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Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Posted on: January 22, 2012 11:18 pm
Edited on: January 23, 2012 2:00 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

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Super Bowl Storylines

We have less than two weeks until Super Bowl XLVI is played in Indianapolis, and you need to be prepared for a slew of recurring storylines that will come forth over the next 14 days. Some are good, some are bad. Here are the biggest ones:

1. Playing in Peyton's House
No. 2 on this list will be the most talked about early on, but the biggest story of this Super Bowl is that this matchup takes place in the House of Peyton Manning. Peyton carved out a legacy as a sure-fire Hall of Fame quarterback in Indianapolis, and now the Colts quarterback is sidelined, unsure of his future in Indy, as he watches his most hated rival (Brady) battle his little brother (Eli) for a Super Bowl victory in the Colts stadium.

There's no telling how much face time Peyton will have to put in for the Colts over the next two weeks, and it could very well be minimal, but he's the city's most famous athlete (by a WIDE margin) and it's hard to imagine that he can just go underground while two guys whose lives are so closely parallel to his own prepare to do battle on his field.

2. 2007, All Over Again
Not sure if you heard or not, but the Giants beat the previously undefeated Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl. It was a pretty good game. A lot of the people who will play in this year's game played in that game. (The Patriots are so bitter about 2007 that they were likely rooting for the Giants against the 49ers, just to get revenge.)

This will be the predominant storyline, whether you like it or not, over the next two weeks.

3. Tom Brady's Legacy
Brady is one of four quarterbacks with three Super Bowl wins. Another one moves him out of a tie with Troy Aikman (three each) and into a tie with Terry Bradshaw and his boyhood hero Joe Montana as quarterbacks with four Super Bowl wins.

There will be a discussion as to whether Brady warrants mentioning as the greatest quarterback of all-time if he wins a fourth Super Bowl. There will be plenty of chatter about how he matches up with Montana. And there will also be a discussion about what a second Super Bowl loss would mean to Brady: he could conceivably move to 3-2 in NFL championship games. That's not "bad" by any stretch of the imagination, but it's also not 4-1.

4. Is Eli Better Than Peyton?
We mentioned Peyton Manning already, but this is one that's going to get a lot of discussion: Manning's clearly established himself as a top-five NFL quarterback this season and he's putting together a ridiculous playoff résumé that is forging his overall legacy as an NFL quarterback.

In terms of raw statistical production, it's not even a contest right now, as Peyton's career numbers crush Eli's career numbers. Really, it's no contest. But Eli's also five years younger and has a shot at picking up his second Super Bowl, something Peyton doesn't have. Siblings can certainly be happy for one another when it comes to their respective success, but it's also going to be rough for both Peyton and Eli to find out how many times "Is Eli better than Peyton?" can be asked in a two-week span.

5. Brady and Eli in the Same Class
And our final quarterback comparison that will go down over the next fortnight: Brady and Eli. They'll go head-to-head for the second time in a Super Bowl over the past five years and this one has special meaning, and not just because Eli beat Brady the last time around. It's also because Eli said prior to the 2011 season that he belonged in the "same class" as Brady.

That's what any competitor should say, but Manning's spent all season long proving that he does belong on the same stage as Brady. A second Super Bowl win -- both over Tom Terrific -- would give Eli the last laugh if anyone asks him the same question before the 2012 season.

6. Bill Belichick's Best Coaching Job?
There's already a good argument that the 2011 Patriots are Bill Belichick's best coaching job in his career. That's a reasonable argument considering the Pats locked down the top seed in the AFC and made it to the Super Bowl despite continually starting Julian Edelman in their secondary.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, lots of people will point out that because of the defensive deficiencies and a number of other issues that a win cements this New England team as Belichick's finest work. They might very well be right.

7. Chad Ochocinco
The always-controversial wideout's been quiet this year and he was inactive for Sunday's AFC Championship Game after leaving the team to attend the funeral of his father. And though Chad fell in line with "The Patriot Way" this year, he's still an erstwhile celebrity, and he'll command some serious media attention over the next two weeks. Will he play? Will he make an impact? Can he play? Should he play? And so on and so forth.

8. Giants Defense
There's several different layers to New York's Big D. First of all, they're using the same formula as 2007, with a relentless pass rush. Secondly, you have to pressure Brady to stop him. Third, they run their mouths at an incredible (and awesome, if you're in the media) pace, and there's a decent chance we get a guarantee from someone (ahem, Jason Pierre-Paul and/or Antrel Rolle).

