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Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 16

Posted on: December 28, 2011 12:08 pm
Edited on: December 28, 2011 1:34 pm

Posted by Will Brinson

Every week, our NFL experts will hand out the Eye on Football hardware to the best of the best from the NFL week that was.

Week 16 NFL Awards
Expert Offense Defense STeams Coach
Freeman  Brees  Byrd Janikowski Schwartz
Judge  Brees  Grant  Akers Coughlin
Prisco Rodgers  JPP Seymour Coughlin
Brinson  Brees  Bills  Akers Coughlin
Katzowitz  Cruz  Mayo Seymour Coughlin
Wilson  Brees  Bills Janikowski Coughlin
One. More. Week. It's terrifying, isn't it? Anyway, before we get to that, let's hit up the (slightly delayed) Week 16 Eye on Football Awards.

On offense, only one voter steered away from record-breaker Drew Brees and there's definitely an argument for Aaron Rodgers. But Brees breaking Dan Marino's record for passing yards in a season gave him the nod for the Eye on Offense Award.

On defense, the Bills defense as a whole picked up the Eye on Defense Award thanks to their evisceration of Tim Tebow and the Broncos.

Another record-breaker, David Akers, gets the nod for the Eye on Special Teams Award based on a tiebreaker in a three-way race with a pair of Raiders.

And Tom Coughlin nearly got the clean sweep for the Eye on Coaching Award with the way he handled his business against the Jets.

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Eye on Offense Award
Mike Freeman Clark Judge
Drew Brees Drew Brees, QB, Saints
Don't like how the Saints did it but Brees still deserves credit for reaching it. The record is more about perserverance than anything else. Brees was told he'd never make it this far. He wasn't good enough. He's too short. His arm is weak and he proved so many people wrong. That's the best part of this story.
Drew BreesDrew Brees, QB, Saints
It's not the four touchdowns or the lopsided defeat of Atlanta that puts him here. It's breaking Dan Marino's record for single-season yardage. It took someone 27 years to make it. The least we can do is acknowledge him with this award.
Pete Prisco Will Brinson
Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers
Rodgers throws five touchdown passes against the Bears to lock up home-field advantage in the playoffs and get the No. 1 NFC seed for the Packers. Can we give him this award every week?
Drew BreesDrew Brees, QB, Saints
Didn't particularly like the way the Saints gunned for or celebrated the record, but that's on Sean Payton and Brees, and if the Falcons wanted to stop them, they should have. So give Brees his due credit for walking down one of the hardest-to-break records in sports.
Josh Katzowitz Ryan Wilson
Victor CruzVictor Cruz, WR, Giants
Cruz talked trash before Saturday’s Jets game and then backed it up with a 99-yard touchdown reception that was a marvel? It’s hard to believe that last season, Cruz was not even supposed to make the team. Now, he's one of the most exciting receivers in the game.
Drew Brees Drew Brees, QB, Saints
Brees broke Dan Marino's 27-year-old passing record and was even accused of running up the score in the process. The accomplishment along with the whining from the Falcons makes him worthy of the honor.
Eye on Defense Award
Freeman Judge
Jairus ByrdJairus Byrd, S, Bills
The Buffalo defender returned a Tim Tebow pick 37 yards for a score in a Bills blowout. I'll go ahead and resist the temptation to do a Tebow joke here. It's just really too easy at this point.
Larry Grant Larry Grant, LB, 49ers
He starts for the injured Patrick Willis and finishes with 11 tackles, second best on the team. None, however, was more important than the last -- with Grant forcing a Tarvaris Jackson fumble that sealed a San Francisco victory and, in all likelihood, a first-round playoff bye.
Prisco Brinson
Jason Pierre-PaulJason Pierre-Paul, DE, Giants
Pierre-Paul had two sacks, three quarterback hits and four tackles. He was all over the field in the Giants victory over the Jets, which was critical to Coughlin's team staying alive for the playoffs.
Jairus ByrdBills DST
The Bills handed Tim Tebow his first-ever four-interception game and returned two of the picks to the house in a surprise beatdown of the Broncos. That they did it a week after giving up 200 rushing yards to Reggie Bush is all the more impressive/shocking.
Katzowitz Wilson
Jerod Mayo Jerod Mayo, LB, Patriots
As bad as the Pats defense has been this year, you have to give credit to Mayo for making a difference in New England’s comeback win against the Dolphins. Mayo recorded 13 tackles and his first two sacks of the season to keep the Patriots alive for a No. 1 AFC seed.
Chris Kelsay Chris Kelsey, LB, Bills
This goes to the Bills defense, which intercepted Tebow four times (including two pick-sixes), but Kelsay had two sacks and was in the Broncos backfield all day.

Eye on Special Teams Award
Freeman Judge
Sebastian JanikowskiSebastian Janikowski, K, Raiders
Kicked the game-winner against the Kansas City Chiefs to keep their postseason hopes alive. I remember when Janikowski was nothing but the source of fat jokes. Now he might be the best kicker in football.
David Akers David Akers, K, 49ers
Here's another guy who sets a single-season record, kicking 42 field goals ... with one game still to play. Akers had four in the 49ers' defeat of Seattle, with his last the game winner. I can't imagine where the 49ers would be without him. I know where Philadelphia is.
Prisco Brinson
Richard SeymourRichard Seymour, DL, Raiders
He blocked two field goals, including the potential game-winner on the final play of regulation against the Chiefs. Oakland won the game in overtime to keep their playoff chances alive.
Dan BaileyDavid Akers, K, 49ers
Andy Reid was off on Akers career -- the Eagles didn't want to pay the man and all he did was kick the most field goals in a single season in NFL history (42). The 49ers don't have the season they're having without Akers being so steady on the special teams end of things.
Katzowitz Wilson
Richard Seymour Richard Seymour, DL, Raiders
He was the Chiefs worst nightmare, blocking two field goals -- including the potential game-winner -- to keep Oakland in the hunt for a playoff berth and to eliminate KC. Even if his on-field temper gets him into trouble occassionally, the 11-year vet still has the ability to make big-time plays.
Sebastian Janikowski Sebastian Janikowski, K, Raiders
Janikowski's game-winner in overtime against the Chiefs kept the Raiders' playoff hopes alive and the kicker finally got his first Pro Bowl trip this week.

