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Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

Posted on: December 10, 2011 2:59 pm
Edited on: December 10, 2011 5:51 pm
We've seen this cartoon before: player smiles, signs for big bucks, then underperforms, hates life. ( illustration)

By Ryan Wilson

Peyton Manning is due a $28 million option bonus this spring. Given that he's 35, hasn't played a down this season (and likely won't), and that the Colts are perfectly positioned to draft Andrew Luck with the first overall pick, there's a chance that Manning won't be in Indianapolis in 2012.

We discussed it on Friday's Pick-6 Podcast:

With a month left in the regular season, there's plenty of speculation about future landing spots for Peyton should his career with the Colts come to an abrupt, inglorious end. 

In the last week, no fewer than five national media types weighed in on where Manning could end up next season, and no fewer than five national media types mentioned the same team: the Washington Redskins.

Shocking, we know.

Here's the rundown (transcription and links via the Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg):

Michael Lombardi, NFL Network: [The Redskins have] a lot of money, a lot of availability, and oh, by the way, they really need a quarterback badly. They need a signature face on their franchise, and I think ultimately, that would be a great landing spot.

But the interesting factor here is Peyton Manning’s only played in three offenses: high school, at Tennessee, and when you look at Indianapolis. There’ve been three offenses, that’s it. If he goes somewhere, I would not be surprised if Tom Moore didn’t join him.

Chris Mortensen, ESPN: Ok, remember, we said that there’s still a big question mark of health. That’s something that nobody can speak to at this point. But if there’s a reasonable assurance that Peyton’s gonna be healthy, then who’s not gonna line up? The Washington Redskins are one obvious team. That’s unquestioned.

Adam Schefter, ESPN (appearing on Vinny Cerrato's Baltimore radio show): All you have to do is take a look around the league and say, who has a quarterback question? Who has a quarterback question? (“Washington,” Cerrato answers.)

Does Washington? Yes, Washington has a quarterback question. Does Miami have a quarterback question? Yes. Does Kansas City have a quarterback question? I think so. Does Cleveland have a quarterback question? Yes. I think Peyton Manning also is gonna dictate how this ends up and where he goes....I could see Washington involved, I could see Miami involved, I could see Cleveland involved. I could see maybe even — this is gonna sound ludicrous — but if Mark Sanchez flames out down the stretch, the Jets involved.


And here's syndicated radio host Dan Patrick from his show earlier in the week: “Looking at the scenarios [on where Peyton could end up], I’m not looking at sort of the obvious places, except for Washington, I understand that…"

But Patrick's guest, Mike Florio of, offered a very good reason for why Peyton-to-DC won't work:

“I think Peyton’s gonna want a team that pays him a ton of money and that has the pieces in place for him to be successful. And I don’t know that he’d want to go to Washington, because look at what’s in place there with Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan," he said. "Kyle wants to run that offense like a little kid with a joystick on the sideline. He wants the quarterback to just do whatever Kyle Shanahan wants. I think Kyle Shanahan’s younger than Peyton Manning, so I don’t think that’s gonna go over well if Peyton and Kyle Shanahan are trying to co-exist.”

Just last week, Archie Manning told's Will Brinson that he thought his son and Andrew Luck could work together. (Archie later stated that he didn't "think [having Luck and Peyton on the same roster] would necessarily be a great fit for either one," before clarifying those remarks by reiterating his original take. "I'm sure they could [work together]," he finally said.)

Of course, there's always the chance the Colts win out, get to 4-12, and in all likelihood, take themselves out of the running for Luck. A quick glance at the schedule suggests that won't happen: they face the Ravens Sunday, then the Titans, Texans and Jaguars.

So, yes, expect to be hearing more about this in the coming weeks and months. And who knows, maybe Peyton just retires and takes the Ole Miss job.

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Since: Sep 28, 2006
Posted on: December 11, 2011 11:11 am

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

Irsay and Polian have already made it perfectly clear that if Manning plays again, it will be in a Colts uniform.  All this speculation, while fun to think about, is waste of time in my opinion.  The Colts will draft Luck and both QBs will be on the roster for the forseeable future.

Since: Sep 25, 2010
Posted on: December 11, 2011 11:06 am

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

KC is the black hole for QBs...don't know why, but they all play well but ultimately can't win there. If Peyton goes to KC te same will happen. He should go to Miami, with a new coach. With Mike Nolan and marshall and Bush...they have the pieces that Peyton could galvanize and take all the way. And I am NORT a fins fan..just speaking truth

Since: May 31, 2007
Posted on: December 11, 2011 10:12 am

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

Well, two things are going to have to coincide for Manning to move (and I do think that, in the end, it's likely Manning will be moved).

