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Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

Posted on: January 26, 2012 11:44 am
Edited on: January 27, 2012 7:59 am
Greg Schiano has accepted the Tampa Bay job (US Presswire).

By Josh Katzowitz

The hiring of Rutgers coach Greg Schiano to fill the vacant Buccaneers job moved at light speed Thursday morning, and now according to’s Brett McMurphy, the deal is done and Schiano has accepted the job.

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik told the Associated Press that Schiano has agreed yo a five-year contract, and Schiano will be introduced at a press conference on Friday.

"Coach Schiano is a bright, meticulous teacher who knows how to get the most out of his players," Dominik said. "He built and ran a pro-style program at Rutgers, and he's a defensive-minded coach whose teams have always been characterized by toughness and a physical style of play."

Schiano's ability to build -- or rebuild -- a program played a part in Tampa Bay's choice, according to Bucs chairmain Joel Glazer.

"During our thorough search, we met with numerous impressive candidates, but coach Schiano surely distinguished himself," Glazer said. "From his leadership skills to his considerable track record, he is, simply put, the right man for the job."

Schiano, who was an assistant with the Bears from 1996-98, took Rutgers from a bottom-feeding program to a team that had a winning record in six of his last seven years in New Jersey.

The hiring of Schiano is a big surprise, considering his name wasn’t mentioned among the 11 other candidates who the Buccaneers supposedly chased (including Oregon’s Chip Kelly, who accepted the job before changing his mind, and Mike Sherman and Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, who were offered second interviews).

Bucs hire Schiano
But according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the two sides met twice without any word leaking to the media, including Wednesday. Apparently, Bill Rees -- who’s in charge of Tampa Bay’s college scouting -- stayed in touch with Schiano throughout the hiring process.

So, it appears the Buccaneers had Schiano -- who will replace Raheem Morris after his 4-12 season -- in mind the entire time.

Schiano has long been rumored as a potential replacement for recently deceased Penn State coach Joe Paterno, but his name was never really mentioned after the Jerry Sandusky scandal resulted in Paterno being removed from his position as head coach.

The former Rutgers coach drew plenty of interest from other schools, though -- both Michigan and Miami have recently courted Schiano.

Schiano, who went 68-67 during his tenure, was the FWAA coach of the year in 2006 and led the Scarlet Knights to four straight bowl victories (before Schiano came aboard, Rutgers had made just one bowl in its 135-year history).

But if the Buccaneers wanted to hire an exciting coach to replace a fan base disillusioned by Morris’ final year, this probably isn’t the way to do it. Chip Kelly probably would have created enthusiasm and excitement. While Schiano’s schemes are probably more suited to the NFL, his buzz factor is quite a bit lower.

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Since: Apr 4, 2008
Posted on: January 26, 2012 1:25 pm


As a RU alum, I'm glad to see him go. Way too overrated. Team had 1-2 good seasons and have been followed by consistant mediocre disappointments. My prediction: Tampa will be looking for a new coach in 3-4 years.

Since: Nov 21, 2011
Posted on: January 26, 2012 1:23 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

this just in again .... Schiano spurns buc, recinds his intent to coach goes back to rutgers!

listen buc fan you could have done worse... maybe hire matt millen first, let him f up a few drafts, hire a few retread coaches then move into the 21st century.

be happy it is warm in Tampa!   

Since: Oct 18, 2006
Posted on: January 26, 2012 1:22 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

You are absolutely wrong.  What the Bucs need is a disciplinarian who is organized, can spot talent and is no nonsense.  He has all that.  He was the DC for Miami for a couple years when they recruited and coached and churned out TONS of NFL talent.  He was a DB coach for the Bears and Penn St at a time when both defensive backfields were good.
He took a team in Rutgers that came from beyond nowhere and built them to respectable, with no resources.

I do not know if he will be succesful, but he has all the credentials and the makeup to be. 

Give him a chance.

Since: Aug 4, 2010
Posted on: January 26, 2012 1:19 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job


Since: Oct 21, 2006
Posted on: January 26, 2012 1:06 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

I love how the EXPERTS (if thats what you want to call being wrong 80% of the time) think that college and pro football are similar jobs and if youre good in college you will be good in the pros.  In college if you can recruit the best players to go to your school you can win.  You dont even have to be a good coach if you have the best players in the world.  Nick Saban has proven that he only wins because he can recruit the best.  He is not that great of a coach.  At Michigan State where he couldnt get the best players in the nation he was a mediocre coach. At LSU where there isnt another in state school to contend with for the recruits he could win. 

Now lets look at the pro coaching.  You coach with what you have, so circumstance can make you look better than you are.  Jimmie Johnson was a good recruiter in college and he is referred to as one of the best coaches in history but look at the players he had in Dallas.  To think hes the only one that would win with Aikman, Irving, and Smith is just crazy.  Steve Spurrier took a job in Washington which didnt have the talent to win right off the bat so he looked like he wasnt a good pro coach.  Fact is he just didnt have good players. 

Greg Schiano might be able to eventually win in Tampa Bay.  But if they think hes gonna take over and win right off the bat they are crazy.  Hes not Jim Harbaugh and they just dont have the talent.

Since: Nov 20, 2006
Posted on: January 26, 2012 1:06 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

Give the guy a chance.  So he's a college coach, how many genious pro assistant coaches have failed as head coaches?  Tons, including the Buccs last coach.  And as for fans wanting someone with head coaching experience - who are you going to get?  Fisher is gone, Cowher only wants the job he wants (whatever it is), Marty is a million years old, Dungy is done (and the Buccs don't deserve him back anyway), and Chucky is content to stay in the booth (plus he was 12-20 after winning the Super Bowl with Dungy's team).  So let's see what Schiano can do whether it's for 1 year, 3 years, whatever.

Since: Sep 14, 2006
Posted on: January 26, 2012 1:00 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

As a Rutgers alumni, this is horrible news. The program was going to be the favorite to win the Big East next year and now will be in disarray. I hope we can find another gem in the rough to replace Schiano and take the team to the next level.

On a different note, thanks coach Schiano for building the program to the brink of respectability and bowl games every year. Good luck in the pros.  

Since: Jan 31, 2011
Posted on: January 26, 2012 12:59 pm
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Since: Dec 13, 2007
Posted on: January 26, 2012 12:44 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

On the bright side, the Gators will now likely land DE Darius Hamilton now that Schiano has bailed on Rutgers

Since: Jan 26, 2012
Posted on: January 26, 2012 12:42 pm

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job

Good For him! The Bucs might not be the best job, but it sure beats being in New Jersey !

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