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Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 6

Posted on: October 18, 2011 7:31 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Every week, our NFL experts will hand out the Eye on Football hardware to the best of the best from the NFL week that was.

Week 3 NFL Awards
Expert Offense Defense STeams Coach
Freeman  Rodgers  Revis  Hester Schwartz
Prisco   Gore Coleman  Hester  Morris
Brinson Bradshaw  Revis  Hester Schwartz
Katzowitz Bradhsaw Coleman  Hester  Zimmer
Wilson  Cutler Coleman  Hester Harbaugh

Week 6 was -- quite obviously -- all about the handshake. But there are other awards to get to as well. And the Eye on Offense Award was a hotly contested little battle here, but Ahmad Bradshaw, with 104 yards and three teeters in a Giants win, takes home the hardware.

On defense, things were a bit of a toss-up too, as Darrelle Revis' pick six garnered him plenty of support. But Kurt Coleman's three-pick game won the day. Although, yes, we are checking with the judges on whether or not Rex Grossman was eligible.

We're just going to go ahead and rename the Eye on Special Teams Award the Weekly Contest to Be Better Than Devin Hester.

And, as mentioned, coaching was a toss-up too, but Jim Harbaugh gets the Eye on Coaching Award ... simply for entertainment purposes?

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Eye on Offense Award
Mike Freeman Ryan Wilson
Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers
He's undefeated and doing things at the quarterback position we've seen before but rarely. I know, I know. You're sick of Rodgers. Get used to him, though. He's going to be around these here award neighborhoods for some time as the Packers are likely to enter the nine and 10 win range and start entering the 1972 Miami Dolphins neighborhood.
Jay Cutler Jay Cutler, QB, Bears
He was 21 of 31 for 267 yards and tossed two touchdowns against a very good pass-rushing Vikings defense. Perhaps more amazing: Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz left six, seven and sometimes eight players in to block, and, it turns out, Cutler is a pretty good quarterback when he's not getting blasted for 60 minutes (he was sacked just once).
Pete Prisco Will Brinson
Frank Gore Frank Gore, RB, 49ers
He ran for 141 yards and scored a touchdown in the team's upset of the Lions. What's truly impressive is that Gore averaged 9.4 per carry. That is special.
Ahmad BradshawAhmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants
The Giants fell apart against the Seahawks at home in Week 5, making Week 6's game against the Bills absolutely critical for them. Bradshaw was most critical to the win, running for 104 yards and three touchdowns in the Giants win.
Josh Katzowitz
Ahmad BradshawAhmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants
In a huge game for the Giants, Bradshaw, without Brandon Jacobs in the lineup, had a tremendous performance, rushing for 104 yards and three touchdowns. I imagine Eli Manning appreciated the contribution. 
Eye on Defense Award
Freeman Wilson
Darrelle RevisDarrelle Revis, CB, Jets
He did get beat a few times against Miami on Monday night but that 100-yard interception return was spectacular. Sure, he practically knocked Brandon Marshall on his butt in a great display of non-called pass interference, but Revis is getting those non-calls now.
Kurt Coleman Kurt Coleman, S, Eagles
Obviously, Rex Grossman shares this award because without him, Coleman's three interceptions wouldn't have been possible. In related news: nothing like a BAD REX unannounced visit to make Juan Castillo seem like he knows how to coordinate a defense.
Prisco Brinson
Kurt ColemanKurt Coleman, S, Eagles
He was benched a few weeks ago, but when inserted back into the lineup he made the most of it against the Redskins. Coleman had three picks of Rex Grossman in the game and had one of his best cover days. He was benched for his poor tackling.
Darrelle RevisDarrelle Revis, CB, Jets
I'd love to nominate Rex Grossman, but I'm not sure that's in the spirit of the awards. Instead, I'll give it to the guy who took a pick 100 yards to the house, giving the Jets a 7-3 lead when they should have been down 14-0. Revis showed why he's the best CB in the NFL today.
Kurt Coleman Kurt Coleman, S, Eagles
