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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

Posted on: October 5, 2011 7:30 pm
Edited on: October 5, 2011 11:39 pm
Apparently, there will be no Romo-Cooley cage match. (AP/US PRESSWIRE)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Somehow it wasn't entirely clear that Redskins tight end Chris Cooley was kidding when he said of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, "It's amazing -- amazing -- to watch him choke like that." Cooley was referring to Dallas' "Hey, let's get up 24 points on the Lions and see if we can lose" game plan, which worked to perfection.

Not helping matters: Cooley was just getting warmed up -- he also said that he wanted to square off against Romo in a cage fight. "For me to beat Tony? I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know what kind of cagefighting skills he has," Cooley said, according to the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg. "I would probably try to incorporate my wrestling ability, like when I was in high school. Obviously it’s been a while, but I didn’t like to beat people fast. I like to embarrass 'em a little bit. Like, take a 24-point lead, and then just play with it a little bit."

In a shocking development, Cooley's comedy shtick went over in Dallas about as well as a Romo pick-six … followed immediately by another one.

Cooley, to his credit, is taking the criticism in stride. Appearing on a podcast with's Jimmy Traina, he explained how his life has changed in the last 24 hours.

“It’s been actually pretty funny today,” Cooley told Traina, when asked if this thing is actual personal. “I’m getting murdered, MURDERED, by Cowboys fans, which is perfectly fine with me.

“No, there’s no personal thing with Tony Romo. I do a radio show with Chad Dukes and LaVar Arrington every Monday and we joke around and we have some fun, and they kind of ask me questions. People really are surprised when I just talk like a regular person, I guess. I mean, I’m a fan of the game and I’m a guy that cheers for the Redskins. Now, if you wanted me to go on a radio show and say everything politically correct and be boring, I mean, I have no problem doing that. I obviously have the ability to do that. But we just went on and had a little bit of fun.

“They said did I like watching him choke, and yeah, of course I liked watching him choke. An the biggest [criticism] was they beat us last week. Well, obviously. But I still enjoyed that the Cowboys lost [to the Lions]. I play for the Washington Redskins. I don’t see why anyone would think that I wouldn’t enjoy that.”

So there you have it. And you don't have to be a fan of the Redskins or Cooley to appreciate his sense of humor. Seriously, this is hysterical.

And, hey, it wasn't the most ridiculous thing to come out Washington this week. Tim Hightower predicted that the Redskins will be in the Super Bowl. This season.

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

that video is hysterical?

how's Cooley's career shape up to Witten's?

now that is hysterical...

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

Cooley's still in the NFL?

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Cooley: 'There's no personal thing with Romo'

you will never see another team talk smack and predict stuff but then never show up or match it on the field....hey cooley i dont like romo but he beat you without having to score a td....yeah STFU. not to mention cowboys had countless stars hurt or out that game, i mean if the skin put this much effort on the field like they do talk trash they would be playoff bound or nfc champs.

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