get called.  Understand that this penalty is a judgment call, and the times they did not call it, this was based on how they saw it.  It is all about timing.  This is not like an offsides penalty or holding which is more discernable at first glance, it is a JUDGMENT CALL.  

Referees in fact have apologized when they have gotten calls wrong in games (


tml).   In the game at question though, they DID not.  So stop claiming they did.  Listen to your own advise, and watch the game. You will see that it was more of the Vikings over and over again shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers than any other reason.  The Saints were opportunistic with these mistakes.

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