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Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

Posted on: October 4, 2011 2:08 pm
David Garrard and Jake Delhomme aren't interested in playing for the Dolphins...yet. (Getty Images)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

If you were wondering how things could get worse for the 0-4 Dolphins, here ya go: quarterback Chad Henne, the fans' preseason punching bag who has played surprisingly well through three weeks, might be on the shelf for awhile. He left Sunday's game against the Chargers with an injury to his non-throwing shoulder and now the organization fears it could be a separation, a source tells's Jeff Darlington.

"Henne has made it clear he'd like to play through the pain of the injury, but word out of the team's facility is that it might not be as simple as that," Darlington wrote Tuesday. "[A] second opinion is being sought to confirm the team's original findings, which the source did not yet want to elaborate on."

For now, head coach Tony Sparano's fate rests with backup Matt Moore, who the Dolphins pulled off the quarterback scrap heap prior to the season. Moore was in Carolina last year, and while he was serviceable as Henne's replacement Sunday, he's not the long-term answer.

Which is why the Dolphins are looking for a capable backup. The problem: none seem interested in coming to Miami.'s Jason La Canfora tweets that "Miami made unsuccessful attempts (at least for now) to sign David Garrard and Jake Delhomme this week, with Chad Henne ailing. Still lookin'."

While that's embarrassing (for the time being, anyway), the reality is that neither Garrard nor Delhomme was going to save the Dolphins' season. Partly because they've been out of the league for all of 2011, but also because they don't know Miami's offense. And if your response to that is to say, "but Garrard/Delhomme can get a crash course during the bye week," then that should tell you all you need to know about the current state of things in South Beach.

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Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

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Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

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Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

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Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

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Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

Miami should look north to Philadelphia. They have Vick, Young and Kafka, and they started Kafka vs the Falcons when Vick went down.  I'm sure the Eagles would part with Young if the price was right, and Young might actually do well in Miami.

Note to both Ireland and something. Moore is not the answer!

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Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

...and by the way, at 0-4, the Dolphins might just realistically start to think about how they're "Luck" will turn out in April.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 3:59 pm

Single Decision In The Past Still Haunts The FIsh

Every time I read about the problems the Dolphins have had and are having at the Quarterback position, I still think of a single decision made years ago by one-time NFL coach Nick Saban.  He may be a great College Coach, but he is by no means an NFL Coach and his decision to sign Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees still enrages me.  Some may cite Brees's injured right shoulder for Saban's rejection of the Pro-Bowll QB, but he also knew that Culpepper had an injured right knee.  In those circumstances, and any loyal Miami fan will tell you, Saban ought to have taken the chance on Brees if he was to take a chance on anyone at all.  Miami had the opportunity to take a QB who would have made everyone around him better, but Saban, in his wisdom, choked on that one.  Miami hasn't had a decent QB since Marino retired and I think it's high time they start looking at that position a the Draft and possibly in trades.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:47 pm

Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

Its all Lebron's fault.  Chad Henne was doomed as soon as Lebron signed in South Beach.  I am not sure how to make even an illogical case for that, but he seems to get blamed for everything else that is wrong with sports.  He must have done something.  The Dolphins should sign James, then FIRE HIM for leaving Cleveland?  Okay, I admit it, I am suffering from NBA-withdrawal.  I will try to control typing-spasms of this nature in the future. 

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 11:04 am

Report: Henne could have separated shoulder

'(David Garrard) got beat out by (Luke) McCown for the starting gig in Jacksonville'

This wasn't really performance based.  It was almost certainly a cost-cutting edict from somewhere in the Jacksonville organization.    

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