Vindication for the Eagles safety. A few weeks after Coleman was benched, he reemerged as Rex Grossman’s biggest foil (well, second to Grossman himself), intercepting three passes and helping Philadelphia to perhaps a season-saving win. Chances are Coleman won’t be benched this week.
Eye on Special Teams Award
Freeman Wilson
Devin HesterDevin Hester, WR/KR, Bears
Why kick to him? Why, why, why? One more time: WHY? Kick the football out of bounds. Kick it into the stands. Kick it into the dirt. Anywhere except to him. He burned yet another team -- this time the Minnesota Vikings -- that stupidly kicked to him. And he'll keep doing that until teams finally get smart and stop doing it.
Devin Hester Devin Hester, WR/KR, Bears
I'll repeat what I wrote in Week 4, the last time Hester was our Special Teams Player of the Week. "We'll never understand why any team thinks kicking to Hester is a good idea." The Vikings did it, and Hester scored. Weird how that keeps happening.
Prisco Brinson
Devin HesterDevin Hester, WR/KR, Bears
Can it go to anyone but Hester? He ripped off a 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown Sunday night against the Vikings. He also returned a punt 27 yards and almost broke that one.
Devin HesterDevin Hester, WR/KR/ Bears
As long as teams continue to kick to Hester, he's probably going to keep winning this award. Hester was the difference against the Panthers two weeks ago; against Minnesota he simply squashed any hope they had for their entire season with one magnificent burst of speed.
Devin Hester Devin Hester, WR/KR, Bears
He’s made strides as a receiver this season, but as the Vikings -- who, for some strange reason, continued kicking to Hester -- can attest, he’s still awfully dangerous as a kick returner. Early in the third quarter, he returned a kick 98 yards for the touchdown nearly took back a punt as well. He is, as the Vikings know now, pretty good on special teams.
Eye on Coaching Award
Freeman Wilson
Bill BelichickJim Schwartz, HC, Lions
We went to the same high school. I think we played on the same football team together though I only sorta remember him. I was concussed a lot so bear with me. He's obviously a fiery guy and though his scamper after Harbaugh was unneeded most people would have wanted to punch Harbaugh in the mouth after that obnoxious post-game reaction.
Hue Jackson Jim Harbaugh, HC, 49ers
I think Harbaugh is a crazy-arms meltdown away from a tenured professorship at clown college, but the guy has the 49ers believing something not even Mike Singletary could convince them of: they're a good football team. Through six weeks, they're 5-1. Last year, they were 6-10.
Prisco Brinson
Raheem MorrisRaheem Morris, HC, Buccaneers
After his team's horrible trip to San Francisco that saw them get blown out 48-3, he got his team ready to play against the Saints and pulled off a 26-20 upset.  The Bucs were without running back LaGarrette Blount, so Morris turned the game over to Josh Freeman, who had a big game.
Mike MunchakJim Schwartz, HC, Lions
People are complaining about Schwartz' roll in Handshake-Gate (ugh), but here's the thing: Schwartz celebrates on his own sideline. Not at midfield. I'll hand him this award just based on the fact that 90 percent of America would have punched Jim Harbaugh Sunday. He didn't.
Mike Zimmer Mike Zimmer, DC, Bengals
The Bengals DC continues to be one of those long-time assistant coaches who needs to be rewarded with a head coaching job. The Bengals have the No. 2 D in the NFL, and have allowed just one opponent to score more than 20 points. Cincy hasn’t played a Murderer’s Row of quarterbacks, but still, Zimmer’s unit has been impressive.


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Posted on: October 20, 2011 9:22 am

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 6

As a lifelong Wolverines fan (who even cheered them on against State when I and my 1st cousin were Spartans and HE was on the team), admirer of both his father as HC at Western and of Jim himself as a college QB, I must say he works extra hard sometimes to take the shine off this man's opinion of him. Not that he gives a rat's *ss, which is fair enough, but the long list of people now following in the wake of Jim Kelly might should give him pause. Even a legend like Woody Hayes and a genius like Buddy Ryan managed to make themselves persona non grata. Now, losing the game he's loved so much since he so tickled Coach Bo WOULD bother him. So, I hope he studies on what it is about him that causes him to rub so many the wrong way.

