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Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

Posted on: September 29, 2011 3:32 pm
Jim Caldwell defended himself against J. Tryon's assertion that Caldwell had no say on if Tryon would start (US Presswire).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

After the Colts released him, cornerback Justin Tryon touched off a mini-controversy when he insinuated that coach Jim Caldwell isn’t the one who decides who will start and who won’t.

Wrote Tryon on his Twitter account on Wednesday: “I thank the Colts die hard fans for the love they're showing me! I'M A STARTER yes.. Caldwell wanted to start me but it wasn't up to him!”

Obviously, there are all kinds of problems if what Tryon wrote is true. No. 1: if the players are well aware that Caldwell isn’t the man in charge of gameday decisions, why would they treat him with any respect whatsoever? No. 2: it gives credence to the somewhat-joking assertion that Peyton Manning is the one who truly runs the team while Caldwell sits in the passenger seat and goes along for the ride.

Thus, Caldwell felt compelled Thursday to dispute Tryon’s comment in front of the Indianapolis media.

“Well, probably without being boastful or seeming as if that I’m reacting to that particular statement, but I can just tell you that if I wanted him to start, he would have started,” Caldwell said, via the Indianapolis Star. “If I wanted him to here, he’d still be here, plain and simple. I’m not going to carry on a back-and-forth, you know, because the young man did a good job for us while he was here and I hope he’s able to land with someone else.”

So, why would Tryon -- who started six games last season but had fallen down the depth chart this season -- write it, then?

“I cannot go into the minds of other individuals and tell you that. I know one thing, and I think some of you could probably attest to, I’m pretty direct and I usually don’t have very many people that misunderstand me,” Caldwell said.

While Caldwell thinks he has control of the team -- and I’m not saying he doesn’t right now -- wait what happens if the team is 1-9 or 2-8 in two months. Then, we’ll see how much pull Caldwell has in that organization.

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Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

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Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

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Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

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Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

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Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

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Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

quit cryin' Justin Cryon, if you were all of that you would be on the team.  All you had to do was thank the team for the opportunity to play for the organization.  WHy throw yuor coach under bus saying that he is not the coach or decision maker on the team. you as a black man should know that yuor remarks will lead to a question if black head coaches really make the decision or are they just a figure head.  how many teams does this make now....

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 12:25 pm

Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

What do people expect? Without Manning the Colts have about as much or maybe even less talent than the Denver Broncos. The Colts struggles right now are not a refection on Caldwell...they are a reflextion on just how good a QB Peyton Manning is when healthy. He's carried that team for years and turned mediocre teams into title contenders. If the Colts FO did a decent job Manning could have 5 SB rings by now.

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 11:31 am

Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

I am not a member of the Colts organization so I can't judge who makes the decisions, but what I can say is that Tryon was their most talented corner. He played well late last season, so I am a bit surprised to see him cut.

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 9:43 am

Caldwell defends himself former player's tweet

I think the next head coach is in the wings and waiting. I think they gave him a game day consultant replay job...Jim Tressel! The Colts saw something in Tress that others didn't see, and it wasn't his replay skills. I don't think the guy challenged more than 3 plays in his entire career @ tOSU. In the NFL he won't have to try and hide the fact that he's playing his players, the already get a paycheck after the games. I'm just sayin....

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