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Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

Posted on: October 8, 2011 4:06 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Last week, retired Packers legend Brett Favre said he was surprised that it took current Packers legend Aaron Rodgers "so long" to win a Super Bowl, because of all the talent on Green Bay's roster.

This did not go over well -- current teammates of Rodgers' lept to his defense, and most of the media chastised Favre for refusing to fade quietly away from the spotlight.

Favre, for his part, now says he's "surprised" at the reaction that his comments caused.

"Nothing, for the most part, surprises me anymore," Favre told USA Today's Jon Saraceno. "But I have to admit [the reaction to] this one surprised me."

This is somewhat understandable, given that Favre did have lots of nice things to say about Rodgers and the as-currently-constructed Packers roster.

"It is very [infrequent] when I do interviews," Favre said. "I was very gracious and complimentary of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers."

Again, this is true. However, Favre left the door open for criticism with the way he phrased his words. Had he said, "I knew that Rodgers would win one sooner or later," we wouldn't be talking about this.

But Favre didn't do that. He used the phrase "fell into a good situation" to describe where Rodgers ended up, which is the very definition of a backhanded compliment, especially when, to paraphrase Packers wideout Greg Jennings, Favre couldn't win a Super Bowl with the same roster.
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Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

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Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

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Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

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Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

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Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

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Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

Go away Bert, go away. The whole world is tired of you're narcisistic self-aggrandizing bull-crap. Bert was an above average QB who's greatest accomplishment was his durability. Good for him, now go away.

Since: Sep 28, 2006
Posted on: October 8, 2011 11:27 pm

Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

Sure Favre doesn't articulate his thoughts better than most, and sure things really ended up getting messy those last couple of years he played, but wannabe athletes or weekend softball players that bash a Hall of Fame QB for PLAYING the game the way it was supposed to be played really need to get a life or go fulfill something in your life that doesn't make you wind up being so bitter  .  So many of you bash dudes that you could only dream of having an ounce of God given ability and talent that they have and then post your drivvel like they really care what you have to say.  All i know is sure he drove us crazy with the way he played, but damn was he something to watch most of the time, and I see alot of Favre in Rodgers style of play but with better decision making.  Look how many Qb's get hurt in a given week, season and career and then think about how long he played with injuries, and crushing blows and hits week after week and then you try and do what he did and get up from that time and time again, now that's PASSION!  Alot of you wouldn't last one game let alone a season or career, and your'e bashing him? Get a real passion in life and then tell me how easy it is to let it go.  

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 11:12 pm

Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

I wonder how I could go about getting a job reporting what was said to another reporter.  I can't remember the last time this Will Brinson character actually conducted an interview himself or came up with an original story...

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 8:48 pm

Favre 'surprised' by reaction to Rodgers comments

Maybe Favre's comments about Rodgers were taken out of context - I believe they probably were.  But he needs to just shut up and move on with his life - mowing the back 40 or whatever he does.  He has completely trashed his legacy in Green Bay to the point where he probably can't even show up there without getting booed.  Too bad, he played the game like it is supposed to be played, at least in Green Bay, but nobody thinks about that anymore given what he's done and said the last few years.  He'll be alot better off out of the public eye - if he would just disappear for awhile. 

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