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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

Posted on: October 10, 2011 5:55 pm

Posted by Ryan Wilson

What started as a way to keep up with Tebow Mania through the preseason has now taken on a life of its own. That's right, Tim Tebow took the field in Week 5 against the Chargers, and not as an emergency wide receiver or wildcat specialist, but as a real live NFL quarterback. Broncos fans have been clamoring for this moment pretty much since the team drafted Tebow in April 2010 and now, thanks to hard work, perserverance, and some truly dreadful performances from incumbent Kyle Orton, the masses have gotten what they asked for. 

Stop...Tebow Time?

What happens next? Who knows. Head coach John Fox isn't yet naming a starter, and once you get past the "Tebow played?!" hysteria, there is no obvious choice for the job. Orton is, in general, a better player. But he's been uninspiring this season and he'll be a free agent in January. The same issues that plagued Tebow when he came into the league -- the long delivery, the inadequate arm strength, the inability to read defenses -- were still present and accounted for against the Chargers. 

But it's not like the Broncos' playoff hopes rest on this decision. Whoever ends up under center will be leading a team destined for another losing season. The only question is who would benefit most from the experience. Common sense says Tebow because he's younger, and the team's former top pick. The problem with that, though, is that Tebow has yet to prove he is, you know, a legit NFL quarterback. We suspect that, at this point, Broncos fans don't care. They just want change and Tebow is certainly that.

Whatever happens, we're just happy to reintroduce the Tebow Tracker, and idea originally born out of the football world's fascination with Tebow, even in games that didn't count. We figured that once the regular season began, the Tracker, like Tebow, would be shelved. Thankfully, Tebow is no quitter.

And neither are we. We'll chart every one of his regular-season snaps, the result, and what it all means going forward.  Let's get to it.

First up: a play-by-play breakdown of Tebow's Week 5 performance against the Chargers Sunday.

