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Tebow criticism getting to be too much

Posted on: October 31, 2011 12:30 pm
Edited on: November 1, 2011 6:25 am
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Tim Tebow criticism, at times, gets out of control. When the media piles on, it’s kind of expected, but when Tebow is so bad, that his opponents outright mock him during the game (as seen by Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch Tebowing Tebow after Tulloch sacked Tebow on Sunday), it’s clearly time to think about pulling back.


But if you were in the Lions locker room following Detroit’s 45-10 pounding of Denver, the criticism wasn’t close to ending. In fact, it was rather harsh.

“Can you believe ‘15’?” one Detroit Lions defender told Yahoo Sports’ Michael Silver. “Come on -- that’s embarrassing. I mean, it’s a joke. We knew all week that if we brought any kind of defensive pressure, he couldn’t do anything. In the second half it got boring out there. We were like, ‘Come on -- that’s your quarterback? Seriously?’”

Which, frankly, is some stunning disrespect. While we try to criticize Tebow in a way that’s playful -- I certainly don’t have anything against the man, and I think his character and goodwill are a credit to the NFL -- we try not to be outright mean. That anonymous Lions player was outright mean.

Tebow's Progress
Look, it’s not like this is all Tebow’s fault. Kyle Orton couldn’t win with this bunch either, and Tebow’s skill set clearly isn’t strong enough to make him competent as an NFL quarterback. We don’t know if it will ever be good enough. But since he’s the only Broncos quarterback with a contract that extends beyond the end of this season, John Elway and John Fox wanted to see what he could do on the football field. The coaching staff is the one that’s playing him, whether it's deserved or not.

Clearly, he’s not ready. Clearly, that’s not all his fault. But the criticism continues, and considering he’s on a $9.7125 million contract, he’s ripe for it. But not all of it is fair.

Why, though, such vitriol from his fellow players? Well, Silver has a theory.
However -- and this is a big however -- there’s a glaring disconnect between many fans’ assessment of Tebow’s status as a wholesome winner and the way many NFL players process his presence. To some, the notion that Tebow somehow pushes harder or taps into a higher power than they do is insulting. The NFL is full of maniacally driven grinders who’ve overcome incredible odds to reach the pinnacle of their profession, and many of them are clean-living and well-mannered, too.

While few NFL players seem to have a problem with Tebow on a personal level, I know plenty who are put off by the mythology and the holier-than-thou fan base that lionizes his every accomplishment and perceives negative depictions of his ability through a persecution-complex-tinted prism.

Silver makes a good point, and with the way Tulloch and Lions tight end Tony Scheffler, who mocked the Tebowing phenomena by posing after a touchdown catch, mocked him, that hypothesis can’t be off base.

Yet, it’s unfortunate that his players have to be so mean. After all, most of them haven’t faced the kind of national criticism and ridicule Tebow is currently experiencing. It’s just too bad that Tebow’s grace has been turned against him.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 6:56 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

Tebow is a below average QB right now. His fans over hype him so if you are getting hyped prepare to get criticized. just look at his 2 games, he was terrible and if Denver and Tebow fans still want him out there then by all means let him go out there and play himself out of the league or into another position. But as of right now he isn't an NFL QB. Truly sick of hearing about this guy. You know why there are Tebow haters out there? Because the media and his sime minded fan base constantly talks him up and shoves him down others throats. I can't wait till the day he is just either another player or out of the NFL so I dont have to hear the increasingly ignorant Tebow fan club

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 6:01 am
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Posted on: November 1, 2011 3:04 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

First of all, welcome to winning, Lions fans. This is what happens: people try to tear you down. The Patriots win, and people keep saying they're cheaters and that Brady is a system guys, etc. The Steelers win, and people call Roethlisberger a rapist (he may be, but it has nothing to do with the Steelers winning). When you win, all the losers have is talk. So they talk. They're going to cherry-pick the stats, the schedule, and the games, trying to rain on the parade. They're going to talk about the irrelevant past, and they're going to keep moving the goalposts that mark "success". That's all they can do, because the Lions are 6-2, and that's a winning record.

As for this pathetic whinefest of an article, boo hoo. I mean, this:
Which, frankly, is some stunning disrespect. While we try to criticize Tebow in a way that’s playful -- I certainly don’t have anything against the man, and I think his character and goodwill are a credit to the NFL -- we try not to be outright mean. That anonymous Lions player was outright mean. just sad. Oh noes! People were mean to Tim Tebow! Obviously, he doesn't have the character to go on in the face of criticism! Lame. Like Tebow is going to hide in a corner and cry rather than play because opponents mocked him. No, he's going to get up, work his butt off, and do his thing, however inadequate and ill-prepared it is. The sad thing is, this article does a bigger disservice to Tebow than does the mocking.

But let's be real, here. The "mocking" wasn't even aimed at Tebow. It was aimed at his more obnoxious, thin-skinned, hysterical "fans". You know the ones: overdeveloped sense of entitlement, can't stand criticism and call every perceived slight "hate", smug, willfully ignorant, etc. They deserve to be mocked; they rented billboards, threw hissy fits over coaching decisions, slagged a perfectly good QB as if he was the problem, and shrieked for a year and a half straight about their icon, and now they get to see what happens when you ignore reality (Tebow needs more time to develop) and demand that the world be what you claim it is (Tebow shoved into the lineup before he's ready): He falls down. A lot. And the rest of the world points and says, "See, idiots?! We told you this would happen!"

