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Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

Posted on: December 30, 2011 4:57 pm
Edited on: December 30, 2011 4:58 pm
A. Luck should be a No. 1 selection in next year's draft. Who will select him, though (US Presswire).

By Josh Katzowitz

As we enter the final weekend of the season, a number of squads are just playing out the string, hoping to put a solid performance on film, ready to clean out their lockers and look ahead to next year. While only four games on this week’s schedule mean absolutely nothing in terms of the postseason, quite a few of those teams are just looking to play spoiler.

And looking to the 2012 draft, where they can begin to rebuild their team or shore up that one position that could put them over the hump for next season. That’s why we’re taking the 10-worst teams in the league this year and finding one major flaw that needs to be fixed from April 26-28 in New York City’s Radio Music Hall.

For these teams -- and their fans -- the time has come to salivate at the prospects of landing the exact right guy that could change their fortunes for years to come.

10. Bills: Defensive line -- I didn’t like the Ryan Fitzpatrick $59 million extension earlier this year, and I hate it now. But I think Buffalo has other concerns for the moment, and they come on defense. For one, Buffalo has a tough time stopping the run. First-round pick Marcell Dareus has been a bit inconsistent at the nose tackle, but he also has the ability to play like a monster. The 3-4  ends, though, need to be better. Injured tackle Kyle Williams obviously will help when he returns next season, but the ability to rush the passer once in a while also would help (Buffalo’s 25 sacks ranks 30th in the league).

9. Dolphins: Quarterback -- Look, the Dolphins have some talent. They proved that when Tony Sparano’s job was on the line, and they started winning games. They proved it by nearly beating Tom Brady, and they proved it by nearly beating Tim Tebow (that last point was a joke). While Matt Moore has been much better than expected after taking over for Chad Henne, he’s a Band-Aid. I think most of us would agree that Henne isn’t the answer as the starter, and perhaps, he and Moore could have a battle to see who could back-up a legit starting quarterback. Reggie Bush established himself as a 1,000-yard rusher, and with a talented quarterback like Robert Griffin III (if he lasts that long in the draft), the Dolphins could begin pushing for AFC East crowns.

8. Browns: Pass rushers -- Cleveland got two defensive linemen early last year (tackle Phil Taylor in the first round and end Jabaal Sheard in the second), and they’ve done a nice job on the left side of the defensive line. But the defense ranks 25th in the league in sacks, and defensive end Jayme Mitchell hasn’t had a great season. Marcus Benard, coming off a solid rookie season last year, is on IR, and if the Browns could get one more high-end rusher in the draft, they’d have talent and depth.

7. Redskins: Quarterback -- It’s probably time for Mike Shanahan to come to the realization that his quarterback picks the past two years have been disastrous (Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, John Beck). He said the other day that the rebuild of this franchise has taken more time than he thought, but a standout quarterback obviously would help that process along. Shanahan also said that there was no question in his mind that he’d be back next season, but unless he finds a way to invigorate his offense, that might be a different story this time next year.

6. Chiefs: Right tackle -- Looking across Kansas City’s depth chart, there’s not one position group that so obviously needs to be overhauled. The Chiefs have talent, even if some of those positions don’t have much depth. But right tackle Barry Richardson has badly struggled this season. According Pro Football Focus, Richardson is the worst-rated offensive tackle in the league (the decision to cut Jared Gaither near the end of the season was a bad one). Left tackle Branden Albert is solid, but the right side of the line needs to be reworked.

Minnesota's secondary has been a big concern this year (US Presswire).5. Buccaneers: Run defenders -- The Buccaneers tried to shore up their defensive end spots last draft, taking Adrian Clayborn in the first round and Da’Quan Bowers in the second round. Considering Tampa Bay ranks dead last in sacks, the experiment hasn’t paid off immediate dividends. But the Buccaneers are also terrible against the run, and even though tackle Albert Haynesworth has played better than most of us had a right to expect, there are still huge holes to fill in the lineup.

