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Meriweather rethinking way he plays the game

Posted on: October 21, 2011 11:50 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s taken quite a bit to get through Bears safety Brandon Meriweather’s head, but perhaps two separate fines worth $45,000 for hits on Carolina’s Steve Smith and Detroit’s Nate Burleson and a benching by Chicago has done the trick. Now, Meriweather -- who had a disturbing habit of unnecessary roughness penalties and fines -- says he’ll have to adjust the way he plays the game.

NFL Keeps Taking Money
"Apparently I need to fix something if (the NFL) is concerned about my hits," Meriweather told the Chicago Tribune. "I have to change it, or else I'm going to keep getting fined. Eventually if you get enough fines, you're going to end up getting kicked out the league. For me to continue to do something I love, I just have to change the way I play."

Although the league isn’t planning to meet with Meriweather, who was fined $40,000 last year for two separate hits on then-Ravens tight end Todd Heap in the same game, his organization has told him to simmer it down with the way he leads with his helmet.

"Everybody told me that," he said. "It's not necessarily what they said, but how they said it. People have told me before that I had to change my ways. I've been trying. It's just something you can't do overnight."

Yes, overnight is too big an expectation. But we’ve been talking about this seriously for about a year at this point. When you consider it’s been many months since James Harrison was fined for anything (!), that should have been plenty of time for Meriweather to make a change.

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 5:45 am

Meriweather rethinking way he plays the game

These are some of the reaons why Meriweather was cut by New England.  Don't forget Mewriweather was a first round pick who was still under contract.  He is constantly out of position and had to be benched several times last year because he choose to freelance instead of be where he was suppose to be.  When asked about it on WEEI last year he came right out and said that the coaches have told him why and he admitted that he hasn't been listening.  Meriweather would rather look for a big hit then knock the ball down or intercept it.
  He is a guy with a lot of talent but no head.  Unfortunately what you see now from him is what you are going to get.  In listening to his weekly radio show for the last several years he has basically admitted that he is not going to change the way he plays.  Unfortunately for him, in New England that isn't the way it works and that is why he is no longer a member of the Patriots.

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 1:08 pm
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Posted on: October 22, 2011 11:32 am

Meriweather rethinking way he plays the game

He's the worst cover safety I've ever seen...
Wide receivers just run right by him, like he didn't know he was supposed to cover them (it's weird) - in a stretch of three Patriots games last season Meriwether got burned on three safety over the top (cover two) for touchdowns and on two other plays actually knocked his own defensive corner off the coverage - he bumped his own guy off the coverage... unbelievable

He is a bad as it gets on a lot of levels


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Posted on: October 22, 2011 9:57 am

The sad truth

Players who lead with their helmets are walking advertisements for how to develop CTE.  Meriweather may be delivering the hits now, but he will suffer greatly down the road if he doesn't stop using his head as a battering ram.  
Many morbid moms used to have a saying: "It's always funny until someone loses an eye."  In Meriweather's case, he may think it is funny now, but he is destroying himself brain cell by brain cell.  Players need to be educated about CTE.  It is natural for those who percieve themselves as invulnerable to think CTE always "happens to someone else."  Football players need to learn that they are not immune from brain damage.
Football players like Meriweather especially need to learn that lesson before it's too late. 

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 9:07 am

Meriweather rethinking way he plays the game

He's got his V-I-P on SWOLLLLL!!!

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 5:57 am
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Posted on: October 22, 2011 12:55 am

Meriweather rethinking way he plays the game

Meriweather's career is in jeopardy but not because of the way he hits.  His bigger problem is that he can't cover very well and in the new rules NFL all defensive backs HAVE to be able to stay with receivers, even the safeties.  Meriweather's problem is that he's a man who was born too late.  He's an old-time, big-hitting safety in a new world where safeties have to be as nimble as corners.  And THAT he won't be able to change.  The Patriots finally realized that and the Bears are in the process of learning that as well.  If Meriweather could cover, he wouldn't have been benched, penalties be damned.  Meriweather's being benched because receivers are blowing by him way too often.

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 12:22 am

Meriweather rethinking way he plays the game

Trying to change the way you tackle (ie. trying not to lead with the helmet) when you've been doing it that way for years has to be pretty hard.  More than likely, Merriweather would miss a lot of tackles trying not to spear defenseless receivers and probably would end up getting benched (like he already has).  He shouldn't mess with his technique too much right now.  All he needs to do is play smart and refrain from trying to get that extra hit in as the ball carrier is falling the ground like he always does (lol).

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