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Tebow's success a mirage

Posted on: October 23, 2011 4:44 pm
Edited on: October 23, 2011 8:49 pm
T. Tebow had a great final five minutes of the game Sunday (US Presswire).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Broncos made a ridiculous comeback on the Dolphins, and Tim Tebow was front and center, throwing touchdown passes and running in a two-point conversion. After the Broncos 18-15 overtime win against the Dolphins, he kneeled on the sideline. He could have been saying thanks for the final result. Or he could have been praying for the future.

Because while the first was impressive, the second is cloudy. 

For the first 55 minutes of this game, Tebow was terrible. Then, for five minutes at the end of regulation, he was the All-American from the University of Florida, leading his team to victory.

Tebow was terrible before he was awesome on Sunday. The Miami crowd went from jeering the Florida native to cheering him and chanting his name.

But don’t you believe the hype. Tebow was horrendous for much of the day, and Denver’s win had more to do with how bad the Dolphins are* than the future of Tebow’s NFL career.

*Urban Meyer was in the house and spotted talking to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. Do you think Ross offered him the job right there and then?

His first pass of the day should have been intercepted by Karlos Dansby. There were times when it appeared that he had no idea what he was doing. And it was clear John Fox didn’t trust him enough to run a fourth and 1 play (instead, Matt Prater missed his second field goal of the day).

Broncos fans applauded when the Broncos first announced that Kyle Orton would be replaced by Tebow as the starting quarterback, and today, their judgment has been vindicated. But it’s only temporary. At least Orton is a quarterback that looks like a professional athlete most of the time he plays. Tebow looks like a pro athlete as well. But not as a quarterback. Maybe as a tight end. Maybe as an H-back. Hell, maybe as a linebacker.

But not as a quarterback.

He overthrew a wide-open Eric Decker on a long pass that would have yielded a touchdown. He threw too high. For most of the day, he made Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore look like the best signal-caller on the field. By far.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Tebow had been sacked five times while completing four passes (he finished 13 of 27 for 161 yards and two touchdowns while rushing eight times for 65 yards). He led a nice drive late in the fourth quarter to get his team on the scoreboard, and he kept it up after Denver recovered an onside kick. But he was mostly making do with screen passes, short-yardage throws and scrambles.

The stats don’t look as bad as Tebow performed Sunday. But it was an anomaly, a fluke.

What does it mean for this Broncos season that is still a lost cause? Fox can’t go back to Orton now, but would he if Tebow continues to struggle? What about Brady Quinn -- who, like Orton, is in the final year of his contract?

Or maybe, just maybe, this is some elaborate conspiracy plan to secure the services of Andrew Luck. Sure, that’s a ridiculous notion and it backfired Sunday. But is it that much more ridiculous than implying that Tebow is a legitimate NFL starting quarterback? Even with today’s result, I’d say no.

After all, you shouldn’t see the mirage for the trees.

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Since: Aug 23, 2006
Posted on: October 23, 2011 10:26 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Katzowitz is right for the wrong reasons. 

The Dolphins are terrible, which says a lot. But Tebow isn't known by the NFL, not really. So he was able to blindside the Dolphins when he got it together for that 4th quarter. The good news is that since Tebow was thrust into the starting role before he was ready, his performance in the 4th was on him; he hasn't been developed long enough for coaches to take much credit. 

The bad news is, so were the first 3 quarters. And it's only going to get worse. When teams get enough relevant film on Tebow to actually analyze and gameplan for him, he's going to hit a wall, and the Broncos will pay the price for pushing him out there too soon. Until then, Denver will have a nice, short ride wherein it will appear to all that Tebow is going to beat the odds. 

And then it will end. I hope at least that Tebow doesn't get shellshocked into Tim Couch-hood.
here we go with maglite trying to sound more intelligent than he is, AGAIN.

you cant put much of the first 3 and a half quarters on the coaches huh? oh ok.  well im pretty sure it wasnt TT who called 5 pass plays with 2 rb's a te and 2 wr's.  about the most basic formation in football, all on third and something longer than 5.

this idiotic insistence that TT hasnt been developed (this moron has gone on about this for 4 weeks) is laughable.  its actually stupid and has no merit whatsoever. and he wont listen to any amount of logic whatsoever. roethlisberger played in the MAC, played huge amounts his first year. Flacco played from the 1st snap of his first game. matty ice 1st snap. i could go on and make for a long list.  and none of them had the success or even playing time experiences that TT had coming in.

what is his next really "im a football genius" point.  that this will ruin poor TT.  yep going 1-6 in his rookie year ruined Elway. bradshaw going 5-8 in his rookie year ruined him. manning going 3-13 ruined him. brees getting played in his 2nd year.....nah he wasnt ruined either this is another list that could go on and on.

the fact is that many qb's come in and struggle, no matter who they are and where they played in college.  and getting a team of play makers like himself around him, will have more to do with his ability to excel and win championships.  and history proves that out to, regardless of what "geniuses" like maglite try to spew.

let him play, open up the play book a little and he will succeed.  maybe not to peyton or brady levels but they wont know until he plays.  u cant keep being ultra conservative, you have to open up and play. 

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 10:04 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Im not deeply insulted.  but your argument doesnt hold water. the names you named all didnt play in the most dominant conference in football.  they didnt start for 3 years - play significant time in their freshmen year - they didnt play against what amounts to nfl caliber defenses (almost), they didnt get heismans, they didnt win national championships.