4. Vikings: Secondary -- The Vikings rank as the 31st-worst defense in the NFL, but in reality, their front seven has talent (for instance, Jared Allen, Kevin Williams and Chad Greenway). Minnesota lost Antoine Winfield (its best corner) early in the year, Chris Cook has legal troubles, safety Jamarca  Sanford has struggled badly and the rest of the safeties have been ravaged by injuries. It’s no  wonder opposing quarterbacks dominate the Vikings defensive backs. On the season, Minnesota has recorded seven interceptions, worst in the NFL. The Vikings need to find somebody who can force turnovers in order to improve this unit.

3. Jaguars: Receivers – Oh, how they need receivers. Yes, Blaine Gabbert has been, by far, the worst rookie quarterback to play this year, but Jacksonville, even with new ownership and a new coach, probably needs to give him more than a season to see if he’s a quarterback of the future. He also needs somebody who can catch his passes. Here are Jacksonville’s top-three receivers: Mike Thomas, Jarret Dillard, and yeah, nobody else. In fact, there’s a good chance running back Maurice Jones-Drew will end up as the team’s leading pass-catcher this season. Hard to blame Gabbert completely when his receiving corps is so bad.

2. Colts: Running backs -- Assuming Peyton Manning returns healthy next season -- admittedly, a huge assumption -- his receivers should continue to be fine (this, of course, depends on what happens with free agents Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon). But we’ve seen this year that without a running game, a Manning-less Colts squad has very little chance of doing anything (mostly because Manning makes up for SO many team deficiencies). Joseph Addai, who’s averaging 3.8 yards per carry and probably won’t get to 500 rushing yards on the season for the second year in a row, might be released into free agency, and Donald Brown, while improved, isn’t a legit No. 1 running back. The Colts obviously have a big decision to make regarding Manning and Andrew Luck, but taking a running back probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.

1.Rams: Offensive linemen -- There’s been talk that maybe the Rams should grab Luck if they end up with the No. 1 pick. Which, with Sam Bradford on the team, would be ludicrous. Instead, St. Louis should be focused on how to put together an offensive line that doesn’t lead the league in sacks allowed. The biggest problem, not including injuries to Jason Smith and Jacob Bell that have hurt the unit, has been the line’s interior. Linemen aren’t the sexiest position, but damn, St. Louis needs to find some that can stay healthy and keep Bradford and Steven Jackson out of danger.

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 11:41 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

Chiefs biggest need is a top QB. Orton and casseel just don't cut it.

Since: Dec 22, 2011
Posted on: January 1, 2012 2:17 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

Why is it that all these industry pros say the Chiefs need a RT or a LT those can be picked up via free agency a la McKinney, Gaither etc.   What the Chiefs really need is a Franchise QB KC has never drafted or developed a Franchise QB and we won't go anywhere unless we can.  Do these writers really think that Cassel, Orton etc are serviceable and accomplished pro starting QBs?  If so they need ot have their credentials and jobs reexamined...and any fans who think Cassel and company will get us anywhere...need to have their heads examined and maybe their water tested for teh kool-aid from arrowhead they are swallowing. 

Since: Dec 14, 2006
Posted on: January 1, 2012 12:56 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

Actually, I agree with this article.  The Colts bigger need is a running back as opposed to a QB at the moment.  They might be better off wind up with the second selection in the draft, so that the pressure is not on them to take Luck.  In this scenario, assuming the Rams pass on Luck with the first pick of the draft, the number 2 pick is even more valuable trade bait considering the contract is not as high to get him signed the farther he drops.

Yes, I understand the value of a franchise QB, but the timing has to be right as well.

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 4:57 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

Josh Katzowitz...Why do you feel the need to curse in many of your articles? You trying to be cool or something? Good writers don't need to put filth in their articles to make a point. Grow up....this isn't some punk rock website.
Yeah, that cocksucker should watch his motherfucking mouth.

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 4:56 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

Colts. Running back with the first or second pick? Really? Are you stupid?
You really thought he meant take a running back that high? Really? It never occurred to you that he meant trade down and take a back? It should have; even you thought of it.

