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Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Posted on: January 3, 2012 4:25 pm
One way or the other, Flynn's getting paid this offseason. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Ryan Wilson

After what Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn did to the Lions Sunday -- 31 of 44 for 480 yards and a team record six touchdowns -- we joked on the Pick-6 Podcast (embedded below for your listening pleasure) that the performance would mean the Redskins would be first in line to throw a ton of dough in Flynn's general direction.

We stress "joked."

Then on Tuesday we saw this tweet from ESPN 980's Chris Russell: "Heard Matt Flynn's great performance Sunday generated a lot of buzz & positive chatter amongst the big names of the #Redskins organization."

Of course he did.

Look, Flynn had a mind-blowing afternoon against Detroit, and he also played well during a 2010 start against the Patriots. And in that sense, he's already more accomplished than Kevin Kolb was before he was anointed "the next franchise quarterback" last offseason. The Cardinals gave up a second-round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and signed Kolb to a $63 million extension. In return they got nine starts, nine touchdowns, eight interceptions, a 57.7 completion percentage and a ton of questions.

The takeaway: don't devote a non-trivial portion of your salary cap to someone who plays the most important position on the field based on a handful of snaps. Somehow, that wasn't entirely clear to everyone.

The Canton Repository's Steve Doerschuk writes that the Browns could also be interested in Flynn. Doerschuk doesn't cite a source but writes that "There is no question Mike Holmgren would rush soon-to-be-free agent Matt Flynn hard. The only question is how much the Browns president likes the [Flynn]."

Is Flynn an upgrade over Colt McCoy, who Holmgren selected in the third round of the 2010 draft? Sure. Is he so much better than McCoy that the Browns should pay him starter's money to find out? Almost certainly not.

But as's Will Brinson pointed out in Monday's Sorting the Sunday Pile, Flynn made himself some coin with Sunday's effort. "That's going to translate well when he becomes an unrestricted free agent and potentially becomes the most desirable quarterback on the market. There are lots of teams that need a quarterback and Flynn will be on everyone's radar just as much as Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck. If someone falls in love with him, he might get Kevin Kolb money."

To paraphrase Chris Rock, we're not saying it's right … but we understand.

But if Flynn's in line for a big payday, the Packers might want to get their cut, too. Yes, Flynn's set to be an unrestricted free agent in a few months, but there's a chance Green Bay could franchise him. No, seriously.

Because there may be little time (or opportunity) to trade Flynn before the start of free agency in March, the Packers' might get the biggest return on their investment by franchising him. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tom Silverstein explains:
In exchange for being tagged, Flynn would receive a one-year deal worth the average of the last five franchise tag numbers at his position. Last year, the franchise number for quarterbacks was around $14 million, and it's likely to be higher this year.

So once the Packers tag Flynn, that $14 million counts against their salary cap. Flynn would automatically become the highest-paid player on the team in terms of annual salary.

NFL teams are prohibited from trading franchise players. In fact, the rules say you may not franchise a player with the intent to sign him to a contract and then trade him. However, this rule has been broken before and the NFL tends to look the other way.
Silverstein adds that the move isn't without risk for the Packers. Putting aside the illegality of a tag and trade, there's also the issue of having a $14 million backup on your roster if other teams aren't sufficiently interested in trading for him. Which means that team president Ted Thompson would have to work with Flynn's agent "behind the scenes to find a trading partner and then negotiate a deal suitable to Flynn."

Silverstein was told by a "prominent agent who has represented a franchise player" that Green Bay could be in line for a first-round pick at minimum for Flynn, and maybe a first- and third-rounder.

That sounds, well, extreme, especially since Hue Jackson already traded for Carson Palmer. Then again, Redskins owner Dan Snyder isn't afraid to mortgage the future for the possibility of success now. 

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 12:04 pm
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Posted on: January 4, 2012 11:15 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Matt Flynn's performance last week only proves that Green Bay has built such a formidable team that any moderately skilled backup QB can step in and do well. If the Browns had the same O-line and receivers as Green Bay, this article would be about how Colt McCoy should be MVP this year.