I'm thinking that it's NOT that guys like Kelly are unacquainted with other alpha males. Could be that Jimmy H. never truly took the lessons of the playground to heart. Rule #1: Boys establish their pecking orders early on, mostly thereafter contenting themselves with judging one another's mock displays, except when it comes time to establish territorial and breeding rights. Corollary: While girls (and functional eunuchs like University faculty and bureaucrats and priests) are often known to engage in battles worthy of their days in the girls' locker room, guys take pains to give one another props and otherwise avoid situations that might quickly turn ugly, even fatal.

The ultimate expression of this is that a former boxing champion, most especially a heavyweight, is ever after addressed, more or less respectfully, as "Champ." Even if he's fallen very far in the world and could no longer beat down a stripling. The issue is settled, so we don't go there any more. Get with the program, Jimmy. Civilization depends on it. Seriously. Much of our current chaos and disorder comes from our collective failure to honor such rules. (Indeed, the depth of our racial divide can be seen to be not so much that blacks were kept down; that's common enough for out groups. Rather, it's that black men were so routinely denied even the smallest shred of their manly dignity. THAT is a wave of resentment that flows through the oceans of our discontent--and beyond the boundaries of one life into the next--like a tsunami. Unseen, even unfelt by ships beneath which it passes, but disaster in a narrow harbor at the end of a steep rise in the ocean floor.)

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Posted on: October 19, 2011 4:19 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 6

So, first, whoever AZ dust devil is, I would like to see you coach as well as either of them.  Turning around either of those teams certainly wasn't an enviable task, also tasks that probably required a lot of enthusiasm just to get up in the morning.  Second, both of them are great coaches who just had feelings running high, and everyone is making way too big a deal out of this.  It's refeshing to see the coaches show some emotion, and again, these two teams need it after a lot of apathy over several years.  Finally, if you're going to call others idiots and you're using a saying at the end of your post, at least get it right...  "What goes around comes around."

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Posted on: October 19, 2011 3:41 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 6

Get over the damn handshake and get back to football.  Thenenitr ecountry and the media is doing the same thing Schwartz did, Overreact to something that has nothing to do with football or the players or the fans.  Get over it and get on with football.

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Posted on: October 19, 2011 2:53 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 6

So does every lineman get an award for not throwing a punch after a chop block?
Every punt returner who gets hit after waving for a fair catch?
Every receiver or running back who gets hit after the whistle?
Every quarterback when he gets hit below the knee?
Every cornerback when he gets called for pass interference when the receiver clearly pushed off of him?

The only people who are acting more childish here are Freeman and Brinson. Harbaugh may have been less than pc with his handshake, but the reaction was that of a losing coach who just got his manhood handed to him by a guy that he said had no chance of winning this year. His ego was bruised after getting beat by a first year coach on his own turf. Giving him an award is a joke! I give harbaugh an award for even shaking his hand and not just telling him to suck on that after the game!

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Posted on: October 19, 2011 2:38 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 6

I restrain myself from throwing punches at people every day. Where's my award?

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Posted on: October 19, 2011 2:23 pm


Every week, there he is, running up and down the side lines and cheering in the face of his opponents.  At times, he even runs onto the field to cheer in his opponents face.  Sunday, after Jim Harbaugh incorrectly threw the red flag to challenge a touchdown in the first half of the game, Jim Schwartz yelled across the field at Harbaugh (cameras caught it) saying, "KNOW THE RULES."  He didn't need to say that, Harbaugh was penalized for that anyways, so who cares?  Schwartz was talking smack.

I don't blame Jim Harbaugh for shaking his hand hard and giving him a strong pat/push on the back after the game.  He was pumped up, and just beat Jim Schwartz's team, the very guy that was talking smack earlier in the game and that cheers in everyone's face each week.


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Posted on: October 19, 2011 1:42 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 6

I knew it would happen, GB is now starting to hear the stupid old comparisons to the 72 Dolphins. Good God everyone, that is ancient history and there is only 1 game anyone cares about in the end, the rest are just a leadup. Who cares if you go 16-0 or not, unless it's what is needed to get homefield over a 15-1 team. Every year we have to endure another asinine story about how happy the Dolphins are when the last undefeated team falls. Who gives a flying leap what these guys think anymore? And yes, I even saw that whole season and admired the Dolphins because of it, but please stop dragging that crap up, year in and year out. Just let the Dolphins go away, don't give them the satisfaction of paying attention.

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