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Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

Posted on: December 9, 2011 10:00 am
Edited on: December 9, 2011 12:33 pm
By Will Brinson

Pittsburgh beat Cleveland 14-3 on Thursday night, but nothing about the victory was easy. Ben Roethlisberger suffered a nasty ankle injury that looked a lot worse at the time, but eventually returned and led the Steelers to a win.

When the injury happened, though, Roethlisberger didn't think he'd be walking back out. In fact, he said after the game he thought the "leg was broken" although it turned out to just be a high ankle sprain, though he was seen leaving the stadium in a walking boot.

"“I thought my leg was broken, honestly," Roethlisberger said after the game, per our Steelers Rapid Reporter Chuck Finder. “We’ll find out how bad it is. Feels like my [left] ankle’s about to explode."

Roethlisberger also added, via Finder, that he couldn't "drop back to pass" after the injury, so his success was entirely dependent on the offensive line keeping the pocket clean for him, which they did.

Ben left the stadium in a walking boot on Thursday night and as Mike Tomlin pointed out after the game, probably going to be on the injury report when the Steelers play again in 10 days.

The good news for the Steelers is that Ben's got time to heal and, as my colleague Ryan Wilson pointed out last night, it's not like "being injured" exactly turns Roethlisberger into an unproductive quarterback.

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Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: December 9, 2011 5:33 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

How do get an Eagles fan off your porch? .... pay him for the pizza !
Since: Apr 22, 2007
Posted on: December 9, 2011 5:20 pm
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Since: Jan 9, 2007
Posted on: December 9, 2011 4:10 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

Only reason Big Ben was able to remain in there is that the Browns were incapable of mounting any type of pass rush. I would have blitzed him BIG time, and knocked his butt out of there. Even if he burnt you a couple of times eventually they would have hurt him. Defenses have to go for the jugular.

I give Big Ben courage for going out there in the second half, but that said, it was a REALLY dumb move. They should have been able to win without him, and they risked losing him for the rest of the season. QBs wandering out there hobbling find themselves hurt really bad.

Since: Dec 4, 2011
Posted on: December 9, 2011 3:36 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

He is as tough as they come, and I look forward to the re-match in January. On our way to the 7th title in our glourious history!! Here we go Steelers, here we go!!

Since: Jul 6, 2008
Posted on: December 9, 2011 3:28 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

i am in no way a steelers fan,,,,,,,,pats are my alliance ,but gotta give it up for ben again, he plays his best when he's hurting, all those people who talk bad about the guy,steeler fans included, the guy is a borderline hall of famer already, he gets another ring in the next 5yrs rapist or not he's headed for Canton,,, so enjoy him while he plays,it took what 30yrs after bradshaw left that they won another superbowl..............p.s here's hoping the pats get a rematch in the AFC championship game against the steelers at Foxboro. 

Since: Dec 4, 2011
Posted on: December 9, 2011 3:25 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

All I can say is, "wow" to all the haters out there. Jealous much? Get over yourselves and try saying the stuff you're saying here, to the mans face. I bet that will happen... NOT! Keyboard Rambos is all you are and even on a broken ankle, Big Ben would kick all of your butts, with no problems. You guys are truly pathetic human beings.

Since: Mar 10, 2008
Posted on: December 9, 2011 3:21 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

Ya i know Tebow can run but you have to admit his throwing is getting better each week(god only knows it couldnt get any worse lol) If the Broncos stick by him he may noy end up being a top 3 qb but he will be a decent qb.Your mold your team to play with what you have so they will never be your cookie cutter offense. As for Ben well I just say ouch and i may or may not like him or the Stellers but I feel the same as I do with Tiger. Seperate the player on and of the field. If you like him as a player fine,if not fine. But he is no wimp.

But i have an injury tyhat beats that. Stamps in the CFL had top have a crushed private part removed during the season and never missed a game. Now that hurts!!!!

Since: Oct 10, 2008
Posted on: December 9, 2011 3:11 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

The Steelers have two wins against the Bengals (7-5), one against New England (9-3), one against Tennessee (7-5) and one against Houston (9-3). 
I believe that is 4 wins against 'winning' teams.  They have only lost to Baltimore twice (once on a last minute TD) and Houston.  Both of those teams have winning records. 

You play with whom you are scheduled to play.  At the end of the season that is really all that matters.  Certainly Indianapolis is not the same team that they thought they were going to see when the schedule was released, but the 49ers probably looked like a pushover then too.

Lets wait and see how things go come the posto-season.

Since: Apr 10, 2007
Posted on: December 9, 2011 2:49 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

One thing you can't say about Big Ben, that he is a wimp.  I think that is why a lot of people like him, he'll come back in, even if he's injured.  Got to love that.

Since: Aug 10, 2011
Posted on: December 9, 2011 2:44 pm

Big Ben in walking boot, thought 'leg was broken'

I see a lot of comments from people questioning the reaction to the injury.  I watched the game and the 20 times that NFL network showed the hit where he got hurt.  Everyone that commented on TV and all those I know watched the game felt that it was a serious injury to the ankle (if not worse).  Gotta say that Ben earned a bit of my respect back when he went back into the game at the start of the third quarter.  Not many other QB's would have done it.  For all those fans that think it was no big deal, I have to wonder if you have had a high ankle sprain like that.  Would you go back into the game where NFL players are coming after you like that?

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