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 10:34 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Matt Flynn does have two good things going for him that all teams will want: (1) he's a winner- He's won championships both in college  (LSU) and in the NFL (last Superbowl) so that provides him with background on how to win
Uh, no.  Last year's Super Bowl gave him nothing.  He didn't play, which means he has absolutely no idea what kind of pressure is on his shoulders.  At LSU, he wasn't asked to do much.  He was a serviceable game manager with a stellar defense and two stud receivers (LaFell and Doucet.)  I'm not taking anything away from Flynn as a player, but he's just ok.  The other two guys you mentioned, Brunell and Hasselbeck, were both groomed by Mike Holmgren, not anybody currently on the Packers staff.  Unless you're saying that there's something in the water in Green Bay that turns ordinary QBs into good to very good QBs.  And if that's the case, explain why it never worked for the Majik Man.

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 10:02 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Lets hope not - he looks better then Kolb. Kolb has been a BUST this year in my opinion and what he is making salary wise. I think Flynn has learned a lot from Rodgers and that Packer system plays a large part too. I could see him being solid but not last Sunday like somewhere else.


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Posted on: January 4, 2012 9:46 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Throwing this in the mix. Miami should entice him. They have the best bones for immediate results for flynn's success then Miami drafts Blackmon at WR to compliment Marshall. Then 2nd round they can draft the QB from Houston or Boise as backup for insurance to Flynn.
1) blackmon doesnt drop below st louis, who picks at #2, not to mention miami has alot more needs throughout the team than another receiver

2) case keenum and kellen moore arent worth 2nd round picks, maybe 4th

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 7:57 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

I'm still in shock over the numbers Flynn put up against the Lions.  6 touchdown passes in a game is crazy.  Not even Brett Favre, Lynn Dickey, Bart Star, Aaron Rodgers, or even Randy Wright has done better in a single game.  Go Packers!

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 6:31 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Being a Packer fan, I've seen great things from Flynn in the regular season and in the pre-season, however the Packers have always been able to develop quarterbacks.  Look at all the backup quarterbacks for the packers that have moved on and been successful (i.e. Matt hasselback, Mark Brunell, etc.)  Unlike other franchise, I feel very confident with matt flynn or anyone that the packers put onto the field as a backup QB.  Developing a Quarterback is an art, and Green Bay does a wonderful at it.  I wish matt the best of luck and hope he does get paid.  Matt Flynn does have two good things going for him that all teams will want: (1) he's a winner- He's won championships both in college  (LSU) and in the NFL (last Superbowl) so that provides him with background on how to win and (2) he's learning from the best (Rogers) which will give him insight on how to evaluate and assess plays and defenses as they come to him.  BTW for all those that thing Flynn and Rogers are both systems quarterbacks, you are wrong.  Matt Flynn was successful because Aaron Rogers was calling in all the plays and breaking down stuff for Flynn and even though Aaron was not out there, he was still providing Matt with his assessment of the game at all times.  Also, Rogers may be calling the play but Flynn still had to execute it and last sunday, Flynn showed the whole world that he was a good quarterback and may develop into a great one.  

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 1:53 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

sorry boy's, not buying it. Flynn ALMOST beat A new england team  that was not good on D last year, and he shredded a lion team that is not good on D This season. It's a 50/50 at best with him and some team is going to get caugt up in the fact he was a packer, and he'll end up somwhere with a different system and not be that good. Good for him though, his record setting sunday may have just earned him a serious pay upgrade and you can't hate on that.

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 1:30 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Flynn can flop, but I really like him and think whatever team signs him, as long as it's not a crazy contract, is putting itself in a fantastic spot.

That's the problem, it's going to be a crazy contract,,, most likely an insane contract.  There are already stories out talking about GB franchising him and trading him for anywhere from a 1st round pick or possibly up to a 1st and a 3rd round pick.  They only get to use one tag and supposedly might be willing to take a chance on losing Finley to free agency just so they get something for Flynn.

If the above happens Flynn is going to make around 15 million dollars for the 2012 NFL season... not too bad for a guy that's had 2 good games in 2 years.  And the team getting him is trading a 1st round pick at a minimum at least......  

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 1:23 am

Is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

two years from now graham harrell will be the next matt flynn.  it's the way mccarthy develops qb's. 

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