They'll be the difference-maker in this Super Bowl, because stopping Brady typically means stopping the Patriots, if you can provide enough offense to put some distance between the two.


Sterling Moore: With the Patriots already starting wideout Julian Edelman, Moore was signed off the street in September after being cut from the Raiders pratice squad. In the biggest moment of his life, he made the biggest plays, knocking the ball out of Lee Evans hands to spoil a Baltimore touchdown and then swatting a ball away from Dennis Pitta on third down to force a game-tying field goal attempt from Baltimore.

Eli Manning:
Manning became the first quarterback in NFL history to win five road playoff games on Sunday night. That's not just impressive, it's amazing: road wins aren't easy to pull off in the regular season but coming from behind and making clutch plays and winning in impossible/unlikely situations is just becoming Manning's modus operandi at this point.

Joe Flacco
: It never seemed realistic that Flacco could "win" if the Ravens lost, but he managed to silence his critics in the loss on Sunday night. There were things he could've done better, for sure, and he missed a pair of deep balls to Torrey Smith that might have given the Ravens a win. But he also put the Ravens in position to -- at worst -- send the game to overtime. Others screwed the pooch, not Flacco.

Giants Defense: Who do you want to give the award to on this side of the ball? Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Mathias Kiwanuka all registered at least half a sack against Alex Smith and that's precisely the reason why it's believable for the Giants to take down the Patriots in the Super Bowl one more time.

Alex Smith: Yeah, yeah, he lost. But it doesn't matter, because Smith played in horrible conditions against an insane pass rush on the biggest stage, and he played well. Sure, he didn't complete 32 passes like Eli. In fact, he only attempted 26. And only 12 of those were completions. But the dude made some plays with his legs (six rushes, 42 yards), and two of his passes were beautiful shots to Vernon Davis for scores, and Smith kept the 49ers in this game until the end.

Oh, Billy. Billy, Billy, Billy. (Getty Images)


Billy Cundiff: Can I just type "Ray Finkle" 50 times and call it a day? Cundiff's lack of range -- he was one of six from 50-plus yards in the 2011 regular season -- forced the Ravens hand on offense and then Cundiff shanked a potential game-tying field goal with mere seconds left.

Kyle Williams: It's not Williams fault that Ted Ginn missed a game that featured a ton of rain. But that doesn't mean he can go out there and muff a pair of punts to give the Giants the ball on the 49ers side of the field. Williams set the Giants up for a touchdown in regulation and a game-winning field goal in overtime.

Lee Evans: As noted above, Evans had a ball knocked out from his hands that would've been a touchdown. But it's pretty clear that he got lazy on the play -- hold onto the ball and the Ravens probably play in the Super Bowl. I'm sure his four passes caught in the regular season makes up for it though.

Ed Hochuli's Review Explanations: Four score and seven years ago, Hochuli faced the camera and began explaining why something happened in football. It took him -- literally -- a minute to explain the new playoff overtime rules, and he might've actually used 100 words to explain a false start at one point. Go back to being a gunshow.

Twitter: Aren't you guys rich enough to buy a server that doesn't crash during big NFL games?


Man, Vince Wilfork is steamed.

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Since: Jan 15, 2007
Posted on: January 23, 2012 3:31 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Everyone seems to think this Giants team is going to throttle NE with their awesome D and Offensive firepower.  Guess what, Baltimore has a pretty solid O and a better D than NY.  The Giants allowed 400 points this season.  The Pats? 342.  They match up very well against the Pats but they aren't and shouldn't be a favorite. 

The have a better QB than the Ravens and better WRs.  Nowhere near the running game.  They also have a weaker OLine.  They beat the Pats earlier in the year and it took to PI calls on the final scoring drive to get there.  So... 

Since: Apr 17, 2007
Posted on: January 23, 2012 3:24 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

This post qualifies for being equally as stupid as the following statement, following a loss "the better team didnt win"

Since: Mar 24, 2008
Posted on: January 23, 2012 3:23 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Thanks for picking me up on the stats, guys, and I'm glad people are finally mentioning Eli has a winning record against Brady in his career.  Worst case scenario from Super Bowl Sunday is that he goes to 2-2, but he's got a good shot at 3-1, which would be a bit of an embarrassment for Tom.  Now if only Eli could do that well against the Redskins and Eagles someday.

