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Report: Bucs GM Dominik wanted to cut Aqib Talib

Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:08 pm
Edited on: December 13, 2011 11:12 pm
By Will Brinson

Raheem Morris says he isn't worried about the temperature of his seat. (US Presswire)

It's coaching hot seat season right now, and the Buccaneers Rahee Morris finds himself squarely at the top of the list of coaches rumored to be flying in the danger zone. Though Morris won 10 games in 2010, the Bucs have struggled mightily this season, limping to seven-straight losses, including a 41-14 bloodbath in Jacksonville last week.

Not helping matters is the lack discipline surrounding the team and its young players (Brian Price, as an example, was sent off during a game recently). And not helping matters, according to Jason Cole at Yahoo Sports, is the fact that Morris talked the Bucs into keeping troubled cornerback Aqib Talib during the offseason.

"After getting arrested for the gun incident, Tampa Bay management was ready to cut ties with Talib once and for all, according to a team source," Cole wrote on Tuesday night. "General manager Mark Dominik didn’t care about Talib’s supreme talent, the distractions were no longer worth the drama, the source said."

Week 14 Recap

Cole writes that Morris has become "too close to the players" in his role as a coach, and quotes a current Bucs player who believes keeping a troubled albeit talented player like Talib sends the "wrong message."

Morris, for his part, isn't sweating the hot seat. Or at least isn't sweating the hot seat more than he does every other day he's at work.

"When you're coaching, you are always on the hot seat," Morris said Tuesday, per the St. Petersburg Times. "That's the mentality of what we do. We were on the hot seat when we were 10-6 and we didn't go to the playoffs. We could still get fired. I remember I got fired when I was 9-7 and I became the head coach that same year. So you're always in the hot seat."

Morris added, via our Bucs Rapid Reporter Scott Purks, that he'll only concern himself with criticism from the guys who sign his checks.

"The only criticism I'm worried about is from [Bucs owners] and [general manager Mark Dominik]," Morris said. "[The media's criticism] doesn't matter. We're not going into [Saturday's game against Dallas] to not get fired. We're going in to win."

Unfortunately for Morris, Cole's report about Dominik wanting to cut Talib and being talked out of it by his own coach is exactly the sort of thing to be concerned about.

If Dominik and the Glazer family believe Morris is too close to the players and unable to control the guys on his roster, a seven-game (or more) losing streak is exactly the sort of thing that'll put him on the chopping block come the end of the season.

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 10:52 am

Report: Bucs GM Dominik wanted to cut Aqib Talib

"When you're coaching, you are always on the hot seat," Morris said Tuesday
Way to deflect the truth about your precarious position.

Is Mike McCarthy on the hot seat? No way. Is Bill Belichick on the hot seat? Nope. John or Jim Harbaugh? No and no. Sean Payton? Of course not.

Losing puts you on the hot seat, and you, sir, are losing. (unlike Charlie Sheen)

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 9:07 pm

Report: Bucs GM Dominik wanted to cut Aqib Talib

Coaching turnover is the new way of the world in the NFL nowadays. It's always what have you done for me lately. Last year Morris was a hero, an overachiever, a hot young coach. Now he's a goat, ready to be put out to pasture.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 11:20 am

Report: Bucs GM Dominik wanted to cut Aqib Talib

I always find it halirious when people say "in the real world". O h you mean that world where most of the people are too lazy to try to achieve antyhing in life that might take a little but of effort and then chastise those who do put in the work and make a nice life for themselves and their families because of that hard work. I guess i live in a fantasy world then.....

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 11:13 am

Where else but the NFL to give a felon a job?

In the real world, Talib would be sacking groceries for life. They should place a league-wide ban on all felons. PERIOD.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 2:47 am

Report: Bucs GM Dominik wanted to cut Aqib Talib

How about cutting Raheem?

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