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'Suck for Luck' is not cool by Karlos Dansby

Posted on: October 20, 2011 10:21 am
A. Luck is the subject of the Posted by Josh Katzowitz

If you want to upset Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby, if you want to get his heart pumping rapidly, bring up the Suck for Luck campaign and watch him go.

In case you’re stuck under the bad vibes created by some of the worst teams in the NFL -- I’m looking at you, Dolphins, Rams, Colts and Vikings -- Suck for Luck is the idea that a team will tank the rest of the season in order to gain the No. 1 pick in next year’s draft, which that team then could use to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

But to suggest that a professional athlete would tank games for the sake of something that would happen next year, when that athlete might or might not still be on that team, is insulting to Dansby.

“It’s not right, bro. It’s not right,” Dansby told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “We put too much into this, man, to have the fans say that --  period, point blank -- or even promote that campaign. It’s kind of sad.”

Go on …

“It pisses me off,” he said. “I don’t understand nothing about that. I put too many hours into this, man, put too many years into this, sacrificed too much to ask somebody to put that stipulation on me and my teammates. Because I know how much we put into this.”

Dansby then was asked if he’d consider sitting out the final games of the season in order to insure losses for his team. In his answer, he said the word “no” eight times and the phrase “not going to happen” twice in the span of his 31-word response.

He also said this: “Man, we got 11 games. What are you talking about? We can’t look at next season. We’ve got 11 games. We can win ‘em out, and then what? Then you’d be biting your tongue. Those guys that are saying that are fair-weather fans. They’re not real Dolphins fans.”

Or maybe they’re the biggest Dolphins fans of all. With the team rowing in circles, with coach Tony Sparano almost assuredly gone, with quarterback Chad Henne’s fate still up in the air, you could understand why the fans would be dreaming about Luck -- a guy who maybe, possibly could turn around an organization.

Just don’t mention it to Dansby.

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 6:05 pm

'Suck for Luck' is not cool by Karlos Dansby

i agree why won't these players just play better rather than cry out that they hate they are considered to be in the running for the Suck For Luck sweepstake, it is really obvious though that Dunlap is a part of the worse defense around so i hope he gets used to it because i think they will get Andrew Luck next draft, i even think they are lucky enough to get one win because there are not much teams out there that are worse than the Dolphins right now.

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 2:17 pm

'Suck for Luck' is not cool by Karlos Dansby

Maybe Carlos should play better defense.

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 1:04 pm

'Suck for Luck' is not cool by Karlos Dansby

Whoever came up with that awful term needs to be punched in the face.

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 11:22 am

'Suck for Luck' is not cool by Karlos Dansby

Look, I am the self described biggest Miami Dolphins fan in all the world.  I have been a fan since I could sit up in my high chair and cheer for this once proud organization with all my uncles, cousins, brother and sister. The memories are unbelievable. They are the foundation for much of my happiness as a young boy. I still remember crying when we lost in the Super Bowl to the Redskins, John Riggins running around the left side late in the game, escaping the grasp of an unsuccessful dolphin defender and rumbling in for the touchdown on a third down is indelibly engrained in my brain.  Or the amazing feeling I got when, no matter what the score was, when Dan Marino was the QB, I always believed we would win. Always!!! Even in recent years when we had less than successful teams, the wrong QB, bad coaches, I would be the one up close yelling at the tv when there was a great play, a touchdown or a win. And also the one going through withdrawal when the Fins were on a bye or literally not being able to watch espn or read any articles the entire week after a loss  It was to painful. I’m a normal dude, I have a family, I run a successful business at home in Connecticut but I bleed dolphin aqua and orange. But something has changed over the last few years.  I feel numb. I watched the Jets game from a Las Vegas bar with such confusing emotions blanketing the normal raucous exuberance that is displayed anywhere and anytime I watch the Fins. I really didn’t care if the Dolphins won. I am ashamed to say it. But that was the feeling. After reading a couple of the articles written about this “suck for luck” campaign brewing over with our fans I started thinking about whether that was what I was feeling. But honestly after thinking about it I realized although it seemed that way to me, and it may even seem like that to all of these fans that are cheering for this “suck for luck” thing. Hoping that we can lose every game to have the first pick. It really isn’t us hoping for this team to lose, it’s numbness, a lack of being able to believe. Unable to feel that overwhelming emotion that once took over our bodies in the effort to cheer on our team, our childhood heroes of the past. The addiction to a symbol colored in aqua an orange has slowly been weened out of our blood. But the question is how, why, how can this be? Do we really want our team to lose? No, we just want our team back, we want to cheer with our children and have them grow up with the same memories we so endearingly hold on too. We want to fight with Jets and Patriot fans about the upcoming games and debate how we would beat them on the way to the Superbowl. We want to believe again. We don’t want to lose! We want to win!!!! This “suck for luck” stuff isn’t a true representation of our loyal fan base. I am a season ticket holder even though I live in Connecticut. I go to games and I have experienced what this fan base is all about and I love it. Something is wrong and it didn’t start this week or even this year. It started a long time ago when we all still had faith in our team. I am not sure when but I seem to remember the year Jimmy Johnson came and went. Or when Shula was ousted or when Wannstadt was handed the coaching helm, or when we hired Saban and he made everyone in the offices hate him and drafted Jason Allen instead of Brees and then passed on Brees for Culpepper and then left. Or maybe it’s when we could have taken A. Rodgers in the draft or when Steve Ross changed our ever loved fight song or when he brought in these stupid “owners” as a way to bring attention to our organization. Or how Ross traveled to California to talk to Harbaugh to discuss something. I am still not sure what that was to be honest. Or maybe it’s when we had no running game the whole time Marino was here. Or maybe it’s when Overstreet died unexpectly when he was supposed to be that guy. Or maybe it was when we hired Bill Parcells and he brought his entire unproven Cowboys staff with him along with his old and crusty football philosophy, failed at it and then ran. I don’t know just maybe it was one of those things. But regardless of what the origin or the tipping point of this numbness. It didn’t start now. It has boiled over the years of bad decisions and bad execution. We don’t want to “suck for luck”!!! We just want to believe again. We want to know we have a shot. Not a shot to win a few games. A shot to be the proud franchise we once were. A shot to win multiple super bowls. A chance to cheer with our kids, our family and friends. A chance to go nose to nose with those damn Patriot fans and feel like we have a fighting chance. I personally want the feeling of that addiction back. Numbness is empty. I want to feel the joy of winning and the agony of defeat. That has been gone for sometime and I need it back. And I think that’s all anyone else in this fan base really wants too. 

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