Most of the flash in the pan qb's that you're talking about were in either one of these categories:
1. they played in completely inferior conferences and struggled when coming out of those conferences for games.  Tebow played and dominated the best conf in ncaafb, and swatted teams from other conferences.
2. they were in a major conference but were only the starter for a short time, 1 or 2 years at most.  tebow played a lot in his freshmen year and was the starter for 3 years, big difference there.
3. a lot of those qb's and others like them seemed bigger than life until they left and the team they were on didnt miss a bit, Florida dropped off hugely after TT.  showing that it was TT fueling that team, not a scheme or inferior opponents or superior team mates. 

Its funny to me how this article and other know it alls want to make it like he sucked for the first 3.5 quarters.  they want to bring up his anemic #s but then dont want to place any of that blame on the game plan or the coaches.  Im not trying to give TT a pass, he struggled early aginst what is a bad defense. but anyone who watched that game and didnt put a large portion of the fault at the coaches and the game plan or just plain nuts.

run run 3rd and 8 pass
run run 3rd and 6 pass
run run 3rd 4 run
etc etc etc

they called 5 pass plays in the first half.  5! let that sink in. 5.   kind of hard to do much with 5 passes. lets see 14 passes in the first 3.5 quarters.  nothing working. 13 passes in the last half a quarter and voila a comeback.  

im not comparing TT with Elway but its the same sh$%%t we had to put with, with Reeves and Elway.  reeves sorry play calling would get the broncos into a hole and then somewhere in the 4th they would unleash Elway and he would bring em back.  once agin im NOT comparing TT to Elway.  but they have very similar situations. extremely conservative coaches with no imagination whatsoever.  fox sucks his play calling sucks he isnt old school, he's old. his thinking is back in the days of 3 runs and a cloud of dust.  it just doesnt work anymore. 
TT will be fine, it might not be with Denver or at least not until they get a forward pass thinking coach.  Fox thinks the way to win is to control the ground game or to run the ball right? lets see going backwards is GB a running team? no, are the Saints a running team? no.  were the steelers a running team in the 2008 season, no they were 23rd and went on to win the SB. year before that NYG - running team? nope. year before that colts? uh nope. the year before that you could call the steelers a running team but before that 2 years pats nope and nope
throw the freakin ball
stop trying to be the redskins of the 80s, we dont have the hogs and we dont have riggins. 

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 9:13 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Did not realize I was talking only to you, a%sh**le.
Then you probably shouldn't have quoted me directly, moron.

Since: Jan 7, 2008
Posted on: October 23, 2011 9:06 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Did not realize I was talking only to you, a%sh**le. I intended my comments to irritate all you idiots who foam at the mouth on either side of the Tebow question. Or that you were totally ignorant of college football and how it relates to the NFL (of which you also know nothing "relevant"). Florida is in the SEC, therefore most of the college players he played with and against are in the NFL. None of you know where Tebow will be 5 years down the road so why dont you give it a F#%&^NG rest?!! Nor did I take into consideration that only pathetic fools argue with people they don't know and never will. Therefore I bid you all goodnight, lest I become that which I despise. GO GATORS! 

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:51 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

This is easily the darkest day in Dolphins history.  The team, at home, blows a 15 point lead with a littlle over two minutes to play.  We have seen this script before:    Tuesday Night Football in 1997 when the 5-2 Dolphins also squandered a 15 point fourth quarter lead (33-18) to the 0-7 Chicago Bears.  The Bears won in overtime when Marino was sacked and stripped and the Bears kicked a FG.
I thought I would never say this, but it may be time to ask Jimmy Johnson to come out of retirement and take over this horrible team.  JJ has studied the college landscape for a number of years and he knows what's out there.  This team is done.   As I look at the rest of the schedule, the remaining ten games lay the groundwork for a winless 0-16 season.  The only way the Dolphins win is the visiting team misses the flight to Florida.  The AFC FL teams Jags and the Dolphins are a combined 1-11 and the AFC NY teams are a combined 8-5.  The next Dolphins home game may have an empty stadium if there are no changes at the top.

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:50 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Who cares how good Tebow is?  He's arguably the most entertaining player in the league, and I watch football for entertainment.
Well said. I tune into a lot of games just to watch certain players. Been doing that since Earl Campbell. And now that my Oilers no longer exist (the Titans don't count), I have no team loyalty. So I get to root for whomever I feel like rooting. I was torn today, because I wanted Tebow to win, but I hate the Broncos.

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:44 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

I agree with you lotusmaglite, considering I'm a Packer fan and being lucky that Aaron followed Brett. I'm amazed on how much hatred that people have for Tebow....good guy and tries to do all the right things. I hope he does well and i think he's good for football......easy people and good luck to him!

Since: Sep 25, 2006
Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:43 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Who cares how good Tebow is?  He's arguably the most entertaining player in the league, and I watch football for entertainment.

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:38 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Is there an athlete in any sport, at any level, who has been more picked apart and analyzed than Tom Tebow?
Reading comprehension much? That's why I said "relevant". Nobody is going to gameplan for Tebow by watching him truck a bunch of college players who never made it into the NFL. The three games he played last year were in an entirely different offense, so, no, they don't have relevant film on him yet.

Keep up the insane, infantile hatred of all things related to Tebow.
I'm not sure how a tepid post that actually praises Tebow qualifies as "hatred". Oh, wait: You're an idiot. It all makes sense now.

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Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:31 pm

Tebow's success a mirage

Waitress! I'll have what he's having! 3 of them! Doubles! Are you drunk or blind? "Tebow isn't known by the NFL"..."able to blindside the Dolphins"....Is there an athlete in any sport, at any level, who has been more picked apart and analyzed than Tom Tebow? Hell no. Keep it up. Keep up the insane, infantile hatred of all things related to Tebow. Go on and on and on wuth it. I'll just sit back and enjoy watching him win, whenever he has a chance.

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