Since: Jun 4, 2011
Posted on: January 23, 2012 3:08 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Not sure what you mean by not playing well at the time they went to NE. 

Giants were 5-2 heading into NE.  Victory there was G-men's 3rd win in a row (Buffalo and Miami sandwiched around a bye preceded that win.  Buffalo was playing well . . . 4-1 at the time.  And Miami played a horrible 4th quarter to give the game away, but as they season played out, it was clear Miami was not nearly as bad as their record at the start of the year indicated.) 

Giants squeaked out the win in NE then LOST 5 of next 6.  Their poor play FOLLOWED the game in Foxboro.  Leading up to that, they were looking pretty good.  And they look very good know . . but so do the Patriots.  So it should be a very good match-up.

And before everyone starts talking about how horrible the NE Defence is . . . consider these numbers on overall D.  CBS site stats have NE as the 30th ranked D.  Giants?  26th.   NE is ranked 31st in pass D, 17th in rushing D.  Giants?  29th and 19th.  Based purely on stats, they are not as far apart as everyone would have you believe. 

The eye test tells you the Giants D is better, everyone is healthy, etc..  And, the Giants are not starting their 5th WR as a CB so advantage there. But the NE D has been making plays the 2nd half of the year and YPG has been reduced by over 100 during that span.  Ten straight wins (8 to end regular season and two in playoffs -- only Miami in Week 16 and AFC Championship game have been within 7 points).   Passing yardage is also a little misleading.  4 of the top teams (Green Bay, NO, NE, and the Giants have the highest Pass YPG).  At least in GB, NO and NE case, it is because they are ahead late in games and giving up garbage yards in the 4th quarter.   

Looking forward to the actual game.  Will be tuning out the build up and rehashing of 2007.

Since: Nov 28, 2006
Posted on: January 23, 2012 3:00 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Actually, Snegglish it's 2-1. We lost to them in a close game in '07. But I feel it will be 3-1 and 3 in a row soon enough. Can't believe Giants are dogs in this game. Our offense is going to tear them apart. They have no chance of stopping Eli in a dome. Eli just played a near perfect game in the rain against a stellar defense, on grass. What do you think he'll do to that Pats D in a dome? And that's not even mentioning the fact that their offense is nowhere near the 50 TD passing offense of Brady/Moss/Welker in '07. And our D is almost the same, maybe better. Pats get rolled.

Since: Aug 20, 2007
Posted on: January 23, 2012 2:47 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Congrats NBC!  Two big market teams!  Wont be watching.  Yawn!

Someone call NBC.. SC_DYNASTY_5 is pulling his viewership!

Since: Apr 18, 2009
Posted on: January 23, 2012 2:40 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

    Last week it waa about bad coaching. This week saw the last of the bad coaches eliminated, and only Belicik, and Coughlin stand. As it should be. Really their aren't too many good helmsman in the NFL, like quarterbacking, it is a tough job. But all 4 spots are as they should be. Brady, Eli, Coughlin, and Belicik for all the marbles. This week was about goats, and we had a few big ones. Even if you take Cundiff, or Williams, mine is Evans for assuming that play was over, and he was going to saunter on out of bounds TD in hand. How about Phillips ? How many pealties did he take?, and assignments blown, it looked like one he blew, cost them a touchdown.

Since: Jan 23, 2012
Posted on: January 23, 2012 2:39 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Brady is a good quarterback, no doubt, but as far as I know, Bradshaw and Montana never had rules created and enforced because of them. There is no way to tell if this has anything to do with Brady's success, but it should be part of the debate when it comes to him being "the best quarterback of all time."

Since: Mar 24, 2008
Posted on: January 23, 2012 2:19 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

I've read all the preview stuff about the Super Bowl on this site, and I have yet to find anyone mentioning that the Giants beat the Pats this season.  At New England.  At a time when the Giants weren't playing particularly well. Kind of an important fact, don't you think? 

That means Eli's career record vs. Tom is 2 wins, 0 losses.  Does he have Brady's number?

Since: Jan 2, 2007
Posted on: January 23, 2012 2:14 pm

Sorting the Sunday Pile: Super Bowl storylines

Brady is so much better than Aikman and Bradshaw (Aikman has admitted it) - we do not need another Superbowl win to come to that conclusion.  there may be 4 QBs with same SB wins, but Brady has prefect reg season, fewest ints season, 2nd most yards season, most TD passes season, HIGHEST ALL TIME CAREER WINNING PERCENTAGE, etc, etc... 

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