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Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

Posted on: October 29, 2011 12:21 pm

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has shown a willingness in the past to trample over his current coach’s feelings by flying across the country to try to woo a new coach to his team.

Ross did it last offseason when he hopped a flight to California to try to convince then-Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh to take Sparano’s place (even though, ahem, Sparano was still the coach of Ross’ organization).

It was embarrassing and a complete emasculation for Sparano, and it undermined his ability to be an effective leader in the organization. So, when,’s Mike Freeman reported this week that the Dolphins have approached Bill Cowher about their coaching position (even though, once again, Sparano is still, ahem, the coach of Ross’ organization), it makes perfect sense.

But Ross, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, has denied going after the former Steelers coach.

"Not true,'' Ross said. "I'm not going to reach out to anyone while Tony (Sparano) is the coach. I hope he wins and stays the coach. Neither I nor anyone involved with me has contacted (Cowher), his agent or anyone around him."

Ross’ statement is laughable because of what occurred last year around the attempted hiring of Harbaugh. I believe Freeman's sources, but if Ross speaks the truth, his indignation that he never would go after another coach in that matter is ridiculous.

And when the Harbaugh wooing didn’t work, Ross then had some advice for Sparano. As Andy Benoit wrote in January:
There are a handful of NFL organizations that have been marred by meddling owners who inject their Joe Fan perspective into the team’s actual makeup. (Redskins fans know all about this.) But Dan Snyder, at least, has never been overtly public about his football opinions. And he’s never gone on radio to share the specifics of any advice he’s given to his head coach. Ross, whose background is in tax law and real estate, elaborated on the sage advice he gave to Sparano (who has over 25 years of coaching experience, including six years working with Bill Parcells).

“One great advantage in Florida as the Miami Dolphins, that other teams don’t have, and that’s we have the weather in August, September and October,” Ross said. “Our players are training in that weather, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s go with a hurry-up offense, let’s wear them down. We’ve never done that. This isn’t the north, where you want to just take it 4 yards and a cloud of dust. I think I look for a different brand. Seeing the Dolphins, how fans want to see them, how we win, we’re going downfield, the days of Dan Marino, the days we all want to go back to.”

Which was an awesome thing to say, considering Miami’s quarterback at the time, Chad Henne, isn’t exactly a Dan Marino clone.

OK, so we see that Ross is willing to fly cross-country to get what he wants, and when that doesn’t work, he’s willing to dole out advice to a long-time football man in Sparano. Why wouldn’t he go after Cowher after the way this disaster of a season has opened? Of course, he would.

For now, Cowher supposedly told his agent that he won’t agree to coach a team unless that team has a vacancy, and since it’s highly unlikely he would leave his TV gig in the middle of a season to take over the directionless Dolphins, a deal, if one is forthcoming, wouldn’t happen until after the season is complete.

When Sparano almost surely will be fired, and Ross can hire whomever he wants without having to humiliate Sparano to do so.

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Posted on: October 30, 2011 10:26 am

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

Why deny the obvious?? My 3 yr old son and myself watched the game last week and towards the end of the 4th qtr he turned to me and said "fired, fired fired." This is a game of men so man up and call a spade a spade. Saprono has lost the team and his game planning stinks, its time for new blood. When will the Dolphin's be relevent again???

Since: Aug 7, 2011
Posted on: October 30, 2011 8:59 am

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

It appears that the blame for the state of distress the Fins are in is not just Sparano's or Irelands fault but the blame lies at the feet of the owner. It is he who approves the GM who hired the coach and so forth and so on. The Fins are doomed to fail because they have a  owner who is either an idiot when it comes to football or a business man who doesnt care  about wining becuse he rites the team off on taxes. The once proud Fins are now a laughing stock and that trend could last a long time.

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Posted on: October 30, 2011 8:38 am

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

Is there a reason NOT to believe Ross here? He owned up to the Harbaugh trip in January. Denying this -- if he HAS made contact with Cowher -- would make Cowher run the other way.

It's funny how between a third party as an unconfirmed source for a publication that is more wrong than right in its rumor mill chatter and the horse's mouth folks still question the horse's mouth.

