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Jeff Saturday says he was misquoted by blogger

Posted on: October 27, 2011 6:25 pm
SaturdayPosted by Josh Katzowitz

After the Colts took a 62-7 pounding at the hands of the Saints last weekend, everything that could have been said about how disappointing the Indianapolis franchise has been would have been fair game.

If you had said the team was an abomination without Peyton Manning, fair game. If you had said the front office was to blame for not coming up with a Plan B in case something like this happened, fair game. If you had said coach Jim Caldwell was in over his head when he didn’t have Manning on the field, fair game.

Even if the words are coming from a Colts player’s mouth. Even if that Colts players takes it back soon after. All of it should be fair game.

That player is Indianapolis center Jeff Saturday, who said on a radio show after the Saints debacle that the Colts had been out-coached. And then, Saturday said, um, never mind about that whole out-coached thing. And he said it in a not very nice way and directed it at BigBlueShoe on

"That was ridiculous,” said Saturday, via the National Football Post. "You've got a 45-year-old man who lives with his mom, down in his basement, freaking blogging about something that was a direct misquote. It had nothing to do with what I said. At 62-7, there was no redeeming qualities in the way any of us participated. And this is a team thing, 100 percent. I made it perfectly clear.

"Coach Caldwell didn't have on any pads Sunday. We did, and all of us as a team failed to get the job done. I can assure you I don't need the media to clarify what I'm saying. I speak pretty clearly and I was insulted that somebody would do that and try to divide our team and putting things in people's minds that really don't need to be there."

So, what did Saturday say he said?

"I didn’t say that," Saturday said. "I said that as a team we were outplayed, we were outcoached and there was nothing that we did better than they did yesterday."

So, the team was out-coached, then? What, then, is the problem?

Look, we know Saturday must be frustrated playing for a winless team after having been a key cog for so many division-winning Colts squads. But to take the comment that he admitted he said out on a blogger while insulting that blogger (who, don’t forget, is a Colts fan) is, well, slightly ridiculous. And the quote, no matter what Saturday thinks, is fair game.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 8:35 pm

Jeff Saturday says he was misquoted by blogger

This is the best picture you dildo's could come up with? Saturday making out with Bob Kraft? You rumor guys are the fucking worst. The 45 year old dude bloggin in his mom's basement Saturday was referring to, thats you. 

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 8:32 pm

Jeff Saturday says he was misquoted by blogger

Jeff Saturday is a good guy in a bad situation (I mean the losing season, not this silly "he said" stuff).  It's sad to watch all this media instigation work, manufacturing "news" when people are feeling low and the ensuing defensiveness and blame.

It isn't "news" that the Colts have been too dependant on Manning even when it was working.  Why is it so fascinating to watch success turn into failure?

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 7:03 pm

Jeff Saturday says he was misquoted by blogger

What was the mis-quote? It was a MIS-SPOKE Josh. Besides the Colts were all of those things on sunday. (SAD)

The title of this article is more of a mis-quote then Jeff basiclly saying "well let me say the same thing differently"
A mis-quote in my eyes would be him saying "I loved seeing the band Sick Puppies kill it on stage" and the blogger writing "Jeff Saturday loves watching sick puppies get killed"

Josh Katzowitz this was a stupid article did you really have nothing better to write about.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 6:42 pm

Jeff Saturday says he was misquoted by blogger

What is a 'direct misquote'? Is that a direct quote which the speaker wants to take back? Maybe Saturday's problem is that he speaks a little too clearly.

Anybody who's watched the Colts the last couple of years knows that more often than not Caldwell is being out-coached. Similarly the Colts are going to be outplayed on special teams every single week, even with Manning. With Manning being a de facto coach on the field it covered up the weakness on the sidelines. With no Manning, probably for the remainder of the season, if not longer, it's just going to be more obvious each week how bad Caldwell is, at least in terms of in-game adjustments and clock management. Nothing Saturday says or doesn't say will make a bit of difference.

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