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Underwood will get full Super Bowl share

Posted on: February 5, 2012 12:05 pm
By Josh Katzowitz

While the Patriots release of receiver Tiquan Underwood on Saturday set Twitter on fire -- and in a mostly negative way toward New England and Bill Belichick -- it’s not all bad news for Underwood.

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As ESPN’s Adam Schefter reminds us, the CBA states that a player who was on a team’s roster for eight games for that season is entitled to a full Super Bowl share. That means Underwood will receive $88,000 if New England beats the Giants. If New York wins, Underwood still would take home $44,000. He also can count on receiving a Super Bowl ring if the Patriots win the title.

Underwood was active for six games in the regular season and twice in the postseason, combining for three catches and 30 yards.

Underwood, it should be noted, had a classy response after the news was released, writing on his Twitter account, “This Is Nothing But MOTIVATION.... I Been Thru A LOT...But There Are Ppl In This World w/ More Serious Problems So I Cant Hang The Head....Thank You Lord … Good Luck To The New Enland Organization, The Coaches, & All My Teammates... #PatsNation”

He also texted this to ESPN’s Ed Werder: "I don't want to be a distraction to the game or the New England Patriots.....i will say this, The New England Patriots are a GREAT Organization. I wish them nothing but the best today. This season has been dedicated to Myra Kraft (MHK) Mr Kraft's wife....w/ that being said i hope they pull out the victory in honor of her & because the coaches & players have worked so hard this season for the opportunity to play in Super Bowl 46. Go Pats!!!! #PatsNation"

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 2:27 pm

Underwood will get full Super Bowl share

It isn't a story because it just isn't a story... or did I miss something and the NFL suddenly adopt Pop Warner-esque rules. People are showing so much hate with so little understanding, much less appreciation, of the game. The move was cold and calculated. Then again, it is afterall what Bill gets paid to do.  Find where you can take an advantages, then take it. Makes sense since this isn't grade school and everyone isn't a winner. It's professional football and in the end there will only be one winning team.

As for Tiquan, much respect going out to him.

PS: You and the other tinfoil helment wearing fans are the reason the NFL wouldn't release the tapes. They are far to smart to feed the legions of armchair quarterbacks and coaches who know oh, so much more about the game than they do.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 2:05 pm

Underwood will get full Super Bowl share


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Posted on: February 5, 2012 2:04 pm

Underwood will get full Super Bowl share


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Posted on: February 5, 2012 1:26 pm

Underwood will get full Super Bowl share

that is only fair. but still, you have to feel for the guy. surely hehelped th get there a little bit. i wonder what the reasoning behind the decision was. cia top secret guys on the pats will never tell. sometime bellycheck and those guy are funny. 

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 1:13 pm

Underwood will get full Super Bowl share

It so disappointing to me that I have been watching the NFL Network and ESPN for over a hour now and there is no mention of this story. It is shameful that the NFL has so much power of the media. I do not care how much they or anyone tries to tell me this is OK as to not give the NFL or the Pratriots a black eye, I am my own person and know better. This man for the rest of his life will not look at that ring IF the Pats win the same as the ones on that field. Belicheck is the worst coach in HISTORY to ever be considered as great. He does not care about his players or how he wins. They want you to also forget that his other Superbowls were all pre spygate, which the league felt it OK to destroy the tapes because there was supposidely nothing to it, instead of being upfront and showing it to the fans. Also before the Jets told the world the NFL told them to stop a year earlier and the turn a blind eye while they kept doing it. I feel to this day they are not filming the plays, but they are hacking the headsets (frequncy) of the other teams in there stadium. The way they and the NFL act it reminds of the WWE and a Piper saying " Win if you can, lose if you must but cheat at all times". I am a season ticket holder and love football, but they (NFL) need to clean up there act or it will hurt them in the long run. 

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 12:13 pm

Underwood will get full Super Bowl share

Now that's what I call a true Patriot-wish you noting but the best MR. Underwood!

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