Rams. There is no offensive lineman this year worthy of the number one pick.
Again, that he meant trading down to one of the QB-hungry teams who will sell the farm for Luck or Griff3 doesn't occur to you? Maybe you shouldn't throw words like "stupid" around so casually.

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 3:47 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

Perfect sense. If the Bills put that type of money out for a qb they have to get a top flight WR. probbly the second of the board.

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 2:35 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

What a piece of trash article. Wong in spots, obvious in others and how about a few names? I'll help out here.
Colts. Running back with the first or second pick? Really? Are you stupid? Maybe trade the pick for a later first and a second and then take a running back. But personally, I don't think Manning can come back and they will obviously take Luck. No other choice. Taking a running back WOULD be a bad idea.
Rams. There is no offensive lineman this year worthy of the number one pick. I'm not sold on USC's Kalil or Stanford's Martin as Top 5 worthy picks just because they happen to be the best OL in the draft. I think the Rams go for the best defensive player available (LSU's Claiborne?). Here is a more obvious option where the Rams trade down for a lower number one and a two. Then draft an O-lineman and draft a defensive player for depth.
Jaguars. Justin Blackmon is the only pick. So, he's right about WR here.
Vikings. Unfortunately, while DB would be good here, running back may be a need. That injury to Adrian Peterson did not look good. Assuming they don't trade the pick and Claiborne is gone, I don't see Minnesota using this pick for the second best DB. Therefore, I see Trent Richardson here.
Buccaneers. Defense is definitely the pick here, but is there a good run defender out there to be had? Maybe Devon Still of Penn State or Quinton Coples of North Carolina. This will be a combine-based choice as to which defender performs best. Still might be the pick based on collegiate competition.
Chiefs will go OL and take Kalil or Martin, who ever projects best to move to the right side. I'd go Martin.
Redskins take Robert Griffin III (assuming the Dolphins haven't traded up to take him). If there is one flaw in RGIII's game, it is his lack of pocket presence and tendency to hold the ball too long. That will get him hurt real quick in the NFL. If Griffin is gone, I don't know if the Redskins can take what's left at QB, since Barkley chose to stay in school. Landry Jones (if he comes out) is not worth this pick. Otherwise, I think the Redskins take Kalil or Dre Kirkpatrick as best availables.
Browns. Luke Kuechly of Boston College or Courtney Upshaw of Alabama will help the Browns defense. Surprise pick? Alshon Jeffery of South Carolina at WR.
Dolphins. Again assuming they haven't traded up to get RGIII, Miami takes best available OL or defender here. Maybe WR if Blackmon or Jeffery have fallen this far.
Bills. You just signed your QB to an extension, of course you're going to get him help WR, if Jeffery is still here or you go Kirkpatrick, Alabama's Mark Barron or North Alabama's Janoris Jenkins as the best DB available. Jenkins will be a All-star game/combine darling.

There you have it.     &n

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 9:41 am

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

damn Saigon take a chill..If you think the word damn is filth then I can imagine what you think of sports cheerleaders :)

As for the colts, yes please do take a Rb so my fins have a shot at a decent qb. Personally I dont care if we have to give 4 #1's to the rams to get luck, as we always either screw up our 1st roundersanyway or just draft a lineman, so it would be no great loss to just give them away and get a real franchise qb

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 8:21 am

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

You didn't like Fitzpatrick's contract extension and you hate it now?  Well, who are you?  A heir to the Wilson family?  Hey, it isn't your money to like or dislike.  You admit in the next couple of sentences that injuries have hurt Buffalo's defensive line.  So, in truth, what do you really think?  Maybe a couple of healthy years with those younger players will help.  Then are you still wanting the Bills to dump Fitzpatrick?

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 7:24 am

Top Ten with a Twist: Draft needs

I guess you had to explain the Tebow slight so your friends would still think your cool, Mr. Katzowitz. Sometime football writers have to pick a victim and hype a loser.  Remember the dream team. That dog is dead(only kidding)

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