Week 5: San Diego Chargers
Situation Down/Distance Result
8:54 left in 3rd qtr     (Note: you can see the entire play-by-play log here.)
  1st & 10, DEN 31 Tebow handoff to McGahee left guard to DEN 36 for 5 yards  
  2nd & 5, DEN 36 Tebow handoff to McGahee right guard to DEN 33 for -3 yards  
  3rd & 8, DEN 28 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass short right to E.Decker to DEN 33 for no gain It's a short drop, Tebow looks left, his first option is covered, then looks right, throws the ball across the field for a play that had no chance of gaining two yards, much less eight. Upside: it was a completion. Downside: it went for no gain.
  4th & 8, DEN 28 PUNT  
3:56 left in 3rd qtr 1st & 10, DEN 7 Tebow handoff to McGahee right guard to DEN 10 for 3 yards  
  2nd & 7, DEN 10 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass incomplete deep left to B.Lloyd 3-step drop, Tebow eyes Lloyd running down the left sideline and throws to him in single-coverage. Lloyd almost comes down with the ball but was ruled out of bounds. Not a bad throw.
  3rd & 7, DEN 10 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass incomplete deep middle to E.Decker Short drop, can't find a receiver, scrambles left before launching a ball down the field just out of the reach of Decker near midfield. From the snap until the ball left his hand, seven seconds elapsed. In general, this is one of Tebow's problems. 
  4th & 7, DEN 10 PUNT  
13:35 left in 4th qtr 1st & 10, DEN 20 Tebow pass incomplete short left to D.Rosario Ugh. Play-action pass, Tebow short-hops Rosario on a sideline route that's 15 yards past the line of scrimmage. The ball travels 13 yards.
  2nd & 10, DEN 20 (From the shotgun) McGahee up the middle to DEN 32 for 12 yards  
  1st & 10, DEN 32 (From the shotgun) McGahee up the middle to DEN 33 for 1 yard
  2nd & 9, DEN 33 (From the shotgun)  Tebow scrambles up the middle to DEN 38 for 5 yards Another play-action pass, Tebow pulls the ball down early and runs. As was the case during preseason, he seems antsy in the pocket.
  3rd & 4, DEN 38 (From the shotgun)  Tebow pass incomplete short left to M.Willis Another example of Tebow holding the ball too long, disrupting the timing of the patterns, and eventually short-hopping his receiver.
  4th & 4, DEN 38 PUNT  
8:54 left in 4th qtr 1st & 10, DEN 49 McGahee left guard to SD 23 for 28 yards.  
  1st & 10, SD 23 Tebow scrambles left end pushed ob at SD 12 for 11 yards Play-action, Tebow takes off early up the middle, breaks two tackles before getting to the sidelines. Nice run. In what would become a recurring theme, Tebow struggled with the snap when under center.
  1st & 10, SD 12 Tebow up the middle to SD 12 for no gain  Another bobbled snap, Tebow was lucky to get back to the line of scrimmage.
  2nd & 10, DEN 12 (From the shotgun) Tebow left guard for 12 yards, TOUCHDOWN We've seen this play hundreds of times when Tebow was in college and yet the Chargers seemed completey surprised. 
4:38 left in the 4th qtr 1st & 10, SD 41 (From the shotgun) Tebow right tackle to SD 33 for 8 yards  Hey, if the Chargers couldn't stop it on the TD run, try it again, this time to the right. It workd. Again.
  2nd & 2, SD 33 Tebow handoff to McGahee up the middle to SD 28 for 5 yards  
  1st & 10, SD 28 (From the shotgun)  Tebow pass short right to K.Moreno for 28 yards, TOUCHDOWN Tebow takes a five-step drop, turns right and throws the ball five yards in the air. Moreno does the rest.
  2-pt. conversion (From the shotgun) Tebow pass to B.Lloyd is incomplete, conversion fails. SD finally plays the QB sneak, Tebow takes a few steps to his left and throws a nice pass to the back corner of the end zone but Lloyd is well-defended. 
 0:24 left in the 4th qtr 1st & 10, DEN 20 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass incomplete deep right to B.Lloyd. Play Challenged by Replay Assistant and REVERSED. (Shotgun) Tebow pass deep right to B.Lloyd ran ob at DEN 40 for 20 yards Easily Tebow's best completion of the day even if it required a great effort from Lloyd. Tebow stood tall in the pocket, delivered the ball between two defenders, and it ended up being a 20-yard gain.
  1st & 10, DEN 40 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass to D.Fells to SD 29 for 31 yards  With SD in their prevent, Tebow holds the ball for five seconds before finding Fells in the middle of the field with two seconds to go (after the Broncos rush to the line and Tebow spikes the ball for one more play...)
  2nd & 10, SD 29 (From the shotgun) Tebow pass incomplete deep right to M.Willis  Pretty sure this wasn't how the Broncos drew the play up. Tebow takes scrambling to a new level (see graphic below) before throwing the ball into the back of the end zone for an incompletion (though we wouldn't have been shocked if Willis came down with the ball).
    GAME OVER, SD 29 DEN 24  


Here's the route Tebow took on the last play of the game. It speaks for itself.

And for completeness, the moving-pictures proof of the same play.

Here's the CBS recap.

Philip Rivers overcame an interception and a fourth-quarter fumble to lead the San Diego Chargers to a 29-24 win over the Denver Broncos. CBS Sports' Marv Albert and Rich Gannon have the recap.

                                                   Action Shots

(click images to enlarge)

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

the comment sections for the plays in the charger game are so one sided they are just bizarre. saying he threw 13 yds on a 15 yd pattern to rosario when rosario could of made that catch and then simply saying he looked right and flipped the ball 5 yards and moreno did the rest on the TD. not mentioned he had to draw the defense in to make the screen effective. Everything tebow does well is either not mentioned or dismissed and every unsuccesful play is picked apart like a major failure. its laughable...

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 8:10 am

Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

One item I keep seeing pop up on the boards is that Knowshawn made a great play and I agree that he did, but give Tebow credit, at least he got the ball to Knowshawn. Orten couldn't!!

Since: Jan 31, 2011
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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

everytime theres tebow news. all i see is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

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Tracking Tebow: Week 5 vs. Chargers -- go time

I was watching the game on tv and never noticed the obvious PI until my brother who was at the game told me about it. Then saw it on the replay and it was horrible. I don't mind a no call if it were a true "hail mary", but they were at the 29yrd line!

I also agree with the other posts on here about how great Tebow is or how bad he is. But I do know this, as a Bronco fan you have to play him now. The season is going nowhere with Orton and they wont resign him, so you have to see how Tebow can do. And not judge him (good or bad) on one half of play.

BTW- I wanted to pull my eyes out in the first half watching Orton. Then found myself jumping up and down watching the Broncos drive down the field for an almost amazing comeback! He is an exciting player to watch!

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