I feel bad for Tebow. His biggest "fans" are really his worst enemies.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:22 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

You have to be kidding.  Give me a break  All last week following the Miaimi win, don't you think the praise, the hype by the media about Tebow was the same just way over the top. It was just too much last week.  Now when stuff happens, the criticism is the same, way over the top.  Players and some NFL fans have had enough of Tebow being jammed down our throats after the Miami game.  Nothing against Tebow, a good guy with character, but certainly he did not deserve the lavish praise after the Miami win. Sure it was an exciting win, but for days it was all Tim Tebow. Every NFL QB gets lucky from time to time, has an exciting win, but it doesn't mean they are good QBs.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:56 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

I would have liked to have had the ability to play this game.
I feel the media and fan frustration would have been disappointing to experience. However, to play the game at the professional level of Tebow and the other QB's that are revered, might have eased the hurt. He happens to be in that elite club of starting NFL QB's. The money probably assists as well as his dedication to his faith when critizism arises. I live outside Philly, so I don't hear all the talk. Talent can be developed. The type of man Tim Tebow appears to be inside is certainly appreciated by many, yet mocked by those less secure or put-off by his visuals. It is fun to win games and be a winner; and yet that can't be all that one desires. Tebow has the right to be as he is without the negative (immature) responses. Whether he's a tier 1 QB or a wannabe starter, how many critics would do as well? I would pray for his ability so I could play this game for one day.

Since: Oct 25, 2007
Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:37 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

Uh, half the players haven't been around for more than a couple years, outside of freaks like Backus and Hanson - class act guys (Raiola purposely omitted). Some, like Tulloch aka Mr. Tebowing, were highly successful players on very successful teams recently (Titans). 

Honestly, the media hyped up Tebow far too much in one week. His miserable stats but come from behind win had pundits putting Tebow over Stafford and people doubting the Lions. The Lions heard all how week how the Wonder Boy was going to ride in and cause issues against the Lions. A 2-5 team with a scrub QB getting anointed over a proven 5-2 (now 6-2) contender? Absolute nonsense. They were out to prove a point that Time Tebow and the Denver Broncos don't even belong in the same conversation as the Detroit Lions. 

Champ Bailey said it best - no need to whine about the Lions' antics. The proven way to shut them up is to stop them and from Sunday Denver couldn't stop them offensively or defensively. Pitiful performance.  

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:31 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

Boys, lets get this straight. The Lions weren't one of the worst teams in professional sports history, they were THE worst. That is spoken from 50 years of experience. But tell me gentlemen, are any of those past Lions teams playing this year? I don't think so. 

The NFL is all about "What have you done for me lately" as in: your last game, and this season. The Lions beat the Bronco's and that proves that they were the better team on Sunday. Are they a better team than the Bronco's? Probably.  The Rams beat the Saints Sunday, are they a better team than the Saints? Probably not. The Lions are a good football team - there is no argument there. Are they the best - nope, but they are good.  Any yes Green Bay is the best team, not only in the NFC North, but in the whole NFL.
Will the Lions make the playoff? I hope so,
I think they stand a better chance than the Jets do of making the playoffs this year, and even if it's a wild card position at least they get to dance, and after the last 50 years - I'll take that. 

As far as Tebow is concerned, He's an athlete, but he needs to learn to be a QB. Sit him for a couple of years.   Tebow is like the Great Christian Hope. It seems like the Christians want to strap a banner to his back and wave him around proclaiming: See what happens when you are devout? See what happen when you pray and are chaste? Funny thing is though, so are alot of other NFL players (althought probably not the chaste part). But they don't get the Recongnition that Tebow does. (No Cam Newton Backers it's not because he's white) It's because he wears his Christianity on his sleeve. Loud and Proud. which as was stated in the article, "rub some players the wrong way".  Tebow should never have been drafted in the first round. Hell Denver could have picked him in the third for that matter, either way he is still a project - but the only reason he get to play is because he sells tickets. (and Jerseys). That the bottom line.  

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:27 am
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Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:14 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

Agreed, and how long did it take the media to ramp up the "dream team" again for the Eagles. Pretty funny, Tebow wins and they love him, that's all that can be talked about, he gets beat in a blow out and a marginal Broncos team isn't even cited. Orton has the same problem as QB in Denver and so did Jay Cutler.

Since: Jun 25, 2009
Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:08 am

Tebow criticism getting to be too much

The Lions haven't been relevant in over 3 decades.  The idiot Detroit defender who bashed Tebow is only compensating for being affiliated with one of the worst, and most inept, franchises in modern sports.  Tebow, by contrast, is a Heisman winner and two-time CFB champion.  I would much rather have the latter's credentials than any player on a roster that has only NOW showed the sign of being decent.  By the way, Detroit will NEVER win even a division title with Green Bay around. 

First of all the only season that matters in any sport is the season we are currently in.  You end your statement calling people losers but you live in the past?  That would make you a loser, not us.   Do you expect Lions fans to be unhappy and miserable because of what happened 3 or 5 or 10 or 30 years ago?  Didn't think so....

So you'd rather have Tebow's credentials then ANY player on the Lions roster? And you think WE are losers?  LOL   Ok moron.  By the way, there have been quite a few Heisman trophy winners that won national championships that sucked in the NFL....  do some research... 

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