Since: Nov 3, 2010
Posted on: October 30, 2011 8:14 am

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

Friggin hysterical pi22.  Belched my coffee on my keyboard.  Dania Jai Alai.  Used to be my hangout in the 80's when Jai Alai mattered.  Great post.

Since: Aug 18, 2006
Posted on: October 30, 2011 4:58 am

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

Katzowitz, in line 6 of this pist you talk about Ross "never" going for another coach with Sparano at the helm. granted he did indeed do that last season, but...  The quote you used to "emphasize" your point; Ross saying "I'm not going to reach out to anyone while Tony (Sparano) is the coach. I hope he wins and stays the coach. Neither I nor anyone involved with me has contacted (Cowher), his agent or anyone around him", indeed makes the opposite point you try to make.  What that quote says is that from the point of the statement on he will not look for another coach while Sparano is the head coach of the mteam, not that he might have in the past or might in the future.  You Should have used that quote and made it a more direct line of your disbaliefe in it rather then use it as a "source" of something that he is saying will not happen.  Either way it is something that someone getting paied to do (unlike me) should have realized.

Go Tony!

Go Phins!    

Since: Aug 8, 2009
Posted on: October 30, 2011 12:55 am

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

The Miami Dolphin's next home game is against the Washington . Miami owner, Steven Ross has announced it will be a special day with a halftime celebration honoring the 2002 Florida Gators and their quarterback; , who coincidentally is the Redskins quarterback. Former Gator coach Steve Spurrier will be on the sideline as well, and will chat with Ross about non-football matters. Fans who can't make that game don't have to feel like they've missed out. The following week during the halftime of the Buffalo game there will be celebration honoring the 2001 Harvard Crimson, coincidentally Buffalo's quarterback led the Crimson that year. The Crimson's coach; Tim Murphy, will also chat with Ross about non-football issues, that is if he submits a cup of urine to prove he is drug free; a prerequisite for non-football conversations with the Dolphin owner. Ross also notes that he finally filled the stadium up last week and exclaimed, "Hey, I gotta make a buck and I finally found a way to get some butts in the seats, sold some hotdogs and parking spaces. Good job by me!" When asked if he would be replacing embattled Dolphin Head Coach; Tony Sporano, Ross replied. "Shhhhhh, he standing right over there! Wait untill he leaves for his other job; assistant parking valet at Dania Jai Alai. When he gets on his moped and drives away, we'll talk."

Since: Sep 27, 2011
Posted on: October 30, 2011 12:06 am

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

There is no way Bill Cowher would listen to that clown.

Since: Jun 13, 2007
Posted on: October 29, 2011 11:16 pm

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

I believe Stpehen Ross when he addresses the media.  The man only speaks the truth and he cares about the money Dolphins and the fans.  Reverend Jones  won't have to worry about me drinking the Kool-Aid.  "Oh yeah!!" says the Kool-Aid pitcher.  Mr Capone Ross is being forthright when he says he never approached another person to coach the Miami Dolphins.  John Edwards Stephen Ross is beyond honesty when he says that "he hopes that Tony wins and stays the coach."  (BTW, I do wonder why Mr Ross said "the" coach instead of "our" coach.  It's probably semantics.)  Seriously, the Dolphins are in disarray and I believe that chaos has more to do with ownership than the coach.  From this crow's nest, I see an egomaniacal owner who is just happy to be a member of the National Football League clique as opposed to someone who wants to build a winner.  For the culture to change, ownership needs to be serious about being a competitive football franchise instead wanting to be the hit of the party on game day.  If Mr Ross wanted an offense that will sling the football around the yard, he probably should have fired Tony Sparano at the end of last season and shelled out the big bucks for that kind of coach.  It is pretty easy to tell that Mr Beelzebub Ross thought the lockout could have wiped the season and he would have to shell out the cash for Sparano and a new coach.  We can see that Mr Scrooge Ross is committed to the dollar instead of building a winner.

Since: Aug 21, 2007
Posted on: October 29, 2011 6:56 pm

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

 just maybe, practicing in a climate controlled bubble is doing more harm than good 

Yeah, Let's blame Miami's problems on a bubble you idiot!!!!!!!

Since: May 2, 2008
Posted on: October 29, 2011 6:40 pm

Stephen Ross says he hasn't gone after Cowher

he would never lie about something like that.Undecided

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