First, I think the Colts are going to have to eat some or all of that $28 million bonus.

Second, whomever gets him will have to do so under the assumption that he's a 2-year, short-term fix.  I think with the neck thing, even if he comes back full strength you have to assume it's on borrowed time.

I think that eliminates teams like the Browns or Seahawks, who probably don't feel like they're just a QB away from being Super Bowl contenders in the next year or two.

Since: Sep 8, 2011
Posted on: December 11, 2011 9:16 am

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

I've been a die-hard Reskins fan for the 30 years I can remember in life.  If they sign Peyton Manning and don't go after a QB in the draft I will seriously have to re-examine how I feel about the franchise.  It's year after year of bone head, baseball style trying to build a team.  It doesn't work in football.  Period.  A Peyton Manning signng would make my love of the franchise die HARD.

Since: Dec 2, 2009
Posted on: December 11, 2011 6:54 am

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

From a per football fan perspective (and seemingly onfield performance perspective) I would agree with many comments listed here that getting rid of Manning seems like a very silly decision.  However, we are looking at from a short sighed fans perspective, consider it from a business perspective. 

Who in their right minds would pay 28 million to a player that may or may not remain healthy?  Somebody coming back from not just one, but multiple serious surgeries, who is on the back side of their playing career?  That coupled with the fact that you have a team that is missing a lot more than just a quarterback?  You don't go 0-12 in the NFL because the only piece you are missing is a QB. 

Manning is an awesome QB (as much as it pains me to say that) but do you mortgage a franchise for one great player who's body is being fused together, literally and who is on the back side of his career.  If I was the owner I would say no.  I would trade Manning for as much value as I could and use it to rebuild my franchise.  You can say well, where is the loyalty for all Manning has done for the Colts, I'd say it's in the same place the fan loyalty will be if the Colts begin to turn in 0-12, 1-15, 3-13 annual performances?  Fans won't pay for that crap and in the end pro football from the owner's perspective is a business and it has to make money (unless of course the owner is so rich its his/her tax write off). 

All that being said is why I have no problem with players wanting huge contracts with guranteed money or big bonus up front, its a business with high risks and short career spans.  BUT, if you get the big contract you'd better do the work!  Which is why I respect the Mannings of the world and can't stand the Haynesworths, but that is another post altogether. 

Since: Jan 18, 2011
Posted on: December 11, 2011 6:51 am

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

If there is one chance in a billion that he could hurt the neck...or parallzed the rest of his life.......pls retire Peyton....You owe nobody nothing and Indy owes u 

Since: Dec 18, 2006
Posted on: December 11, 2011 3:31 am

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

Peyton won't be playing with any other team but the Colts. If he can play, the Colts is not going to give him away thats for sure.

Since: Dec 10, 2011
Posted on: December 10, 2011 10:42 pm

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

I would personally love for Peyton to come to KC because he is one of the best QB's in the league.  We seem to have parts of our team working at different times and if we had someone who had their shit together...who knows...  But my husband says to say that he would like to see Peyton come here because KC always seems to sign washed up old QBs.  He's mean!!!  GO KC!!!

Since: Aug 18, 2006
Posted on: December 10, 2011 8:35 pm

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

This is crazy to think about. I seriously doubt the Colts let Manning go. I would be completely shocked. Colts fans should be going crazy to stop this. It would be like the 49ers letting Montana go to the Cheifs, like that would happen? Wait, it did. The one thing about that is Steve Young was NFL tested and NFL superstar ready. Luck could could be Heath Shuler2 or Trent Dilfer2 or Matt Lienart2. No way Luck can singlehandedly carry the Colts like Manning did. He is a one of a kind. Top 5 QB since he came into the NFL.

Since: Oct 27, 2006
Posted on: December 10, 2011 7:06 pm

Are the Redskins in Peyton Manning's future?

I'm not so sure he would want to return to a team that obviously is facing a major rebuilding.  If his health allows, he can likely have up to 4 productive years left.  He is not going to waste 2 of them on a team that is rebuilding.  The team I think has the most young talent, and who are set to compete for the next few years?  The Kansas City Chiefs.   I'm not suire Cassel is consistent enough to take the team all of the way.  They have 3 good WR's, in Bowe, Breaston and Baldwin, who is going to be very good, Moeaki will return to play tight end, next season, and if Charles can return to hsi pre-injury form, this is an offense that can be damn good.  Montana did it.  Is Manning next?  I think it's an ideall situation for him.

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