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Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

Posted on: October 24, 2011 3:01 pm
Edited on: October 25, 2011 10:50 am
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Since I’ve assumed all of you have finished your lunch today -- apologies to those in the Pacific Time Zone -- let’s go back to the videotape (thanks to the magic of Sorting the Sunday Pile) to see what transpired Sunday between Vikings defensive end Brian Robison and Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang.

In effect, let’s watch Robison kick Lang in the nuts again.

OK, now that we’ve done that, here’s the aftermath of that kick to the groin, which weirdly did not draw a penalty (though likely will draw a fine).

Lang awesomely tweeted Sunday night, “Glad to report my genitalia are in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery!” And on Monday, Robison apologized on Twitter: “My apologies to @tjlang70 , my team, my fans and the @nfl . I am not a dirty player and did not maliciously aim for the groin, just happened to be where it landed.”

Responded Lang: “All joking aside, I think @Brian_Robison is a heck of a player.. Just caught up in the emotion of the game.. apology accepted.”

Wonderful. But now I have a question: which is worse: Robison’s foot to the groin or LeSean McCoy’s punch to the stomach?

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Since: Jul 12, 2008
Posted on: October 25, 2011 7:31 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

I laughed my tail off reading a few of the posts.  Well done ladies and gentlemen.  What I don't understand is why I am ready about politics and the occupy wall street movement on a football blog about a kick to the peaches.  Stick to the subject people.  A player got caught up in the heat of the game and committed a moral man-sin, the victim (obviously wearing proper personal protective equipment or those bad boys would be swinging from a rear-view mirror like a true pair of fuzzy dice right now) took it it like a champ, shrugged it off then took the high road after the perp apologized.

Maybe the Lions and Falcons need to see how these guys handled it and take some pointers. 

Since: Jun 22, 2011
Posted on: October 25, 2011 6:17 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

This is GREAT for the NFL....

I think we should line up all the Packers and take turns kicking them in the junk....starting with BJ Raji!

Since: Nov 11, 2006
Posted on: October 25, 2011 6:00 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

so robison SHOULD NOT be fined because jamming your cleats into another mans junk is what "real men" do? while i dont agree with some of the fines being administered in todays NFL, this should definitely be fined. not because he could have hurt lang, but for the un-sportsmanlike nature. the fact that this was not penalized in the game is a joke because as you can plainly see the ref is so close he can hear langs children screamin as robison tenderizes his boys...and what, if anything, does this fine have to do with occupy wall street? there might be an analogy in there somewhere, but imo youre headed in the wrong direction.

Since: Nov 5, 2010
Posted on: October 25, 2011 5:30 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

Vikings fans and others who want to talk politics and not football can find another site.  Kicking someone in the nads is something a girl would do to a guy.  If I was Robison, I'd cut that ponytail off before going to Lambeau Field in a few weeks.

Since: Oct 8, 2007
Posted on: October 25, 2011 5:07 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

I agree....that Occupy Wall Street is a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings that expect something for nothing. Most don't have a clue what they are doing there or who they are mad at, and the ones that do don't realize they are going about it the wrong way.

Since: Feb 25, 2009
Posted on: October 25, 2011 2:45 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

It's like the mentality behind the Occupy Wall Street $hitheads has taken over our sport. 
What, you mean how a group of citizens - recognizing that their government is not doing anything about the white-collar gansters who are robbing the people blind - decided to stand up and do something about it? Sounds a lot like the Tea Party before it was conquered and colonized by the corporations. It's called democracy in action. It's people doing their civic duty of defying a system bent on impoverishing people on behalf of the paymasters of our rubber-stamp government. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. It's the "pu$$y" Americans who just shut up, bend over and take it. These people at least have some balls.

What you mean is the opposite: It's like the lazy, apathetic, cowardly, and the weak who scoff at the brave Americans doing Occupy Wall Street have taken over "our" sport.

Since: Feb 25, 2009
Posted on: October 25, 2011 2:35 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

I'm a peace-loving guy, and I thought the kick was disgusting, cheap, and deserving of at least an ejection.

But I also played football. In the heat of the moment, I've seen best friends tear each other a new one, only to apologize later. This is what happens when twentysomething men pumped full of hormones (and possibly 'roids) get on the field and duke it out. The behavior is no less revolting, but it should not merit any kind of moral judgment. They're overgrown children playing a violent game. The cheap shots are going to happen. Even by the "classy" players. It should always receive the penalty, but it should rarely be deemed a character flaw.

Since: Mar 7, 2008
Posted on: October 25, 2011 1:34 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

I think some of  you are too much of a pu$$y to be a football fan. I realize few, if any, of the people reading here have been following the Rugby World Cup. (Blank stares... crickets chirping... sound of a baby crying off in the distance somewhere).

While not a huge fan of rugby, it's a man's sport. They don't have penalties until a bone is showing (maybe not quite to that extent but it's not far from it). and.... AND they don't wear much padding. A few wear a helmet that is a crossover between the leather helmet days and the dude that sings for the Spin Doctors winter hat. The players are big but not as big as our NFL'ers on average (no scientific data to back that up but if someone can prove otherwise, the door is open). All I'm saying is that when that game is being played, especially at the world cup level, there is some sheer physical play going on, and it doesn't stop for 30sec to a minute between each play. It's pretty much hurry up offense for both teams all the way through.

Penalties are getting rediculous. Fined for things not penalized in a game. What I'm afraid we are seeing is the pu$$ification of our greatest sport. We teach our youngsters playing football to be tough. We give our teams names like "Warriors" and "Raiders" but then we have nice-nice names like the Owls or Dolphins...gimme a freakin' break. It's no small wonder we now have Monday Morning Referrees throwing penalties down for something that already happened. It's like the mentality behind the Occupy Wall Street $hitheads has taken over our sport. 

Since: Jun 7, 2009
Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:23 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

Robison and the Vikings got a 15 yard unsportsmanship penalty on that kick. 

Since: Aug 20, 2006
Posted on: October 25, 2011 12:14 am

Robison apologizes to Lang for kick to groin

I'm a big fan of Robison so it was sad to seem him resort to this.  But glad to see him man up and apologize.  And I'm impressed by Lang making a joke out of it and taking the high road & accepting the apology rather than getting pissy about it.  And the ref is a complete idiot for not seeing that right in front of him.

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