Eye on Coaching Award
Freeman Judge
Jim SchwartzJim Schwartz, HC, Lions
He exercized the ghosts of the pathetic Matt Millen by getting the Lions in the playoffs. It's quite the achievement by Schwartz in a surprisingly short amount of time.
Tom Coughlin Tom Coughlin, HC, Giants
After listening to Rex Ryan and the Jets talk all week, he and his club respond with a 29-14 defeat that puts them one win from the playoffs. Not only did Coughlin outlast the Jets, he survived a sideline collision that had him limping. The Giants take a cue from their coach: "No toughness, no championship."
Prisco Brinson
Tom CoughlinTom Coughlin, HC, Giants
With his team's season on the line, Coughlin led his team to a victory over the New York Jets. Coughlin has been good at getting his team ready for big games. He has another this week against the Cowboys.

Tom CoughlinTom Coughlin, HC, Giants
The only guy involved with New York football who refused to talk any trash this week? Coughlin. He let his team do the talking for him on the field, knocking around the Jets enough to create questions for Little Brother, and giving the Giants a shot at a division title and a playoff berth.
Katzowitz Wilson
Tom Coughlin Tom Coughlin, HC, Giants
Whether he’s on the hot seat or not, Coughlin still managed to keep his team level-headed in the face of a torrent of trash-talk from the Jets in a city rivalry game. The Giants just have to beat the Cowboys in order to take the NFC East title. It seems like people forget how good a coach Coughlin is, but on Saturday, he taught Rex Ryan a lesson.
Tom Coughlin Tom Coughlin, HC, Giants
He began the week by proclaiming that "talk is cheap" only to listen as various members of the Giants called out the Jets. The difference between them and Rex Ryan's squad? The Giants backed it up Saturday. And if they beat the Cowboys in Week 17 they'll win the division.

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Posted on: December 29, 2011 11:12 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 16

I've been a Giants fan since the first Super Bowl.Super Bowl 21 at the Rose Bowl '87.Which I still have the ticket stub (only $75 per ticket).How Coughlin is the coach of week 16 is beyond me.Beating a horrible Jet team.Throwing the ball,instead of running and eating the clock ,with a comfortable lead in the 3rd quarter and getting intercepted.The Jets are not a team that can capitalize on the turnover and give the ball back on the next play. The Giants back field cant cover anyone.If they make the playoffs,they will be eaten alive by a good QB.Drew Brees and the Saints scored 49 points! If the Giants loose to Dallas.I think Coughlin may not return next season. 

Since: Nov 21, 2007
Posted on: December 29, 2011 4:24 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 16

Mightypup... I really like your idea of losing 4 yards on 4th down, thereby not letting Brees break the record.  Of course, the Saints could then have taken a delay of game penalty to move back, but that would have been interesting to see.  Certainly would have added a neat twist to it all.  Or, perhaps the Falcons could have let them score on the 1 running play. 

I am happy to have seen Drew and company break the record.  I personally want to thank the Falcons defense for allowing us all to see.

Since: Sep 23, 2011
Posted on: December 29, 2011 11:08 am

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 16

Tom Coughlin is seriously the worst coach in the league. I could not stand him in Jacksonville and I really can't stand him in NY. He "motivates" his players by talking down to them. How is that what you want in a leader of men? I hope they fire him and he never gets a job again.

Since: Dec 2, 2006
Posted on: December 29, 2011 12:03 am

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 16

I am sick to death of those who castigate Brees for going for the record, the record that the entire broadcast crew was keeping a count down report the entire game. They might have had a point EXCEPT for this: Atlanta chose to go on a fourth down, deep in their own terrirtory, when the game was long past being over. Hey critics, had the Falcons been so determined to prevent this record being broke on them, all they had to do was take the 4th down snap and drop back 4 yards so Brees wouldn't have the requred 30 yards for the record. Or they could have punted it, which is what I would have expected. At least then Brees could have tried for the record without making a TD. Frankly, watching the game I had to wonder if the Atlanta coach had not intentionally set it up so Brees could hit the record, at least it appeared that way.

Since: Nov 26, 2006
Posted on: December 28, 2011 4:37 pm

Eye on Football NFL Awards: Week 16

Don't like the way Brees/Paton handled the Record! That is why you are sitting in a chair looking for things to write about instead of Being a QB or Coach. If it wasn't for these kind of things happening you wouldn't have anything to write about. If the Falcons are not professional enough to know what was going on, then they have a big problem. Instead of being mad at themselves for letting the game get to that point they have to complaing about going for the record. In truth they didn't want the record to be broken against them, so why didn't they stop the Saints in the first 3 1/2 Qtrs? I gaurantee if Matt Ryan was in the same situation the Falcons or any other team would have done the same thing.

On the game has changed and Morino had a tougher time in getting his yards I can agree on that, but how come it was not brought up when Brady or Manning was breaking records. Some of the records they were/are breaking was in the old way of playing the game, plus they are playing more games now then when some of those records were originally made.

Records are made to be broken, so don't ty to tarnish them when the are with your Media/Writers B.S.

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